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Friday, July 23, 2010

Ya Dun Goofed!

I almost had to feel sorry for this girl. But this seems to be the big thing going around now. Parents really aught to watch what their kids are doing online! Those who don't get kids who wind up like this.

That's a young girl named Jessica Leonhardt, AKA "Jessi Slaughter", due to her video where she threatens the trolls with turning their brains into slushies, and brags about how perfect she is, and how they are all just jealous because the trolls will never look like her. I am not here to talk about the things she said, because hopefully, she learned a valuable lesson. I want to focus on the kind of things that kids are doing on the internet these days and how parents really should look after them. Now, if I had a kid, I would do what Eva does all the time with her kids. She does NOT let her kids use the computer unless she is sitting in the room with them, and none of her kids have a computer in their rooms. She limits each one to use the computer for no longer than 20 minutes--of course she has a lot of kids! All but 3 of them are old enough to use the computer. None of them have YouTube accounts either. Eva does not want them filming themselves in the home, nor outside it nor nothing. She calls it "an invasion of the family's privacy". She's even told me if I were to ever visit her at her home, she would not let me walk in with a movie camera. Simply because of videos like this one. And there's more.

What is this father doing wrong here?

Answer: He should not get involved!! Instead, he should have taught his daughter about the consequences of her actions. From what I heard, this young girl has a Facebook account (None of Eva's kids has a Facebook account, not even her oldest, who is 17) and posted her phone # and home address on her Facebook. And some of her troll friends got on there and became her Facebook friend, and prank-called her house. I saw a video where someone from YouTube phoned her house, and her ma answered the phone, and it was a prank, asking if her daughter was connected with some unknown guy who was killed by a single shot through the head. So now, this young girl is saying how she hasn't eaten or slept because of the actions of these trolls.

Well, let me tell you, I've been in literally hundreds of arguments with people over the internet, only one time did I lose any sleep over anything that was being said, and it was because I was in the wrong and I knew it! I basically attacked a young woman on the old INXS fan forum for having her own point of view. I did apologize to her later, and I felt better. But that was the only time I ever lost sleep because of an argument on the internet. And only one time did I ever even come close to feeling bad enough to weep over something someone on the internet has said, and that person was NOT a troll!! In fact, I considered him a friend for a long time before he snapped and said something that totally hurt my feelings. But that's what a friend does! Trolls are not supposed to make you feel bad. Because that's all they are is just trolls! They can try to make a person feel bad. But if you're good, you know how to avoid that. Because you know they are nothing but haters! I get slammed all the time, it really does not faze me. In fact, I have fun with trolls. They even come on here, in the form of anonymous posters (most of them, usually the ones who just come in here to gripe because I said something that offended them and they want to throw a shit-fit). Most of the time I just laugh at them! Now, I know not everyone who comes in here anonymously is a troll. Just the ones who do nothing but leave negative comments or bitch about something I said. But I have never cried over what someone who I don't know has said to me or about me over the internet. Not even someone I do know, but just don't like. Only my friends and family can hurt me that badly.

I always say if a person cannot handle the heat, don't go into the kitchen. This young girl made a big mistake by going into YouTube, and thinking that everyone on there was going to be all sweet and nice and everything. I get called names all the time on YouTube, and usually I just laugh at the people doing it. They make for funny videos in the future. The parents of this girl made a mistake too by threatening the trolls. I try not to threaten anyone at all. Honestly, people are laughing at this girl's father. He blew quite a gasket on that last video! This video, in just the few short days it has been out on YouTube, has already gone viral. If this girl was looking to make a name for herself, she sure did that! And she's only 11 years old! I don't care how smart kids nowadays are getting, an 11 year old should not be dressing like a hooker and posting her face on YouTube!! That is why all this got started.

For me, when I have a lot of people on YouTube (or anywhere else for that matter) talking shit about me and slamming me, I just think about the people who really like me. They are the only ones who really count. I don't think at all about the people who shit on me (from afar) because they aren't worth shit! But from what I understand, this is the video that got this whole incident started:

Sad but true. And where she says "You don't faze me!" well, apparently yes they do! If she got on camera and cried her eyes out. And seriously, not speaking as any kind of hater, but if she were my kid, she would never have even opened up a YouTube account in the first place!! There is a reason, and a good one, why YouTube only allows people over the age of 13 to open an account.

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