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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Well, my car was finally serviced. It costed me almost $260, but he also threw in a new battery. The guy I got was really good, and really nice too. He told me he also does his own karaoke, which is cool. He has quite a musical background, he even has his own band. He's also worked with Kurt Cobain. He also told me about a disagreement he's had with a guy named Michael Moore about stealing some of his movie work. This guy is cool! And he fixes cars besides! Does a great job too. I was like WOW!! I wonder if he can show me a few tips and tricks about making good reality movies. Well, I cannot ask him now. I've become an internet shop-a-holic!! Especially when it comes to snakes. I think I'm going to try breeding them for a while, see if I like it. I'm getting a couple of pairs I found of some pueblan milksnakes (I finally have some on order!! With luck they will be arriving soon) as well as a rather new species to the trade, called a radiated rat snake. Rat snakes are cool because they are so hardy. Great beginner snakes! And this particular species (Elaphe radiata) is rather new to the trade, and quite beautiful!!! I don't know what has possessed me to spend so much for these snakes!! I tried this this week for the first time ever, and now, I am literally HOOKED!!!! What I should do is get a pair of the African house snakes. People can breed those without even trying! They multiply like rabbits, and you don't even need to hibernate them.

Well, now that I have 4 new snakes on the way, I had to order some more cages to keep them in, so I did. At least shipping on those cages will be a lot cheaper. But I feel so bad going so crazy internet shopping and spending so much!! I lost myself, what can I say?? Anna's going to kill me!! So I have one set of snakes coming in tomorrow, and another that probably won't get here until next week. We shall see! I haven't even got any breeder mice yet. They may have to settle for F/T babies until I can get some breeders of my own going.

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