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Friday, May 21, 2010

UMG Productions Site Soon to Come Again!

Well, I am doing it again, finally!!! Since my old web designer has decided he is not going to do a damn thing about fixing my site, it looks like I shall have to do it all by myself! And I am! I am back to selling the ebooks written by myself and my friends! I am recreating the entire UMG Productions site all by myself, that way it looks the way I want it to! Not the way someone else thinks it should look!! I even created a brand new banner and it looks GREAT!!!! I will try to fix it so that the domain unclemartinandthegang.com goes to that site. But I also bought another domain as well that will be the primary domain for the new site. I will post it as soon as I can put some more books up to sell. So far, I have only been able to add 2 books. Been so busy uploading ebooks to this site! I want to get that done and then I can start putting them on the website.

I found a third-party site to host the ebooks. That does kinda bother me, simply because I wanted everything to only be connected to my own site, like amazon.com has! But I can see with the limited resources I have, that is not possible. But this third-party site is really good!! I love it so far! I can store up to 4 GB, which is a LOT!!! And that's for a very small monthly fee. I figured I can handle that! Though I really should turn off the CPC feature, that way the only way people can get these books is through my site. On this site, I am also offering a button for people to click and order paperbound copies of each book via lulu.com. The main thing is now, my supervisor is happy with me again! Joy! Joy! Joy!! hehehe! When I told her I think I found a good way to get the site back up and running with downloadable ebooks and everything, she was impressed! Get this! I even discovered how to add pages to Blogger!! hehe! I love it! This is the base site I am using for the new UMG Productions site. Only that site won't really be a blog. It will just be set up somewhat like one.
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