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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well, At Least He Apologized

I heard from Tyler again from last night. He didn't like something I said on a video. He was the only one I let in on my secret. He obviously took what I said very hard. I told him in a PM that I'm only playing when I say what I say on YouTube. Not to take it personally. But since it affected him harshly, I thought I should point that out. I was going to have more fun with him today, but what I said obviously hurt him real bad. So it did become an issue. I dunno, I honestly think this whole thing is just one big plate of BS. I think Tyler has been reading this blog, and was playing back. hehe!!

Well, at least he said he was sorry. And I have other worries today. My car has been on the fix for a while, and someone is coming today to look at it. Our regular mechanic used to be a guy named Norm. But I think his wife got a little pissed off at us. LOL! Well!! I cannot help that!! The story goes that Norm used to fix our car at a cheap rate, he mostly did it to buy his wife cigarettes. I always hated that, but where else are we going to find a mechanic who would fix our car for only $20? Most of them want loads of money, and want it right away. Well, last time Norm fixed our car, he quoted $40 for labor and $20 for parts. I said OK. Well, we wound up giving him $70 because at one point, he had to get a particular part for the car and said he needed about $10 to get it. He had already gotten the other parts for $10, and now needed another $10 to get another part to fix the car with. We had nothing lower than a $20 bill at that particular time, and Anna asked for the change, and they didn't have it at that time. So we said OK, trusting that later on they would get $10 to give us back. They had always been trustworthy before. But I did tell them before they left here, I wanted the reciept for that part, and the change and they said OK, they will give them to us the next day. Norm and his wife were on their way out to Aberdeen at that time. Well, they never told us, but they got gas with the extra $10 we unwillingly gave them, and we were not told about that until we tried to ask Norm the next time he came around if he has our change. I realize they are not very well-off, but then neither are we! They don't seem to realize that. I did not appreciate them taking advantage of me and my sis like that either!! I even asked to see the receipt for the parts. He didn't have it, said it got thrown away. I felt cheated and angry!! I said that was NEVER going to happen again. I said next time we call on him, we're going to ask for a bill and give him money only AFTER the job is complete.

Actually, I didn't want to call him again at all. But what else could we do if the car breaks down? Not only did I not like the fact he was using our money to buy his wife cigarettes, but also, Norm was a victim of a back injury, and has had several surgeries to correct it. Made me feel bad actually calling on him to do heavy work like fixing the car. I always tried to not ask him to do anything strenuous. I really don't mind someone asking for gas compensation if they are going to get a part for my car, but I want to be notified first before they take our money! And neither he nor his wife mentioned anything about it before taking our $10 and spending it on gas for themselves. And they even had us thinking they were going to give us back the change, which isn't fair at all!

Well, after calling around to other mechanics now that our car needs fixing again, this particular problem is going to cost us an arm and a leg!!! So Anna recommended we try Norm again. I hesitated, saying "Can we really trust him?" Anna said let's try and see what kind of a quote he gives us. Well, we did call him and he answered and came right over, just as he always did. I told Anna about how this time I was NOT going to give him any money at all until AFTER the job was done, and then make sure he owes us no change! Just give him the exact amount. Well, this time Anna said she was going to ask him for a bill once he completed the work. And she did, she told Norm she didn't want what happened last time to happen again. She said he didn't look upset when she told him that. Well, 2 days ago, when I got paid, I told Anna to phone Norm and tell him to come on over, and fix the car. Well, she called but got no answer. She left a message on his answering machine instead. He didn't call back. So yesterday she decided to try again, and his wife answered the phone. Anna asked if Norm was there and she said "He doesn't live here anymore and I don't know how to get in touch with him." She was polite about it, but I knew she was bullshitting!!! Because before Anna could ask anything else, she told me that his wife said "Well goodbye!" and hung up. I know she was BSing us! How could Norm just disappear and not tell his wife where he's going? Didn't make sense to me. I told Anna that I believe she's pissed at us because we asked Norm to give us a bill and that we were not going to give him any money until we got a bill for the parts and repair. But if she has a hair up her ass now because of that, then that is just too bad!!

It's OK. I found someone else who will do a better job for the same price! I am right now waiting for this guy to come. But Anna already threw Norm's phone number away. I have a good mind to report them to the SSI department because he is collecting and working on cars and getting extra money. And if I was one of the dirty dozen mob, I probably would! But I am not! Never will be!! And I think that's cruel. So I've just let it go.

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