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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm About To Bust!!

All week long, I've been having fun with the cat-lovers on YouTube! I love to tease the people who comment on these videos of dogs and cats together. Especially those who are all for the cats. One of my typical responses is to those who always threaten bodily harm to the dogs. This morning one person said on a video of a dog barking at a cat from outside a store window, he said to the poster of the video "I would run you down to the road and stomp on your head and kick that dog to the curb if he harmed that cat!!" Well, I told him that I will go out and kill a cat for every dumbass that threatens to harm a dog! ANY dog!!

Well, I'm about to bust because I would NEVER really do that!!!! And I have to say it. I just like to tease the cat-loving dumbasses who make comments like that on YouTube. Because they're all hypocrites!! All the ones who threaten to harm dogs because they have a fit with a cat. In my experience, the cat is usually the one who starts it by attacking the dog, or invading the dog's territory. Dogs are territorial animals. In the case of that video, the dog and cat were friends apparently, and the dog wanted to play with the cat. But most of the people who make hasty comments like that about harming dogs, they're hypocrites!! Most of them say they don't like dogs because dogs kill people. Hello?? Are they aware of how many MORE people are killed by wild felines?? And the dogs are never to blame. The owners are. Irresponsible owners create monsters. And sometimes, they don't like dogs for the dumbest reasons! Like one person said she liked dogs until one of them broke her pool. WTF??? LOL! You think a cat is any better?? When I got my first cat, I had a water bed, and NEVER get a cat when you have a water bed! I found that out the hard way. That cat constantly tore holes in that water bed. I didn't love him any less, I just learned a lesson not to let him in my bedroom. That's the dumbest reason I've ever heard anyone give for not liking dogs!!! I'm like "Get over it!!"

I can give several reasons for not liking cats myself. I'm well over the water bed thing though! Been over it for years. But I don't like litterboxes. But then my cat always went outside for that. I don't like them scratching and ruining my furniture. But you can always buy a scratching post for that. I don't like fleas (which cats always seem to have). But then you could buy Advantage or Frontline. And cats can kill chihuahuas! Which is something I don't tolerate and I don't want to risk. But of course even that depends on the size and temperament of the cat. But I wouldn't want to risk it.

Anyway, I had to get that off my chest. I don't like telling this to those people on YouTube, I don't want them to know I'm only playing with them. Of course I know all they have to do is look here and see that I'm just playing around with them!! But how many people actually click on the link to this blog from YouTube? Not many, really!! LOL! But it's funnier, and more fun for me, if they think I'm serious! Of course people like my sis Eva, who is just a natural-born cat lover, and leaves dogs alone for the most part, I'm not referring to people like her! I'm only referring to those who threaten to harm dogs on videos because they are barking at a cat. Eva is learning to get along with dogs. She's just never had one of her own before. Especially not a big one like this OE Mastiff she now has. She does kinda still complain because she said this dog's droppings are bigger than a cow's and she is the one who had to pick it up, though now the kids do it because she cannot bend down now that she is preganant again. I told her she should have got a smaller dog. But her hubby would not let a small dog in the house. He never liked smaller dogs! He always sneered at mine. Eva wanted one of my chihuahuas once, or a pomeranian. But no, her hubby wouldn't let her have one. They had to get this monster (which I haven't met yet). I felt bad for Eva though because her cat died this last year. I know how much that kitty meant to her. Shoot! If she ever found out I was telling people I was going to kill a cat she'd probably have my hide!!! Seriously! But no, I don't ever mean it when I say that! I just like teasing the fukwits on YouTube who threaten to harm dogs.
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