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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Over 35

Geez. I made it. I'm over 35. And I made it unscathed. That is, I still have all my major parts in working order. Ha! OK, so I had a little hysterectomy that has made me gain weight, but all in all I am OK. That there's a big accomplishment for someone like me. And people claim all fat people are unhealthy!! HAHA!! I'd like to sit on those dumbasses!

So what is this debate? Should people of my stature be called "fat" or "overweight"? I always said call us what we are. We're FAT! Though the popular term now seems to be BBW or "Big, Beautiful Women". I'm afraid I personally do not qualify for that title! I may be fat, but I don't think I'm what some would call "big", and I personally don't think I'm beautiful. Though I know a fat woman can be beautiful, I'm just not one of them. I don't see myself as "big" because while I am fat, I'm also very short. Not necessarily "big". Of course beautiful is a relative term, and only sits in the eye of the beholder. What is beautiful to one person, may be downright homely to another. Being called "ugly" used to bother me, when I was about 11 years old!! But then back in those days, so did having enemies! LOL! Now that I am older, I couldn't give a flying flip if someone thinks I'm ugly or if they dislike me or not. Our minds definitely change as we age, and mature.

The other day, I met someone on YouTube who tried so darned hard to convince all fat people to listen to their attackers and haters. She said "Don't listen to people who say fat is beautiful! They're trying to push you into an early grave!" and said that fat people are not worthy of being loved. She said men who like fat women are psychos, and I said Not the ones I've met! In my case, it's been the people who didn't like fat women that turned out to be the psychotic ones!! Not saying all of them are, but surely the ones who actively seek out fat people and make fun of them, or try to do things to upset them, they are the psychos! And I've never met anyone like that that has even been able to hold a steady job! So, I don't want them as friends anyway!! My guy friends not only have steady jobs, they have high-paying jobs too! They make 5- and 6-figures per year! They are professionals. They never make fun of me because they like me for who I am! They also have good family lives, good relationships with their children, and the women they are married to. Yes a lot of them are married, and have children! Show me a person who makes fun of fat people that has any of this. Show me any person who makes fun of fat people, and I'll show you a bum whose marriage is doomed to failure!

Take my buddy Cairo for example. Great guy, has collaborated with me to create a few stories for UMG Productions. But he has a wife and 3 kids, and also a good, steady job, where he makes 5-figures a year, and it's well above the 50,000/year range!! Yet he didn't drop me as a friend just because I put on weight. He likes me for who I am. In fact, he still writes to me, and comes to see me when he is visiting this state. And no, he is NOT fat himself!! That too is a myth that only fat people like other fat people. In fact I met him as a mountain-climbing buddy, and he still does some climbing and hang-gliding as well. haha! That's one thing I won't try!! Even if I was still 100 pounds I wouldn't try it!! Cairo has also told me he's getting into swimming too, which is cool!

It's one thing to just say a person is fat. But to actually make fun of someone, poke at them and call them names, that is immoral. I never listen to haters, in fact I make fun of them back! Because one of the things I have found that people on YouTube who make fun of other fat people, they don't have but one or two friends and/or subscribers. I haven't even made any other videos recently. Been far too busy doing other things! And I was supposed to make a video about counting calories months ago!! I haven't done it yet! Been too busy!

Well anyway, I chatted with this young lady some more, and found out she used to be fat herself, and previous boyfriends she had drove her to lose weight. While losing weight is not a bad thing, it was the reason she did it that bothers me. Her previous boyfriends claimed to like fat women, but they would threaten to call her names and make fun of her if she didn't put out with them! I told her those guys were not real men, never were, never would be! I would never lose weight to please someone like that, believe me! They're just haters. Once you lose the weight, they'll just find something else to harass you about! That's how they get their jollies. Those so-called "men" are the ones not worthy of being loved at all!! They don't deserve anyone and that's how they will wind up!

I'm fat but I am also a very confident person. I can overcome any insults anyone tries to hammer at me. Because I know, none of it is true!! Heck I may be fat, but I've learned to live with it. Partly because of Eva. She's fat, but she's a happy person!
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