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Friday, June 11, 2010

INXS At It Again!!

Well, INXS are at it again, going on another concert date. This time to a place called Broome, WA. I first saw that and thought "Cool! They're coming back to this state!!" I saw the "WA" and thought at the first instant it meant Washington State. But no. I've heard of WA, but I never heard of Broome!! I realized in this World, "WA" actually has 2 meanings. There is a "WA" in Australia, too. It's called Western Australia. Then I thought maybe I should make sure whether it is that "WA" or not before I purchase tickets. So I looked it up. Sure enough, it was Broome, Western Australia!! That SUCKS!!! But honestly, I don't think INXS are going to be coming back here. They didn't in the last leg of the last tour they did. So I don't think they will be coming back here. More likely they will be going to places like Sacramento, LA, NYC or New Jersey, places like that. This state does not seem to fit into their repertoire.

I need to get back on inxs.com more often. I've been so busy the last couple of months, I haven't had any time to. Except for the very occasional post. I only take interest in threads where my friends post. I don't care about ANYBODY else except my friends. I just by-pass the posts of people I don't care about. I heard INXS.com might be getting a forum in the future, and I just said I'll pass that one up. Forums tend to give birth to cliques, and I don't want to be a part of any cliques, and I want nothing to do with them. I have my friends on MySpace and Facebook, that's all I need! People in cliques tend to kick you out when you don't agree with 100% of the things they believe in. And I refuse to give in to things like that. So no forums for me!! I miss my old days of chatting with my friends on the INXSweb chatroom! They used to say the people at inxs.com were a rowdy bunch! Now I know what they mean. But at least they are not as bad as the people in the Rockband Lounge! I still say that is the most useless forum there is on the internet! I never go in there. But from time to time, I notice them talking about me in their little "private corners" that no one can get into without special permission from the admin. They don't have the guts to talk about me out in the open, they have to do it in private forums, so you know what they are saying is not good! LOL!! Most likely are not true, either, nobody really knows me on that forum, not even DonnaG, who probably still professes to. Oh well! hehee! At least I have the guts to talk about them on here, where they can see it, and if they want to, even respond anonymously. hehehe! Know why? Because I don't care what they think of me! I only care what my friends think of me and that is it. No one else matters. With strangers I think "Well, she/he apparently didn't like me before, so I am no worse off now than I was before I met him/her!"

Well, tonight I had to clean the mouse cage. It was starting to smell bad, and driving the snakes crazy!! I saw action out of my African house snake that I normally do not see. I've noticed he's a very placid snake! Very docile too. No biting at all from him! My radiated rat snakes are a whole other story!! LOL! They've bitten me several times now. They are quite skittish and snippy. Well, even though I don't think of them as pets, I named my mice. Their names are Malcom, Maggie and Melissa. Melissa is a black pinto mouse. Malcom is a lavendar silky. Maggie is a wild-style brown (sometimes called Agouti). She's still a hopper. She bites too! Bit my latex glove tonight while I was trying to get her out of her cage. hehe!! She's a little powerhouse! She almost took my glove off when she bit it. I'm used to animals and all their snips and scratches. But their cage needed cleaning, really bad! I was going to put it off until tomorrow, but I decided to get it done and over with tonight. Well the mice are not pets, they are my breeders. I need to have a steady supply of pinky mice coming in. Otherwise it's too tough to go into Aberdeen every week and get mice for each of my snakes. Aberdeen is such a long ways away. I'm trying to beef up my snakes because I do intend to breed them, and that's one thing I learned. They have to be fed every week. Sometimes a couple times a week.

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