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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Knew It Would Happen!

LOL! I found out a couple of days ago that Jon and Kerry Farriss are expecting another baby. I knew Jon would have another one! HAHA!! I'm so happy for him. I know he is aware that he will be darned near 70 years old when this baby graduates from high school. I also know it's not his fault he got a late start. But oh well! It's his life. I'm glad he found someone he can have a family with myself. I remember a couple of years ago when he and Kerry first got married, I said now he can start having kids. I also remember Devil Doll saying that maybe Jon doesn't want to have kids. I knew she had to be wrong!! Would have been a sin to waste Jon like that, I knew he'd make a wonderful pappy for some kid! He has a lovely little girl now. Maybe this next one will be a boy. One can hope! I hope it's a boy and it grows to be just like Jon! But honestly, it'll probably be another little girl. ;) Oh well! If it is, I'm sure it will be a happy, well-loved and beautiful little girl just like Avani is! I sure do love that name Avani.

Well, I wanted to congratulate Jon on his upcoming addition to his family here for my 300th post. Or is it 400th? It's one of those! I would have posted this sooner, but I was working so hard on my own 30th anniversary special for Mount St. Helens. And as much as I hate to say it, St. Helens is more a part of my life than INXS is. Not that I love INXS less. I mean I grew up around Mount St. Helens, so it's more a part of me. But this is a special occasion. It's kindof a shame that Michael didn't live to see Jon become a father finally. But I still feel he is looking over the rest of the band from above. No one knew Michael like the rest of the band, and if they say Michael would enjoy what they are doing, then he would! No doubt in my mind! Some people resent what INXS are doing now. But I say give them a chance! Ya never know! It could turn out to be great!

Well, in other news, I got my disks for Pinwheel, a show that I used to adore when I was a kid. I'm still trying to capture my youth! But I find these disks very difficult to enjoy! There are only bits and pieces of different cartoons! Some of them cut off in random places, or cut off before the end. I hate that! It's annoying! I'd rather have the whole cartoons! Some of them cut off before they get to the plot, or before I could find out what happens. I tried e-mailing the person I bought the disks from. I mean, I paid $20 for these, and I want whole cartoons!! So far though, this is the only way I can get this series. I wonder how one can request a show on DVD or video? Just as I feared, there was one Paddington Bear skit! I can't stand that bear!! For some reason, I can't put my finger on it, I always thought he was annoying!! So I just fly past that skit. Thank Heaven there is only one. But for the most part, seeing these cartoons and skits again is enjoyable. I would enjoy it so much more if they hadn't skipped or cut off before the endings. Hopefully I will get a response. I just want to know if the originals where she got these from was like that.
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