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Monday, May 31, 2010


Well, first, I want to say to all my loyal readers have a happy and safe Memorial Day. My little sis Katrina used to have no incling what this day is about, because she's not really from this country. But I told her, it's a day to celebrate all the soldiers fallen during the various battles we fought with other countries. Now, at least, she understands. We should always remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. Many of them died so young! My father fought in Korea long ago. But he came out OK, thank GOD! But I know, as he does, that some did not fare as well. So yes, even I understand the importance of this day.

Now on to my next subject. I was watching a video about this on YouTube. One of the reasons I watch anything on YouTube is because on dull days or weeks, the videos recommended to me can give me something to talk about on here. But I think pedophilia is different things to different people. I remember once a 16-year old girl on YouTube thought she could make me feel bad by calling me a pedophile. It was a ploy she used to justify being a rude, contemptible teenager. I just didn't say anything, because I knew it wasn't true. In fact, I am more of a pedophobe than a pedophile!! I am not at all good with kids!! Even when I was a kid myself. For some reason, I just don't understand kids. I spent a long time as a babysitter before I understood that. Weird, eh! I like kids, at a distance, but I don't like interacting with them. Some people say they are more comfortable around kids than adults, but not me. I'm exactly the opposite! The only kids I really like are those of family and friends. And that's only because they know me and understand me, and I spent their lives getting to know and understand them. This is also probably why I didn't really want to have kids of my own. I could have, but I just didn't want them. Now I have some teenage friends, but I still don't consider myself a pedophile!! I haven't met any of these teenage friends.

Well, as I understand it, some people go overboard in their beliefs of what is a pedophile. Nowadays, a teacher is not allowed to hug, or even hold hands with a child! They could get put in jail. Today, people are sissies! They're weak. When I was a kid, it made me feel good being hugged by my teachers. For me, it was always the ones who didn't give out hugs that I didn't get along with. And how ironic that now I don't like recieving hugs!! But that started in middle school. That didn't start when I was a little child. I remember one teacher I had, her name was Mrs. Disehart. She was very nice! She was my 2nd grade teacher. She and I got along great! Whenever I felt bad, she would always put her arm around me and make me feel better. On the other hand, later that year when we moved again, I had a different 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Ealey, and she was NOTHING like Mrs. Disehart!! She was kinda stand-offish. Never hugged anyone, and when I felt bad, she just sat me at my seat and left me alone. I would feel bad until I got to go home that day, then I counted on ma to help me feel better. Not saying that is a bad thing! Though nowadays I'm thinking it won't be long before parents are not even allowed to hold their own children at all. I know if a parent spanks their kid, they can legally be put in jail! You cannot even put your kids in time-out! And the old fashioned punishment, sending your kids to bed without supper, that too is now illegal! You can't punish your kids now, you can only reason with them. I think that, coupled with the programs kids today are exposed to, and video games, is a bad combination!! It would tell kids today that they are above their parents. Not even equal. This girl who accused me of being a pedophile, I'd be willing to bet she is one of those kinds of kids that hits herself hard in the arms, calls the police and tells them her mom and dad beats her up! Just so she could see her mom and dad be taken away and put in jail. The sad thing is, she wouldn't be the only kid I've ever heard of that does that!! There are too many laws "protecting" children, and I say it that way because it is NOT protection!! In the long run, these "protection" laws are going to do kids more harm than good. I'm already seeing it happening. I see a surge in rude behavior in kids today that I didn't see 20 years ago. Of course we did see some bad kids back then, but not like there is today!

If you ask me, I think the law needs to back off!! They need to let parents raise kids the way we were intended to. You have to instill some fear in children. Then they know not to do the thing again that they were punished for. I'm sorry but talking them out of it isn't going to help none! Especially small kids, because they have such short attention spans, they aren't going to absorb all a parent has to say in one session. But you show them the paddle, belt, spoon, stick, or whatever you use, the kid gets the message right away not to do this thing again!! Not to even start! Like this one story I heard once about a man who speeded and was caught by a hidden camera, and was sent a picture of himself speeding and a citation which cost him $35. So he sent in a picture of $35 to the police station. The police sent him back a picture of handcuffs, and that guy got the message. He paid the fine! LOL! But he saw that pic of handcuffs, and got the message because he knew he didn't want those around his wrists! Same goes for kids. When I used to see ma or pa drag out this old leather belt, I knew it meant I was somehow in trouble. Of course their reasons for spanking me were much more frivolous than those of most other parents. Like one time I was spanked for badmouthing church and saying I don't want to go. But I HATED church!!!! Maybe that was partly why. That and the fact that on weekends, I just didn't want to go anywhere, and especially not church!! I hated wearing dresses, and going to church, having to sit there and listen to a long, boring sermon, and boring music and all that shit! I kept thinking there was nothing I could do at church, that I couldn't do at home, with a lot less distraction from other people. That's why now I don't go to church. I haven't even seen the inside of a church since 1988. I do all my worshipping at home. GOD knows where to find me. :)
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