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Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's a Juggalo?

I've heard of a jiggalo, but never a juggalo! A jiggalo is a man who makes passes to all the ladies in hopes he will score with them. But I think I know what the problem is. HOBOFART thinks I'm a juggalo!! I never even heard of the word until one of my present subscribers mentioned in her video that she is a juggalo. I didn't know what a juggalo is until I saw that and then looked it up. Apparently what I got out of the meaning is that a juggalo is a person who loves rap music. That's not me! I love INXS! Timmy has done some rapping before, but I don't think INXS music qualifies as rap. I don't really like rap music. I like old school rap, but this mess that is being played today, I can't stand it!! Someone, somewhere down the line, mistook me for a juggalo. Or a juggalette. But that's why HOBOFART is so obsessed with me! He thinks I'm a juggalo! LOLOL!!! OMG!! But that's one thing I noticed about his friends and subscribers. Half of them are juggalos, the other half are trolls themselves. Ohhh boy! Should I tell him that I am not a juggalo? I may wind up breaking half a dozen hearts if I say that. I don't care about HOBOFART, but my friends and subscribers who probably also thought I was a juggalo too. They might be disappointed. Oh yeah, HOBOFART is still accusing me of bestiality! LOL!!! I'm still laughing at him too. He said in my latest video I was making Vegas suck on my tits! LOL!! Not true, Vegas and I were playing and he was pawing at me. HOBOFART is just full of BS, as usual. When is he ever not full of BS?

There are some words that I noticed seem to be very closely associated with juggalos. They often seem to call themselves "clowns". Not sure why, but almost every one of them has some addiction to clowns. I'm cool with it if they like rap music and are juggalos, but I am an INXS fan! Not a rap music fan. I don't know how that mistake could have been made! The closest thing to rap music today that I even half way like is techno pop! And even that sucks nowadays!! Music has gotten worse. It must be this new crop of untalented young sprigs! A person doesn't even necessarily have to have talent to make it in music today. It's not like it was when I was a teenager! Nowadays, I could get on stage, sing like a sick cow, and with all the high-tech equipment used now, they could make me sound like Dinah Shore!

Well, speaking of INXS, one of my Facebook buddies is in Broome, Western Australia, having a blast! In a way I am happy for her, but also in a way I feel bad, because she wanted so badly to meet INXS. I would love to have seen her have a meet and greet with the band. She really deserves it! She worked so hard to win that meet and greet! I never have seen anyone want something as bad as she wanted to win that meet and greet with INXS. I've met INXS many times myself, but the biggest thrill was meeting, and getting to know, Tim Farriss, my favorite band member. I still remember the excitement I felt in seeing him, purely by chance, in Seattle! I honestly cannot say whether he liked me or not, but he was a nice man! That helps a lot in remaining a loyal-to-the-end INXS fan. As personality goes, I actually liked Timmy's brother Jon a lot better. The man is a prince!!! And this friend is such a big fan of Jon's (and JD's). Actually I think she likes JD much better! LOL! Well, I sure wish she could have won the meet and greet, and then this morning I heard she missed the radio show where she could have got a chance to meet them. But she was out on a boat having such fun! Well, I am so glad she had other kinds of fun. I saw the pics where she caught a fish, and she looks like she is having a blast!! Which is really cool!!

Well, here at home, it looks like Melissa (my black and white pinto mouse) is about to have babies. That's good! I was hoping soon one of my females would have young. She is getting so big now she looks like a little golf ball! That's how I can tell she is about to drop them any day. I'd give her a week. Mice don't gestate for very long. We'll see what happens. I don't know how many (if any) will make it to maturity. The primary reason I breed these mice is to get a steady flow of food for my snakes. Barney, my house snake, has just finished shedding his skin, now he's going to be looking for food. Hopefully I get a good-sized litter of mouse pups. We'll see. Melissa is looking pretty big. I had to separate her from the rest of her colony. I'm sure she misses the comfort of the colony, but there is less stress on her this way. Mice that have their young in a crowd tend to want to eat their own babies and I don't need that now! If that happens, I'll have to take all the babies away from her and freeze them. Save them for later. Of course I hate doing things like that, but my snakes must eat! So in a way, I have to be hard-hearted.

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