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Friday, June 4, 2010

New Friends Arrived Today!!

I got them!! They arrived today about noon, and I've spent all day trying to fix up a temporary place to keep them. They seem to be happy and contented. I'm happy with them too, they are so beautiful!! I will be making more videos of them as time goes on. This video I made is just basically a day-long journal of my wait for my snakes to arrive. They seem to be happy now, and alive and well! I've decided to give them names. They are all males, I sexed them myself. After I learned how. Well, I learned how at the last reptile expo I went to, which was back in 2000. That incidentally was the last time I ever had any snakes of any kind. But anyway, I decided to name my corn snake "Bud". The same name as the last corn snake I had. I named my California kingsnake "Bandit", mostly because he has black and white bands all over his body. At the time this video was made, I hadn't had a name picked out for the African house snake, but now I've decided to name him "Barney". He just reminded me of a Barney. I let him frolic around in my house plants earlier today, and BOY!! Did he love that!!!! He's a great climber!! I think the plants give him a bit of security. I'm going to keep going back to LLLReptiles! They are good! They have quite a few wonderful species available! I also ordered some snakes from Reptmart. That's where I got the Pueblan milksnakes and the radiated ratsnakes. I will also be making videos of those. I've also spent a lot of time today reading up on how to breed snakes. It all points to I have to get my own breeder mice!! I will get them next week. The snakes shouldn't be fed now anyway. The store recommends not feeding them for a week because it causes stress. Well anyway, I had a ball today waiting and unpacking my snakes. I cannot wait till the next shipment arrives!!

Anyway, here's the video:

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