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Friday, July 9, 2010

Up Comes the Sea Mist

Yesterday Anna and I went on our monthy trip to Olympia to go shopping. It was about 8 in the morning when we arrived there and it was already HOT!!!! Anna had to go and change the date on her ticket, while I was at Fred Meyers doing the first of my grocery shopping. There is an item that I love that I can only get there. No other store carries it. So when I go shopping, I go there first. Well, while I was waiting for Anna to take care of her business, I sat outside and waited. While I was there, I met this interesting man. He used to live and work here in Ocean Shores. He said that yesterday in Olympia, it was supposed to get up to 95 degrees!!!! He said if it did, it would break the old record from 1952, when it got up to 93 degrees there. I told him I was hoping to be home before the real heat came. That was when he asked me where I was from and I told him. That's when he told me about his days when he used to live and work here. I told him I moved here to get away from the 90+ degree heat that Olympia has sometimes during the summer. Well, apparently it didn't do much good. On Wednesday, it got up to 91 degrees here, and this area has NEVER experienced temperatures that high!! I couldn't stand it!! It was too hot!!! I had heard yesterday was going to get up in the 90s as well. I hoped it wouldn't! One day in the 90s here was quite enough. It was hot in Aberdeen when we reached there. I stopped in Aberdeen to go to my favorite pet store and get another breeder mouse. "Maggie" turned out to be a male!! What's wrong with me??? I used to be able to tell a male mouse from a female mouse as early as when they are a week old!! Now, I can't tell anymore until the testicles start coming in (which isn't until they are about 3 months old)!!! I'll tell you why, I'm rusty! I haven't bred, or even owned, any mice since I lived in Lakewood, back in 2000.

And HOBO wonders why I never wear a bra! If I had worn one on Wednesday, I would have died!! Bras soak in heat! And make hot days more uncomfortable. Well, now I'm not going to wear one because it pisses him off. I truly believe that first anonymous poster on my last post on this blog was him. He's trying to attack me by finding out what I don't like to do and accuse me of actually doing it because I called him a hypocrite and a pedophile, which are what he is! He's getting funny because he's getting so desperate and that makes him get stupider too! He's even attacking one of my friends' boyfriend, calling him a dog-fucker. But at least he stopped using the word "retarded"!! For the time being. I think he accused me of using that word on here because I said this on that video thread that morning to anyone viewing those comments:

"And I want anyone reading this to know, I do NOT habitually use the word "retarded"!!! I'm only saying that to bring my language down to HOBO's level of intelligence. Or the lack of such! hehehe!!"

So now, HOBO wants to accuse me of using that word. But it is OK. Anyone reading that thread knows the truth. I didn't delete a single post he or his dip-shit friends (who also use that word lightly) made. And if you want further proof, you can check out his channel and see how often he and his friends use that word. :) So, sorry HOBOFART, you FAIL yet again!!!
(whatever that means!! LOL!)

He's also been accusing me of abusing my dogs, having sex with my dogs, and yadda-yadda-yadda. I just have been sitting back and laughing at his little tirades. It's getting funny how far he will go. I just wish Anna wouldn't feed him like she does.

Well forget about him!! Anyway, once I got my other female breeder mouse (named Misty), we headed home, back to Ocean Shores. Halfway between Aberdeen and Ocean Shores, there was this heavy fog that had settled in! And it was nice and cool!! What a jump to go from almost 80 degrees in Aberdeen (90 in Olympia) to about 60 degrees and foggy here in Ocean Shores! The fog still hasn't let up yet and it is now the next day! LOL! I love where I live now!! LOL!! At least our one swealtering day is over. Maybe we won't experience anymore temperatures like that again. I hope not!

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