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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Further Proof of the Bad Influence of Anime and Video Games in Today's Kids

You want further proof that anime and video games turn a kid's brains into jello? That it makes them rude, nasty and insipid? Check this kid out. His name is Tyler, on YouTube he calls himself "shedwards89". He is the picture of what I know anime and video game lovers to be. How do I know he is an anime and video game fan? This is what he wrote of himself on his channel:

"hello my name is Tyler, I'm 17, my target audience are Naruto fans and video game lovers! well i hope you find my channel kick ass and you enjoy my videos! so subscribe you anime fans and video game lovers and enjoy my kick ass channel! "

I always said the worst kids out there are the ones who watch anime cartoons and play video games. I've mentioned that several times throughout this blog. Check out what this moron wrote to me in a video I commented on a month ago:

"i swear to god i will hunt you down you fat cunt and kill you and your 2 chiuahuas, your just a stupid fat bitch who will die alone and burn in hell, no wonder your divorced i can't see how any guy got with you in the first place you disgusting fat ugly bitch! god help the man went through hell with you, may i hope find someone decent."

LOLOL!!! I tried to make some sense of that last sentence, maybe it's the fact that it just runs on, with no proper punctuations, but I could not make any sense of it at all. But the "cunt", "kill", and "burn in hell" insets are typical of a very disturbed person who spends his life doing nothing but sit in his living room and play video games and watches anime crap. And this idiot Burnhart, who was also on YouTube, thought I was wrong in thinking anime has a bad effect on today's kids. He stated that western programs are "WAY more violent than anime". Those were his words. Well, you won't find rudeness like this in westerns' fans. Nor will you see westerns fans threaten anyone with harm like this either. Should I tell my ex what this kid said? Maybe have him explain to this stupid kid that he and I are still good friends? NAAAAAAHHHHH!! What Tyler thinks is not at all important to me or my ex-hubby! hehehe!! I'm just using Tyler as a great example of why I believe anime and video games are bad influences on children today. I told him thank you for that! Yet another example of what I always knew was true. I keep telling people, listen to me! I'm one of the best judges of character there is. Whenever I see a rude, dumbass teenager, I can always count on them being either anime fans or video game lovers, or BOTH!! This is what anime is teaching the kids!!! My sis Eva won't even let her kids watch ANY anime cartoons. She used to, until she noticed the shows were very dark and violent. And even her kids' attitudes changed for a while. She spent months trying to get them to revert back to the kids they were before they started watching that crap! That's why my favorite word for "anime" is "crapime". LOL!! Oh yes! And I do have another boyfriend. And my ex never remarried. Though he does have another girlfriend, who is also fat, just like me. :)

Well, I notice a bit of narcissism in Tyler's intro too. Check out what he says in his "about me" section in his channel:

"i love video games and i can guarantee i kick your ass in about any game, especially at Naruto games, i kick ass at naruto video games like ultimate ninja 3 and various other ones, the kind of people i like to be friends with are anime fans, and video game lovers"

tsk, tsk, tsk! He seems to think he's GOD's gift to video games. I'd bet there is a vast number of people who could kick his butt, but I don't care about none of that BS. I heard Ultimate Ninja is a very violent game. I'd be willing to bet that the 3rd edition would be even worse. Poor kid. Already his brain has turned to jello. But I love how hard he's trying to convince me that I am a "fat, ugly, disgusting bitch". LOLOL!!! hehe! Should I let him keep trying? Well, heck! He can if he wants to. I don't care what he says, he's not my friend. I don't even like him. I don't like him or the likes of him. So, I don't care. I just think he perfectly illustrates the point I've always made about anime and modern video games leading a bad example to today's kids.

