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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fake People

You ever wonder why I hate people so much? Because I will never understand them!! I wish I could get out of this skin sometimes and become a forest-dwelling animal! LOL! People are the biggest hypocrites in the animal kingdom. Yes, admittedly, even I am sometimes. But I try to even keep that at a minimum. And sometimes I even get over those feelings because I ask myself "What would I really do about this if it were me?" Then I answer myself, and I say "Gosh! I am a hypocrite!!" LOL!!! I guess I'm just all human! I've found over the years that hypocrisy is actually a large part of human nature. We are definitely not perfect. That's for sure! There are times when we are going to be insincere.

Well, a friend of mine has lost some friends, and I know how that feels. Heck I like this friend. She keeps me laughing, in a good way. I'm a very loyal person. I pride myself on how loyal I am with my friends. And it takes a Hell of a LOT to break that loyalty. Someone would have to do something really bad to me personally, or to my family, to make me not want anything to do with them anymore. I don't sugar-coat anything myself, and I don't play "follow the leader"! I've lost friends too because I am so straightforward, that I make people feel insecure. People like others better that sugar-coat everything. But not me! I prefer someone to be honest with me. But I always feel that if someone is going to give an opinion, good or bad, they should give a reason why they think that way. I always do. I don't sugar-coat anything, but I also don't just dislike something for no reason. I don't stereotype anyone either, I prefer to get to know each person as an individual. I only stereotype racists! They are all the same. I admit too my initial impression of teenagers (and 20-year olds) is that they are all nasty, evil, and rude people. But I usually do not say anything unless they prove I am correct about them. Because in all honesty, not every person between the ages of 12-25 I've met was that bad. And show breeders I am the same with. My initial reaction to them is that they too are all evil, unless they prove otherwise. But only a few have proven otherwise (I can count them on the fingers of one hand). I wasn't always like that about show breeders! But it started when I "met" bischi back in 2003, and just escalated from there.

I'm usually very forgiving, especially if I really like someone. Just because someone is a little sarcastic, I don't hold that against them. I like people who have some sarcasm and wit. Even to a level that would seem overwhelming to others. The only things that to me are unforgivable is if someone disses my family, or disses me behind my back. I prefer if they are going to diss me, have the guts to do it to my face! Believe me, I can handle it. Though I tend not to take trolls too seriously. Or they kill puppies!! I've heard jokes like that and I always say "I'd rather you kill a kitten than kill a puppy!" I don't care about cats one way or the other. But a puppy has so much more to offer in the way of love! That's why Groucho's death struck me so hard. Harder than losing any other pet I ever had. Not only did I lose her, I lost her 4 unborn babies too. So unfair!! :(

I admit I have lost friends myself. But I just consider the fact that they were never real friends. I always say that if a person can not be a true friend to me, then they can never be a true friend to anyone else! Because I am the epitome of raw human nature. I just don't go around naked!! LOL!! I'd make several people go blind if I did. But I will say things out loud that others would be afraid to say because they don't want to get slammed or because they think it will hurt others' feelings. I don't say these things to hurt others, I usually say it to spare their feelings. Because if I don't tell them (I am usually friendly about it), someone else will, and they may be much more harsh about it than I would be. I also prefer this characteristic in my friends as well. I'd rather someone be honest with me than keep their feelings to themselves. As long as they don't approach me about it like a madman. Or a madwoman. But I usually like the straightforward approach. As long as there is no hint of malice. And as long as the other person doesn't slam at me for doing something they themselves can be accused of!! That's why I don't like the Dirty Dozen mob anymore! LOL! And they will always approach you with hostility. I don't. If the truth needs to be told, it needs to be told. But I find people listen better when you do it with finesse. Only those who have an ego problem will get pissed when you tell them the truth, and that is definitely not me!!

I remember when I first met Metalraptor, he asked me why I hate cats so much. I told him, and he told me that I get freaky when I talk about cats and why I hate them, and he said that it makes people not want to hang around me. No one had ever told me that before! Well, the delusional mods did, in a round-about kind of way. But I'd never listen to the delusional mods!! Because they got freaky themselves when they talked about me. There were times when I actually feared for my safety. So, what is "freaky" to them? Not much, I'd say!! Well, I shined up to Metalraptor from that moment on! I really like him a lot! And I like him because he was straightforward with me, and told me what he was thinking. And he didn't do it because of a big ego or nothing like that. Some people will, and I can always pick them out. They are the ones who get pissed when you are being honest with them. I am by no means modest, but I also don't have a big ego. I am completely honest, with myself and those I care about. There's a difference there.

I just don't understand people because they decide they don't like someone anymore just because that person is fun-loving, witty, tempers things with a little sarcasm, as long as they are not malicious, and I don't think this person is at all. I told her Don't change!! In the wise words of INXS. I like her just the way she is! Sarcasm and all!

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