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Sunday, July 4, 2010

OK, So Here's What Happened

Remember in my last post I wrote about a guy, who I will now call "HOBO", the pedophile on Youtube. Well, I said at first I was going to block him, and I did. Well, I went to do something and I came back, to find that he had actually UN-blocked himself from my channel!! And the post he made when he did that said "Awww, nice try. But it doesn't work with me." I was mad!! So much for YouTube security!! If a dumbass like that can hack someone else's account to unblock himself, there is no security on YouTube. I told him if I see him again on my channel I was going to report him. Then I thought "Heck, I'm gonna report him anyway!" But I wanted to do it discreetly, not on those stupid help forums that YouTube has up!! So I tried e-mailing Youtube's security department at the e-mail I found, and about 30 minutes later, I got a message from them saying that they can't help me, to go to YouTube's help center (the forums) and bring up this issue. So I said screw that!! I hate those stupid forums!! I want to chat with a real person, person-to-person!! I want immediate results!! With those dumb forums, your wait period may be days long, and by then someone like HOBO would have cleaned all the videos out of my account, and caused more mischeif. Maybe even would have asked me for naked pictures of my sister's kids!! And I didn't want to hear it!! I was so mad, and I didn't know where else to turn.

Finally, I decided I was going to have to take care of this myself. So guess what I did, I unblocked HOBO myself from my channel. I said instead of blocking him, I'm going to fight fire with fire. So I went to his channel and posted another comment. I said to him "How about next time I post a video I make one of me standing in front of the camera NAKED and flash my saggy boobs around. I asked him if that would piss him off more. Then I put the link to my last blog post on his channel, telling him "Here, this is what I wrote about you on my blog." I told him how my sisters have already read that post and hate him now, and all that stuff. I told him he might find my blog very interesting, and wished him happy reading with a smile. He never answered me, and some hours later, I found out he had actually deleted my post! Now, it was getting funny. I said to him "Aww, what's the matter? Didn't you read my blog post? You should, it will really interest you." then I posted the link again. And I reminded him that he practically begged me to come back to him when he unblocked himself from my channel. And I also asked him again how pissed he would be if I posted a video of me and my saggy boobs naked in front of the camera. I was rough with him but he deserved it. Now, it was time for him to taste his own medicine!! The next morning, I found out he still hadn't answered me, and my post was again deleted from his channel!! HAHA!!! I love it!!! He hasn't bothered me since. Hopefully he won't either. But I already made the video, and if I ever do see him again, I'm going to post it on his channel!! (No I am not naked in the video, but I'm not wearing a bra either, and I'm flapping my saggy boobs around in it too, and my saggy belly as well! hehehee!!)
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