Subject Change*****************************

I got no time anyway to dwell on the subject of dumbass teenagers, I got some exciting news, and it's got me on pins and needles! I did something I've never done before. I ordered myself some pet snakes over the internet!! I've never done that before! EVER!! I've always been antsy about ordering live animals off the internet. But my father and I talked while he was here this past weekend. He said you can order ANYTHING online, and get it shipped right to your door. I thought "how awesome is that?" Had me thinking, maybe I should get some snakes sent here. That would be SUPER awesome!! I love snakes!! I need some more!!! Most snakes I have are colubrids. This time, I am getting a california kingsnake, a corn snake (normal colored), and an african brown house snake. I think it'd be cool to get into vipers and venomous snakes and all like that, but I am absolutely NOT ready!!! Don't know that I ever will be either. Venomous snakes are indeed fascinating, but they are also very scary. That's the most dangerous animal you could ever hope to get. One bite can kill. Definitely not for me. Though they are fascinating to look at.

Well, the snakes I ordered are fascinating animals too. I happen to like colubrids. Natural colored corn snakes are getting ever more hard to find! Most people nowadays breed only morphs, and that is a shame! I don't go for morphs at all!! That's why there are some breeders I won't purchase from, because all they ever have are morphs. I may have to go to such states as South Carolina or Florida to find natural colored corn snakes before too long. Cuz if I don't, then I won't be able to find them captive bred anymore. To me, there is no substitute for natural colors and markings. NONE of the man-made morphs are as pretty as what you can find in nature. That's the whole beauty of snakes! Nature gave them such unbelievable beauty! Even people who hate snakes have to admit they are indeed beautiful animals. They have colors and patterns on them that you won't find in any other creatures. These manmade morphs just take all that beauty away. IMO, they look kinda ugly in snakes!! That's why I never go for morphs. When I look for any herps at all, whether they are snakes, frogs, lizards, or even birds, I get only natural or "normal" colors. It's the only "normal" thing I usually like in this world.

I wanted to get a puebulan milksnake, but unfortunately I couldn't. I had one on order, but I guess they sold it to someone else today, because when I called them, they said the milksnake had been sold already. I'm still very upset about that!! I wanted that milksnake so bad!! They are such pretty snakes!!! Well, hopefully some will become available again next month and I will get some then. I also want to get some pygmy chameleons. Those are so adorable!!! They do everything the big chameleons do, only smaller and cuter.

Well, my snakes come in on Friday. They are getting shipped off tomorrow. I cannot wait!! That's why I am so excited!! I even made a video about how happy I am! I got it on YouTube. I said I would make a follow-up video when my snakes arrive. I don't know when on Friday they will actually arrive, but I will be waiting!


Unknown said...

Well, I'm not here to argue because each person has their own opinions and have a right to said opinions, but you shouldn't judge all fans of video games and anime on the principles of a couple adoleascent teenagers. I myself am only 19 and a fan of both anime and videogames, but im not a crazed immature young man like tyler is. I will say that anime does have some bad points but those are the ones for plain entertainment. I perfer ones that have a deep meaning to them, or play a great mind game. The ones i watch are geared towards an older audiance, but ones like srgt frog is a good kids one. As for games, science has proven that you become a better reader if you play adventure genre games. Im not saying that anime and videogames are the best in the world, i just wanted to point out that not all of us say such horrid and dispicable things because of playing or watching them. My opinion is that its the parenting of the child that makes the child who they are. If they are mean and horrid its because of parenting and peers more so than something you watch on tv. This is only my opinion and i am not trying to sway tour beliefs in any way. I hope that you find my response appropriate and well thought out. I believe we both learned some things from eachothers posts. I have learned the bad sides of such things and maybe you took into consideration aome of the good. Thanks for reading.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Hello Joe. I like your comment. Personally I think it's the lack of parenting these days that makes kids like Tyler unfortunately the norm. I suppose some kids are not affected by what they see on TV and in video games. It's just that when I see the majority of video game/anime fans behaving the way this guy did, it's easy to think they are all like this.

kailee said...

I am sorry you have been exposed to the people that make you believe we are all like them but some of us are nice so please do not bring shame to us all. Sorry no punctuations. :p

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Sorry Kailee. I have seen some nice ones. But it's hard not to group when I've seen the majority of anime/video game fanatics who were like this one I describe.