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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anna's Graduation

Well, I finally got around to uploading Anna's graduation video yesterday. It was a great ceremony! Anna shook hands with Governor Gregoire and she wished her well. While Anna was happy with this honor, she said her biggest thrill was finally graduating from college. This was her big moment! We also received some pics, even though there is a watermark through the pics, they look great and they capture the memories.

Funny thing was that while all this was going on, and Anna and I were having fun celebrating her graduation, there was this idiot on YouTube, who called himself "Defenseman619" who had flipped his wig!! LOL! The funny thing about being fat is people like that think they know everything there is to know about you, just because you are fat. But this dumbass knows nothing. He got honked off at me because he quoted something I said, or rather MIS-quoted, and I caught him at it. I told him if he's going to quote me, to do it right, and that's when he got pissed. From that instant on, he led himself into a 2-day battle with me that would end in a complete obsession, and him going absolutely bonkers. He said that I "fattily" left a "blubbery" comment on his video. LOLOL!!! And he claims to be a university graduate. I never heard of the word "fat" being used as an adverb. Maybe I "fattily" go on 3-mile walks every day! LOL! Or I "fattily" play with my dogs! LOL! He can't fool me! He's no university graduate! He's just a dumbass teenager who has no life outside of YouTube, stealing other peoples' videos and claiming he had anything to do with them. He claims to be an artist. But really, he's the worst artist I've ever known!! Most artists are detail-sensitive. And if he had really had a detail-oriented mind, he wouldn't have misquoted me. He's called me a "coward", "tubby", and a "hypocrite", but from what I saw, his actions speak louder. He is everything he claims I am, and worse. And trust my word, I'm a darn good judge of character! He probably got pissed because I didn't answer him right away (because I was at Anna's graduation ceremony), and that's what led him to think of me as being "cowardly", and made him go nuts. Before he was done, he asked me "When was the last time you saw your pussy?" LOL! I just answered him "It was about the same time you last had a dick, which was maybe 20 years ago!" LOLOL!! Well!!! It was his idea to turn this into a sexual thing!! I was just giving him back what he gave me.

Well, anyway, here's Anna's pics, and a piece of her graduation ceremony on video.

Anna with Governor Gregoire.

Anna getting handed her diploma.

And here is the video I took that night of her going on stage. Sorry about it being out of focus at first.

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