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Friday, July 16, 2010

Malcom And Melissa Plus 7

Well, Melissa had her pups last night. I wasn't able to count them until this morning. What I was able to count was 7 babies. Now, how many of those will actually make it to maturity, I don't know. I have snakes to feed, and their needs must come first. I hate doing that, but I have to. I'm almost curious to see how they look all grown up when their fur comes in. But Bandit, Sally and Sammy are searching around for food. So I will be sacrificing a few of the pups to them tonight. I'm giving them a day to get some nutrients in their bodies. Healthy pups make for healthy snakes. Barney just shed, and he also needs to be fed. But he needs a bigger baby, he's bigger than the other snakes. I've been noticing Malcom is also mating with Misty, one of my new females. So, maybe in a few weeks we will have more pups.

For the past couple of days, I've been noticing Melissa spending most of her days just sitting in a corner and breathing heavy. It happened right after I separated her from the rest of the colony. I bought a separate cage for the expecting females. At first I thought she missed her friends, but then I realized with the heavy breathing she was doing, she must have been going through labor. That went on for a couple of days! I thought labor periods for mice would be shorter! But I guess not. Well, I am glad she had her babies. Truly I am! Malcom I would swear is getting to know me! And I think the mice even know their names! LOL! I know that sounds silly, but the other day, I caught Melissa wrestling with Misty and getting a little rough, I shouted "Melissa!" and she stopped and looked at me! Well, I have been known to do the impossible with animals. It might have been just a reaction to my loud, booming voice, but it looked like she understood her name. None of the other mice looked at me like she did. hehe!

I do things like that, and I don't know why. I tend to laugh at myself too. I said to myself "listen to me, I'm scolding a mouse!" And I laugh for a while and forget about it. But that was kinda cool the way she looked at me when I said her name. I've been hearing lately that mice are in some ways closely related to monkeys and apes! I don't know where that classification came from, but if it is true, it might explain why rats and mice are so intelligent! I'll have to do a little more research into that subject.

Speaking of monkeys and apes, I am almost done with the primates chapter in my latest book. It will soon be available in the UMG Productions site. I spread all my knowledge of the primate families into this book, and so far it looks good!! I did a lot of the work while recovering from my surgery back in November. Now, I am putting the finishing touches in the book and it is looking good!! After all I have to do, is create a cover and I'll be done! Complete with color photos and everything. I think I am going to make this available as individual chapters instead of as a whole book. The latest book to be added is the Encyclopedia of California, a good book if you're studying the state. It has everything listed!

Well, one last thing, I want to shout back out to a young lady on Youtube who calls herself MzKillaNeden. She gave me a shout-out yesterday, so I am returning the favor. She is a sweet person, and does videos about what she is thinking, much like me. Please check out her videos and subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/user/MzKillaNeden Here is the video shout-out she did about me. I must say I was surprised! Very pleasantly surprised!

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