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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our College Graduate

Well, Anna is graduating tomorrow. Finally!!! After 23 years of going in and out of school, she is finally graduating from college!! So many things got in the way of her graduation. Among them, moving around constantly, dog breeding and switching majors. It's been a long road, but she finally reached the end. And I began preparing for it tonight. I made her a graduation cookie and decorated it myself. I did a crappy job, but it doesn't look too bad! And it should taste better than it looks. I've got to give Betty Crocker's decorating icing two thumbs up! That stuff is awesome!! It comes in a tube and you just spray it on.
 This stuff is so easy to work with! I love it! The problem is this thing is so expensive for what you get!! Even a cheap can from Walmart costs over $4!! I don't see what the point is in charging so darned much for an item like this! I mean, it doesn't last long. Though I have to hand it to this little device that it does make the cookies look and taste a little bit better! I am actually proud of the job I did on Anna's cookie, and she likes it. That's all that counts. Even though I think I could have done a bit better. Oh well!!

Anna's graduation ceremony is tomorrow, and it's going to be good. I know it is. Anna even told me that the governor is going to be there! That's really something. The governor didn't attend Anna's high school ceremony! But I think it's cool that Anna is going to finally be graduating from college, after 23 years of getting the run-around! She made it big here! She even made the honor roll last year. As an honor roll student, I wonder if she is going to be asked to give a speech. I decided days ago that I want to put Anna's ceremony on film. I am going to make it into a nice little movie. One that we can share with family and friends. Eva, Katrina and father are not going to be able to make it. Neither is Ephrata, Spencer and Diego, who live in North Dakota. So I have a lot of DVDs to create! I promised everyone I would tell them all about what goes on. I did take some pics of Anna and the graduation cookie I created.

I know I did a crappy job. It says "Happy Graduation!" and I put 2010 on it too. But that's the cookie! It's a double chocolate cookie. I asked Anna if she wanted a cake and she said she'd rather have the cookie. Which is fine by me! I'm just so happy she is finally graduating! I will post video clips here if I can once the ceremony is over. Just a few, like before and after incidents.

Well, in other news, I've been having problems getting Barney and my male radiated ratsnake to eat. They seem to be extremely fussy eaters! So what I did was I looked up some methods to use for problem feeders and tried the most logical method I could find. The Dixie cup method works best of all! Well, it was the one I tried this afternoon. And it worked! I had this frozen pinkie that I tried to feed to Barney and he would not eat it in his cage. So I took him and put him in a little critter cage I have (it's the closest thing I actually have to a Dixie cup) and put the little pinkie mouse in with him and put them in my closet, which is the darkest and warmest room in the house, and left them alone for a while. I took a little snooze and when I woke up I checked on Barney, and he had eaten the pinkie mouse! I was happy! At least I know he was not starving himself because he's ill or something! Then I had a little hopper, and I fed it to my radiated ratsnake. I had that baby for a couple of days and I had to put him in the cage with Malcom, Maggie and Melissa. I told that little hopper not to get himself too comfortable! LOL! Because as soon as I could figure out how to get my ratsnake to eat, he was going to be done for. I hated to do it, but that snake had to eat. I tried to kill the little mouse myself, but I didn't succeed. I was glad! Because if the ratsnake hadn't had him for dinner, I would surely had to have put him in my freezer. I have this thing that blocks me from wanting to put mice and rats in my freezer! I just cannot do it!

Well, now Barney has eaten and now also my ratsnake has eaten, and he's still in my closet digesting. I'm going to have to leave him in there for a couple of days so he can digest that mouse and not spit him back up. Out here, there are just too many disturbances. He needs the warmth, quiet and dark of my closet.


mikessa said...

Well, its gonna be a cool event, and I cant wait to eat that cookie. I am sorry that our sisters and godchildren cant make it. I would love to have invited them if I had more time to prepare for their coming. But we will send them a video and they will be happy.
Now lets dig into that cookie!!

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit that's a big cookie!! Looks like a very special moment..congratulations Anna!!

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Thank you. :) It was a lovely ceremony!

mikessa said...

thanks to all who have made that day possible.