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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Amazing Day!!

Well, I had an interesting day! I put up a video last night of myself flapping my big, saggy boobs around, as if to laugh in HOBO's face! I knew I was going to get a full-blown angry response from him. In fact, I was counting on it!! I was hoping he would see the video, so I put his name in the title. I even directed him to the posts on this blog. He read them. I said GOOD!! I wanted him to read them. So now, he's accusing me of slander. I told him to go ahead and call his lawyer on me, I don't care!! He slanders lots (and I mean LOTS) of people all over YouTube!! Including me and my sis. I don't just attack anyone for no reason. That's why I never get afraid when someone reminds me of the "slanderous" comments I make on my blog. I know most people just say it to intimidate anyway. I even asked him again if he has contacted his lawyer yet, and he hasn't given me any response to that question. I haven't heard from anyone yet either! Probably won't. But in case I do, I have proof of how he goes around and randomly attacks other people, and says all kinds of slanderous shit. So, if I do hear from his lawyer, I'll be ready! I'll get myself and every YouTuber he has attacked, slandered, hacked, and plainly harassed and we'll all go to court and press charges against him!! Believe me, there will be LOTS!!

He's also been calling my sis Anna a "retard". Anna doesn't like that because she is definitely NOT a retard!! She made the honor roll in school, and I have proof of that. She's been accepted to go to MSU, which is one of the best schools in the country. She's going on a scholarship program and will work towards a degree in Biology. But having looked at HOBO's channel, one thing I've noticed, he calls EVERYONE a retard!! I mean EVERYONE!! He calls anyone who is not afraid to face up to him, or who disagrees with him, a "retard". Some of these people are even smarter than he is! So I told Anna not to take him seriously at all! He has a lot of haters too. One other thing I've noticed about HOBO, this whole thing is just one big ego trip for him! Thanks to this video, I got several new subscribers, all seem quite talented. But HOBO is attacking them. One of my subscribers began attacking another one of my subscribers because she is a friend of HOBO's. I said it's OK. I have a lot of mutual friends with people I do not like or trust. I don't believe in "guilty by association"! I do however believe in "wary due to association". But this person who is a friend of HOBO's, is a very sweet person. Never been anything but friendly to me. Just one incident I told her about that bothered me, and that was when she was laughing at me with HOBO. I don't give a shit what HOBO says or does. He's not my friend, never will be either! But when this friend was laughing at a remark he made about me on his channel, it did hurt. But that turned out to be a misunderstanding. She thought HOBO was talking about someone else. She apologized and all is well again. :)

Well, I told HOBO, after he attacked my new subscribers, that he thinks he's funny, but he's really not. And every time he tries to be, he just makes himself look like an egotistical idiot! I reminded him that all his videos are videos that he stole from other peoples' channels! He can't even come up with anything original or witty. What an asshole!! Only once have I ever used anyone else's videos in mine, and that was to discuss a video I found of some jerks making fun of a fat woman eating an ice cream cone. And letting them know they can get sued for that. I didn't have to say anything, I didn't care about these bums whose hobby is to go around making fun of fat people! I did it for the fat woman's sake. And now their video is down, and their channel has been suspended!! Good work to those in our Facebook group who stand up for fat rights!!! BIG applause!! Well, HOBO responded to my post where I called him out. He began with "YAWN", which indicated to me that he's run out of any comebacks. So, I feel I made my point, plain and clear. And so I won't be responding to him anymore. But he is trying to get a rise out of me still. He's on another video, saying I'm a "closet furry" and I have sex with my chihuahuas. I just chalk it up to him being pissed because I told everyone that he's a pedophile. Even if I did want to have sex with my dogs (which I DON'T!!!!!) they're all spayed/neutered. Well, that's too disgusting even to think about!! So, I won't even go there!! That's not me! LOL!! The only thing I have in common with furries is that I have done drawings of anthropomorphic animals. But I do it because that has always been what my readers love. Take Genny Genet for example. She was a very popular character among my readers back in 1989. They all thought she looked cute with her head like a genet and the body like Vanna White. So, I typically do that with some of my characters. But I am not the only one who has done that. In fact, Genny was inspired by another cartoon character. There was a movie that came out in the early 70s called Shinbone Alley. And it featured cats with humanoid figures. Since I am not too fond of cats, I used something similar, a genet. And that's where Genny came from. I give Cathy credit for Genny because at first, she did think up this character. But it was all my idea to give her a sort of humanoid form.


Anonymous said...

for your information lots of "retarded people" (that's what you call them) do go to college. they get jobs and are faithful good workers. no reason to put them down over a few IQ points. they are human beings and don't need to be treated like dirt by you.

TimGal said...

My bad. I a-pologize. I don't normally use the word "retarded". I was quoting HOBO with that.

Anonymous said...

you don't have to apologize you didnt say it. we know that. some people need to learn how to read properly.

TimGal said...

'Tis OK. For all I know the first anonymous poster could be HOBO himself, again trying to sway the blame from himself again because I said in my video page "I don't regularly use the word 'retarded'." Been LOLzing him all day :)