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Friday, July 2, 2010

First Pedophile I Ever Met!

I've never met one before, I never wanted to! It's a dude on YouTube who calls himself HOBOCTZARANDCO. He's from Russia. He's been commenting on one of my videos over the past week. The first comment he made was him saying in a sarcastic way;

"Did you ever hear of a wonderfull invention called BRA ? "

Well, right here I should have told him it's none of his f***ing business what I wear in MY videos. But this was too good to just pass up. So I just threw some of that sarcasm back in his face. All of my videos are made at night, after all my daily work and socialization is done. So, there is no need for me to wear a bra, unless it's below 20 degrees and I'm going somewhere. But in my own home, in my nightie, I do not wear a bra!! Who the heck does? This was my response to him:

"LOL!! Who the heck wears a bra with a muu-muu?! "

Well, I didn't hear from him for a couple of weeks. I had thought he all but disappeared. Ah! That's bullshit!! Actually I didn't think anything of him at all. No more than I think of any other trolls, but to this dude, this became something of a real issue. LOL! I don't know why. I don't even know him! He's not my boyfriend, nor my friend. And I don't want to be his friend!! A few days ago, he posted another comment on my video again in response to my question.

"any self respecting woman thats who ! "

Keep in mind, he started arguing on my video. I didn't start anything with him. This just went on and on in the video thread. He seemed to be watching, but not getting anything out of the videos I made except the fact I was not wearing a bra. I know, I should have told him to just mind his own business after all this, but that's not how I am. I mean, I put these videos out, so I take the bad along with the good. But I never have seen someone who battled over something like this so hard, when it really should have been of no concern to him. Not on YouTube!! I wondered this whole time what his problem really is. I didn't know, and I couldn't put my finger on it. So I let the battle go on. This was my response to another post he made on that video:

"If you don't like it you don't have to view it. Simple as that."

Well today, actually 4 days after his last post on my video, I hear from him again. This is what he said:

"You must be very lonely ! this must be your way to attract lonely creeps who like obese women ! "

I actually thought he was trying to make a pass at me!! LOL! But I already have a boyfriend, I've mentioned him on here a few times. I usually like to keep my personal love-affair talk at a minimum on the internet. I don't like to talk about them here much. In my past experiences, my biggest and best events get jinxed when I talk about them over the internet! I don't know why! But it's been that way ever since I used to get into the AcmePet forums. I think someone on there put a curse on me! hehehe! Well, anyway, this was my response to him:

"Thanks for your offer, but I've already got a boyfriend :)"

And this was his response to that comment:

"Highly doubt that ! Put a bra on !"

I decided to get a little flirtatious. I giggled a little comment out like this:

"Sounds like a little someone is a little bit jealous ;P"

Well, he and I went kinda back and forth for a little while, then I had something else to do today, and I went and did it. When I came back, I noticed he had responded to my last comment. This is what he said:

"Jealous of a fat ogre with saggy boobs ? ROFLMAO"

At first, I wanted to make a comment about his girlfriend being the ogre, but then I realized he obviously doesn't have one. He must not if he's flirting with me on YouTube. hehehe! [I couldn't resist there.] So anyway, this was the response I wound up really giving him:

"Yeah, because I have a boyfriend and I don't have to look the way people like you want me to look. He likes me the way I am. And you don't have anyone and no life."

Well, I don't know why, but I hadn't yet looked at his channel. Not until I saw this last post he made. His channel is a nightmare landscape! Check out this video someone made of him that was up on YouTube:

After seeing this video, I noticed one very important thing, he's a fat-ass himself!! Proportionately, he's fatter than I am!!! Nothing is more pathetic than one fat person making fun of another. I'm keeping that in mind from now on. So I went back to my video and I replied again to his last comment:

"And having seen one of your videos, looks like you yourself are a fat-ass too. So, don't talk too high and mighty dude. :) "

Personally, after seeing his last comment, and this last comment I made to him, I probably will have seen the last of him. But the real clincher was when I went back to his channel, and I noticed he's been asking people to send him nude pictures of their children!!! I thought it was a joke, or maybe a tit-for-tat kind of thing, but I went to the channels of other people who had conversations with him, and I noticed comments on there, made by HOBOCTZARANDCO himself, and they confirmed that yes, he is actually going around asking people for pictures of their children in the nude!! That is disgusting!!! I haven't blocked him yet, but I think I will!! I don't like pedophiles!!! I hope Eva hears about him, she hates pedophiles too, and she loudly lets them know it!! His profile says he is a member of T@YT. I don't know what that is, but I don't want to know!! If it's some kind of organization that supports pedophiles, I don't want to hear about it. Apparently he's gay too, but that's just beans. I have gay friends, so I don't care if a person is gay. But I have NO friends who are pedophiles. So I think I'm going to block little mister HOBOCTZARANDCO.

So after all this deliberation, I finally figured out why he was soooo concerned about me wearing a bra!! Maybe I made him feel all warm and cuddly inside? LOL! Or maybe, like with the little kids he wants nudie pics of, he's just looking in places he shouldn't be looking. Jerk!!!

No, wait!! I think instead of blocking this loser, I should have a little bit of fun! I wrote it on his channel. hehehe! I think I'm going to post up a video on his channel of me COMPLETELY naked!!! And flashing my saggy boobs around the camera, just because it pisses him off!! LOLOL!! It'd be worth it just to see the look on his big, stupid face when he sees that. Or to actually "hear" him foam at the mouth!! HAHA!!!


mikessa said...

I am having my fun with this HOBO creep. First of all, he thinks that I am you that has been sending him messages and calling him names. He thinks you changed your name to Mikessa just to keep up the conversation. God he's so stupid.

TimGal said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Really?? If he's sooooo good at hacking, he'd see that you have your computer and I have mine, even though we both live in the same house. Besides, I don't need to change my name to "continue this conversation". He didn't block me. Though I notice now all the comments I left on his channel get deleted. :)

Twiztid said...

Yo I just wanna tell you that that video is of me. I found your page because HOBO is obsessed with stalking me and copying my videos to his plethora of other youtube accounts. I'm certainly not dating that piece of shit HOBO. I found your page trying to get info on who he really is though.

TimGal said...

I'm sorry for my remarks, Twiztid. I thought that was HOBO. Then the other day, someone told me who HOBO really is, and I saw some of his videos. Yes he does have videos of himself up on one of his other accounts. I did a post about that the other day. HOBO unfortunately (yet not surprisingly) does not give any credit to his so-called "videos" that he steals. So I had no idea who the person in the video is. And I thought it was himself.