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Sunday, July 18, 2010

INXS Rocked Broome!!

The stories I've been reading are awesome! INXS still have it! I'm so glad to see these guys are back together, going touring and making new music. One of my Facebook buddies went there and brought back a lot of pics she took, and a wonderful story about meeting JD and Kirk one-on-one in a bar there. She explained to Kirk how it was her birthday and they spent a lot of money just for that trip. So Kirk decided to treat her well, and introduced her to JD, who has always been her favorite band member. The story is priceless!! Sounds great!! She also mentioned that there were no meet and greets nor will INXS be giving autographs. Now, I heard that and I wonder what has gotten into INXS?? They used to be happy giving out autographs!! But I don't think it's just INXS. Could be their new manager's idea. Well, he's not a new manager, he's their old manager, once removed. It's Chris Murphy. Has he gotten stingy with INXS? Is he turning INXS into anti-social robots under his command?? Well, that's just my POV. But it seems to me that INXS were always so happy to give out autographs in the past. Well, no matter. Apparently INXS didn't listen to him, and autographed this friend's t-shirt! I'm sure the look on her face was a winner!

INXS should be happy and grateful that they still have any fans left. So many people abandoned them after Michael died, and then more abandoned them after they did Rockstar: INXS. Which is still my #1 most favorite show! I say if you have fans, treat them all with respect! I do. Well, except for the creepy fans like HOBO. Fans like him, if you're really good, you instinctively know to stay away from them! But most fans are very respectful. I've always been respectful of INXS. Though I may joke about having mad, passionate love with Timmy, I would never really do it!! I've never even hugged or kissed him. And I ain't never gonna do it either!! Because I respect his space. It was kind of him to allow me to have a photo-op with him that night in Seattle, but that was his choice. When I asked, he could have said no and I would have understood. He is a busy man, after all. I would admittedly have been sad, but I'd get over it. Of course that was before some unknown fan in DC pulled Timmy off the stage at a concert!! That could have been what started this new trend with INXS not wanting anything more to do with the fans. Besides that, I think Timmy is still upset because Michael is gone. I know how he feels. I'm still upset over losing my Groucho, and sometimes it makes me feel like I just don't want to see anybody.

Well, it has been announced that JD is still a member of the band! HA! I knew it! I knew INXS would not let JD go! He didn't say anything that was so unforgivable that it could not be worked out! I know he didn't. Everyone else all around me kept saying "It doesn't look like JD is still with INXS at all." But I knew better. Though I did have my doubts, I mean, why would INXS refer to JD as a "guest singer"? But deep inside, I always felt that JD is still with them. People really should learn to listen to me! My instincts are impeccable! Well, almost impeccable! I tell everyone I may not talk much, but I am a damn good listener when I want to be. LOL! That usually helps out a lot. Now that we are on this subject, I have my doubts about Chris Murphy managing INXS. But I don't know. He has his good points and he seems to have some bad points as well. One good thing about him is that when he was INXS's manager before, they came out with the best songs and albums. I am hoping that he can make it happen again! Not that Elegantly Wasted and Switch were not good albums, but they seemed to pass by the popularity charts undetected. A lot of people still have no idea who INXS is!

These days, people are tantalizing me with posting up these pics of Timmy! His new style is he's wearing a beret on his head. I gotta say I LOVE him in that!! He should always wear one of those, it makes him look so handsome!!!! But then he's Tim! IMO, he could put a beanie with a propeller on his head and he'd still look handsome and distinguished!!! I don't think there will be anymore of me meeting Timmy. I don't even believe that they will be coming to this part of the country anymore. I think us PNWers can thank Catsredrum and her delusional dim-wit friends for that!! Let's gather a mob, ring her doorbell and run, toilet paper her house and egg blast her car!!! The stupid idiot!!

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