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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Lily!!

I just wanted to stop in for a quick note to little miss T. Lily Hutchence. Today is her birthday and I hope she has a wonderful one! I know she likes to be called by the T word, but I will NEVER call her that!! EVER!! I'm sorry if she likes it, but I like her and I would not call someone I like a "tiger". A tiger to me is an ugly, lazy animal. But a lily is a beautiful, fragrant flower. So instead of calling Michael's daughter the "T" word and implying she is an ugly, lazy person, I'd rather call her Lily and imply that she is a sweet, beautiful flower. She looks like a flower anyway. She is a very pretty young lady.

I love this friend to death, but I frankly do not care what the Hutch fans, or any anonymous Rockband Lounge users come here to say, to me, a tiger will always represent a creature that is ugly and lazy. So don't ever expect me to call Michael's daughter by that name! I told this friend that name is like a needle in my eyes when I see people calling her that. Because all I can think of is an ugly and lazy animal. Seems like an insult to Lily's persona. I remember back in 1998, someone told me that Michael did not want his child to be called that, and fought hard against it. Then back in 2005 on the old INXS forum, someone else told me that it was in fact Michael's idea to call his little girl "tiger". I could have gone the rest of my life without being told that!!! It unfortunately had a hand in my present-day distaste for Michael. A BIG hand!! I'm still not a Hutch fan. I try to tell everyone that. I've gotten over a lot of the distaste I felt hearing the fact that calling her that was his idea, sort of. I think my affection for Tim blocks everything else.

It used to be that when I took a hiatus from INXS, and went back to them any time later (which is something I do on a frequent basis to keep my life interesting) the first band member I would shine up to was Michael. But not this last time! This time for some unknown reason, I shined up to Tim! I always had some love for Timmy, but never to the degree I had when, after a 3-year long break from INXS and their music, in 2005 I suddenly climbed aboard the INXS fan-wagon again. This time with avengeance! Though at the time I originally converted, I still had some love for Michael. Then I heard it was indeed his idea to call his daughter by the T word, and all my respect for Michael went right down the drain. But I've again gained some back, knowing that he is not the only celeb to give his child a weird-ass name like that!! Many have done it it seems. A lot of them are good actors and singers! I always knew Michael was a good singer. No question in my mind about that. But at the time I thought it was so crazy of him to choose that name for his little girl! But having seen some other, even weirder, celebrity child-names, (I can't remember who it was that named their child "Pilot Inspektor") Michael's daughter's name doesn't sound quite that bad. There is still the option to call her Lily. So that's what I do.

Anyway, Happy birthday Lily!! Hope it's as beautiful and special as you are!

Another thing I noticed, Michael's number is definitely 22! Did you notice that? He was born on January 22, he died on November 22, and Lily was born on July 22. There is something about Michael Hutchence and the number 22!! Having discovered this, I thought how wicked cool it would have been if his name had 22 letters in it!! So I counted. But no, Michael's name has 23 letters. One too many! hehehe!

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