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Saturday, July 10, 2010

HOBOFART is At It Again!

He's done it again, he's hacked into the YouTube account of one of my friends, one who calls herself MsRandomosity1. I usually go into her channel because I enjoy her videos. But today I noticed that HOBO hacked into her account. Another one of my friends who is also a friend of HOBO's believes it was not him who hacked into MsRandomosity's account, but someone else. I hate to break the bad news to her, but I believe it was Hobo who broke into her account! When I went there, I saw what was written under the "About Me" section on her channel's homepage, and the look and feel of the channel was a lot like the look and feel of Hobo's channel. The things said in the About Me section now are totally identical to what Hobo wrote about MsRandomosity1 on my video thread to him. For example, this is what he wrote on my video thread this morning:


13 hours ago @MsRandomosity1 <-----------------BIPOLAR SUBWHORE WITH HERPES LMAO
And this is what it now says in the About Me section on MsRandomosity's channel:
I'm the biggest subwhore on Youtube and I am bipolar and have herpes. I suck cyber cock for a living to get all my subscribers. I am hated by a lot of people and I have an albino boyfriend who likes fucking dogs. He puts a pittbull mask on my face so he thinks he is fucking a dog. I've been hit with the ugly stick a lot and fell off the ugly tree and I hit every branch on the way down. I'm such a Fred wannabe. I supposedly have herpes due to my pimples on my chin. I'm the ugliest human being and Violater197 wants to shove his meat pole down my throat. I give trolls lots and lots of lulz. I'm such a fail that it makes trolls giggle.
Tell me the two are not identical! Not only that, but also identical remarks were made yesterday on my video as well to other things in that description, all said by Hobo himself! So, I know it was him who hacked into her account! There isn't anything said in that description that Hobo himself has not said over the last 3 days about MsRandomosity1!!! I don't want to doubt this mutual friend, but the proof is in the pudding. Go back over some of the remarks Hobo made to MsRandomosity1, you will find they are exactly the same things! So he did hack into her account. And in my latest video I posted up today, where I saw Minnie watching the mice in their cage today, I thought she looked so cute watching them, so I filmed it, and Hobo said he wants me to send my Minnie to him right away. I didn't respond to him on the thread, but I sat here looking at that comment and I said "Dude, you can threaten, kick, punch, hassle, cheat, and lie to me, you're NEVER going to get Minnie!!" Sheeeoooooooot!! He can even offer me $1 million, he still will never get Minnie!! That's MY baby!! He will never get Vegas or Odessa either! No matter what he does. Minnie wouldn't like him anyway. Vegas sure wouldn't like him, and Odessa would just bite his heels every time he moves. Odessa doesn't much like men, and she always does that to them. Vegas doesn't like men either. None of my dogs do, probably because I haven't lived with a man since I've had these dogs. My boyfriend doesn't even come to the house often enough to get the dogs accustomed to him.
All this, and he was going to have me prosecuted for slander?!?! That I have to LOLOL at!! Hacking is just as illegal as slander is. Maybe more so! I still haven't heard anything from his lawyer, BTW! I knew he was just talking more BS!! But I am ready, and I think MsRandomosity1 would also like to get in on that lawsuit as well! I only hope she gets her channel back! I had to unsubscribe from her until such time as she does get it back. If that never happens, and she has to create a new channel, I hope she remembers me. I really enjoyed her videos. I hope someone does something about Hobo! He needs to be STOPPED!! And he will NEVER get Minnie, Vegas or Odessa!! Never will I allow someone with the morale character that Hobo has proven he has, have my dogs! Of course even if I did like him, which I don't! But if I did, he'd still never get those dogs because they belong to ME!! He would have to go through me, and if I catch him anywhere near me or my dogs, I'll choke him to death with my big, saggy boobs!! LOL!!
Hobo keeps bringing that up everywhere and I just laugh at him. He's trying to piss me off, but it is not working! He's probably also trying to humiliate me with the "no bra" lectures, but again it's not working. Because this is who I am. Like I always say, take it or leave it. And I am just as happy if you leave it, as take it. I don't care! What Hobo doesn't seem to understand is that I have a secret weapon against people like him. It's called "not giving a damn what you think because you are not, never were, and never will be, my friend". I've stated it many times before on here and elsewhere, I only care what my friends and family thinks. Now, if a friend were to tell me "I'd rather see you in a bra in your videos than without one", I would listen. But when someone like Hobo says "put on a bra", I basically close my ears and shut my eyes and laugh at him because his words mean absolutely NOTHING to me! It's not because he's a troll, although it is a contributing factor, but because I am not his friend. Believe me, I would be much more embarrassed if someone were to say I was his friend, than if someone were to notice I'm not wearing a bra in my videos.
Well, today I favorited a video about trolls. This guy sounds a lot like he should be conducting a radio talk show, so it's kinda funny sometimes to hear some of these words come out of his mouth! Hard to believe at the time of this recording, he was only 16. But this video describes perfectly the unique difference between a regular troll and a YouTube troll. Give a listen.

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