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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Changes On The Way

Well, I am going to get into a new business. And I cannot wait! Already we seem to be doing pretty good, and we just started this month. Remember the guy I hired to do my Metazoic site? Well, he wants to go into business for himself, and he wants me to become a partner. I'm still learning how to do my part. I think first I should try to acquire my own CorelDraw or Photoshop program. The trouble is now you can only get those online, and they cost a fortune!! Hopefully we will get more and more jobs, some high-paying, and when that happens then I can get those programs. Then I can really work on these and get good! I knew my instincts about this guy were right on! He's got good vision! Right now, he's just trying to build a suitable clientelle. The toughest part is getting our proverbial foot in the door. We have to attract the clients to us and do everything we can to keep them attracted to us. Then they hire us, and then we're in business.

I told my ma about this last week, and she was afraid it was a scam. But when I told her I got paid for my first job yesterday, she was excited!! Right now, I am just in the learning process. He's showing me how to deal with clients and what to say. He told me the reason he is doing this is simply because he wants to go in business for himself, and he's helping me and I am helping him. Believe me when I say I could really use the help! I don't really want to move from Ocean Shores. Though sometimes I do look forward to moving to Montana, I do not in any way want it to be a permanent deal! I told this partner of mine I want to make enough to someday buy myself a house, land, and move back here and live here forever. Anna can stay in Montana if she wants to, but I want to stay here. I love it here. It only gets hot one or two days a year, lots of animals, I have the ocean right outside my door, and I love the nautical theme I have in the house! I'd miss all that if we moved to Montana. My lighthouses, captain figures, seals and gulls, sea shells, and all that good stuff would not really go over in Billings. It'd just make me homesick for this place. I don't belong there, I belong here. Only I want to have my own place. I told my partner that is my goal. He told me that once our clientelle builds up, and we rake in some excellent ratings, we'll be making literally thousands a week! It could mean a big change for me.

I told this guy I was so lucky to have him in my life! Just thinking about what he's told me is making me feel good! I mean, why shouldn't we succeed? He's great at programming, and I'm good at designing. I just have to work on it to get better. I want to be able to turn out professional-looking templates and logos and stuff. I've been working on it. Well, my prayers go to GOD that this works out. So far, we seem to be doing very well!

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