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Monday, June 28, 2010

Positivity vs. Negativity

These are two words I've heard a lot of in the past 5 years! I never knew there was so much hostility about these issues. I realized my life was much more sheltered than I first thought! hehehe! Anyway, this is my topic for today. I remember way back when I used to get into the INXS Switchboard, I was almost forced to be positive with two of the most negative people on the internet. They were Catsredrum and Netrage. Apparently they were Vicki's "friends". I put that word in quotations, because I don't believe for one second they were really friends. Those two could never be good friends to anyone because they will be nice to your face, but then go into their private forum behind your back and slam you and you may or may not ever even know about it. At least my blogs are open for all to see. I've never closed off any of my blogs because of the things I say on them. I figure people might as well know who I really am and what I am really like. Well I said "screw you" to Vicki, I'd rather not be on that forum (or any forum) at all than to have to be nice to people who don't deserve kindness. This is why I am not on any forums now. No one can make me say or not say anything on my blogs. These are my blogs, anyone doesn't like what I say, they don't have to look! I'm a firm believer in the rights of free speech, which is why I accept ALL comments from anyone who comes in here to comment, whether they be positive or negative comments. I even accept comments that are not in my favor, simply because of that. I get people showing negativity towards me all the time on here. I just take them and go. I know I'm better than them, and I know what they are saying is just their opinion. And just because they think what they do about me, doesn't make it so. That's my views.

Well, I have this block against people who want nothing but positivity in their lives. I admit I prefer kind and loving people over those who are going to always be nothing but hostile. But in the past 5 years of being in INXS forums, I've seen people who just hate on someone just because they have their own views. They call it 'being negative'. When really that isn't the case. If you ask me, the truly negative ones are the people who slam someone just for having their own opinions. I talked earlier in this blog about leading a sheltered life. Well, those people who think someone is a bad person because they have their own views, must have been even more sheltered than I ever was. They may not realize it, but they have! It's like one of my buddies on YouTube told me, haters gotta hate. LOL! Good saying too! Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and haters gotta hate. I truly feel sorry for those people. I can see not wanting anything to do with someone you have nothing in common with, but that does not mean they are a negative person. I think there is something really mentally wrong with someone who only wants nothing but positive people in their lives. Not everyone is going to be positive 100% of the time! And in order to be a good friend, you have to accept the fact that there is going to be some negative times with that person.

I remember when I was younger, I had this friend named Tara. We were friends since we were practically babies. I remember back in 1982, she and I got into a battle that lasted for 2 years! I don't even remember what I did! Except that I just didn't like her friend Mavis. But Mavis was baaaaaaad news!! She did street drugs! And she used to stomp on me and my sis Anna. I have a sixth sense about people, especially something as obvious as someone who does drugs! Tara just didn't understand that. That kind of person can't be good. So I wanted nothing at all to do with Mavis! Even my ma wasn't too crazy about her. Well, Tara eventually cooled off about that, and we were friends again. But I never stopped liking Tara. I knew deep inside she was still a good person. Some people I just cannot help feeling negative about. They've never even once given me a reason to think positively about them. Such examples are Catsredrum and Netrage, and all their dumbass friends. Even when they are trying to be nice they seem nasty. I guess because their evil shines through even over that. It's one thing to have an opinion, but those people never even knew facts to base their opinions on. Their opinions were based on only one thing, and that was that I did not like their friends DonnaG and Vicki. Almost like Tara's feelings about how I felt about Mavis. Only quite a bit of difference there. Tara and I were friends since babyhood. I've never been friends with DonnaG, Vicki or Catsredrum. They were just people to me. Well, Donna came close, but no cigar! Her negative can be REALLY bad!! And so she's just not what I look for in a friend.

Well, I have some negative points, but I also have a lot of positive ones too. And I tend to let an even amount of each show. I don't like being positive all the time! And I don't really care to see such in my friends either. Because we all have bad times. I will comfort and stand by my friends in those bad times. I always try to. I've seen people who abandon people they considered friends, when that person's time of need or dispair comes up. But not me! I will always be there. Like Michael said in New Sensation:

"Cry, baby cry, when you've got to get it out....
I'll be your shoulder, you can tell me all, don't keep it in you.....
That's the reason why I'm here!"

I love that song!! Another one of my favorites by INXS. I have a lot of favorites by INXS, my top 5 I think is:

1. The Gift
2. New Sensation
3. Beautiful Girl
4. Heaven Sent
5. Devil Inside (simply because I love Timmy's riffs on this song!)

"Don't Change" and "This Time" would be on that list, they are in my top 10, but they don't make the top 5.

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