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Monday, September 6, 2010

I Hate People

People are no good!! LOL! Actually I was quoting an old MySpace page I almost forgot I had, but I found it again last night. I created it a couple of years ago for the sole purpose of telling the World how much I hate people. I've lightened up a little since that blog was first created. I'm slowly beginning to trust people again. In part because of my friends and supporters. Which I do thank GOD for. I can still take people or leave them and it doesn't matter. But I don't hate and shit on them all anymore. Just the ones who prove to be the unfriendly types. Back when that blog was written, I had become conditioned to see all new people as an enemy until proven otherwise. I still hold on to that, but instead of just thinking I am not going to like them, I just treat all newcomers with aloofness. Though I do try to make some contact, just to see if that person is friendly or not. Sometimes they turn out to be nice, sometimes they don't.

There is one person, I won't say what website I know them from, I have my suspicions about. I just cannot shake it. The person seems nice, for the time being, and I accepted their friend request, just to see where it leads. But I have a sneaking suspicion about them. For one thing, one of this person's supporters is someone I don't trust even in the slightest! I know that should not stop me, as I have many of friends who are mutual friends with people I do not like. But this one is kinda different. It's too complicated to put into words without divulging anything. But I decided as long as this person is nice, I will be nice. I don't want to slam someone right off the bat, because what if I am wrong? I'm being nice, but keeping a respectable distance from them until I know more about them. I know that sounds terrible, but I've been burned before. And it's no fun. So I have this wall all around me I guess you could say, that prevents me from getting too close too soon. Sometimes people work out, sometimes they don't--as you can probably tell from my post a couple blogs ago, in my article about Facebook friends.

There were some things in that MySpace blog that I had almost completely forgotten about! For example, Passion Wolf from the Pluba forum. She used to go under the name "Purfect Dream" and she is (or was) a cat breeder. When I first "met" her back in 2004, I felt bad for her because everyone was always so mean to her. And she seemed nice. I tried being nice to her, and at first she was OK with it. Then one day she stole a picture from another cattery's website and claimed the cat pictured was her own. I thought that was dishonest of her, and asked her if she'd like to explain. I gave her a chance, and she proceeded to spit in everyone's collective faces, including mine. I wasn't even trying to attack her. I was just giving her a chance to clear her name because everyone else was calling her a liar and a thief, and accusing her of purgery. Since she spat in my face, I didn't appreciate that, so I dropped her as a forum buddy. Some time later I left the forum, and went back a year or so later and Purfect Dream was still there. I decided to try and be nice to her because I felt I didn't really give her much of a chance before. So I tried again. She was OK for a while, then an incident that is kinda complicated occurred between her and a former buddy, and Purfect Dream, who now called herself Passion Wolf, turned on everybody like a rattlesnake! Including me. I said that was the last time I was ever going to try and be nice to Passion Wolf, and I started calling her "Wolf-Piss". LOL!! I had actually forgotten that until last night!! I still don't like Passion Wolf! Or Purfect Dream, or whatever the hell she's calling herself now! But at least now I know why everyone always hated her. She's very hard to like! She spits in your face before you can even say hi. She's worse than I am! At least I can be tamed, and once I trust someone, I can stay that way with them for a long time. But my senses are so delicate, that trust can be broken too, at the drop of a hat! And once it is, it can never be regained! I've been burned too many times to give people one chance, after another, after another, and after another! 2 is the maximum I give, and then I have to have liked that person quite a bit for me to go that far.

Well, that was one story I found on that blog. There was more. Most of them about show breeders. LOL! I reminisced about one I called back in 1998, who bred german shepherd dogs. I like german shepherds, and I wanted to get one back then. My car had just broken down so it was difficult to find a puppy. The breeders were all concerned about how I would get the puppy to the vet. Which I can see as a valid point, but my car was just broken down. It wasn't permanently grounded or anything. Well this one woman's ad in the newspaper sounded like a GOD send!! She wrote that she was willing to deliver. So I called her, and I told her one of the reasons I was so attracted to her ad was because she said she's willing to deliver and my car had just busted down. She was really nice and friendly and said she would definitely deliver, and explained how she'd rather see the home the pup is going to, so it was all fine and good. She told me she had one female left, the only reason it wasn't sold by then was because she had a little hernia. I didn't mind at all, so I told her I was very interested. So she made an appointment to come over to our house the following day at 11 AM. I gave her my address and directions and everything was peachy for the next day. I'll tell you now I was so excited that night, I only got about 2 or 3 hours of sleep! I could not wait for 11 AM to roll around the next morning! I was so giddy, I couldn't even eat or watch television. I think I started waiting for her around 7AM that morning. I even had Anna get ready for her. I remember she mentioned she was going to show up in a pick-up truck. Every time I saw a pick-up truck, I thought it could be her with the pup and I would get jittery with excitement. And disappointed when I discovered it wasn't her.

We waited for HOURS!! 11:00 came and went, she never showed up. Then 11:30, still nothing. Not even a phone call from her! I remember I did try to call her, but nobody answered, so I figured she was on her way and just running a little late. But noon came, she still hadn't shown up. Then 12:30, still she hadn't shown, and no phone call even. Finally 1:00 rolled around and I got tired of waiting. She still had not shown up and I wanted a puppy-fix! So I caught the bus to a local pet store. I was kinda hoping I could find something there, but I didn't. So I went back home. When I got home, Anna told me that the breeder had called while I was gone, and got tied up in something else, and wanted me to call her back to reschedule for the next day. I immediately got on the phone and tried to call her back, but I got a busy signal. I thought no problem, I'll just call back a little later. I called every 15 minutes for the next 2 hours and still got nothing but a busy signal each time! After 2 hours, I switched to calling every 30 minutes, and I still got nothing but a busy signal!! I tried every 30 minutes for the next 4 hours! I was beginning to think she was doing this on purpose! Even my most social friends have never been talking on the phone for 6-hours straight!! Finally about 7 PM I got a ring!!! It was the first time all day her phone was ringing! But I did not get her, instead I got her stupid, snot-mouthed teenage boy! What makes me say that now is how rude he was when I said I'd like to speak to (the breeder). He said in the most arrogant tone of voice I've ever heard, "Well you're not going to get her now!" So I asked him when she will be back. He said to try around 8:30. So I said OK and hung up the phone, thinking I still had something of a chance.

When 8:30 rolled around I tried again, and this time I did get her! What a surprise! I was fully expecting the phone to go busy again. I told her how I got her message and I'd like to reschedule our appointment for the next day. Well, she dropped a bomb shell! She stated that because I "did not call her sooner" that told her I really am not interested in the pup. I told her I tried all day long to call her back, but all I got was a busy signal. Even after telling her that, she was still saying it was all my fault. If she could have only seen how hard and desperately I tried to call her back for 6 full hours!!! But what could I do? I only had one phone number of her's and it was the one she put in the ad, and that number was busy all day long. I had no other way of contacting her. Then she griped "Well, if you don't have a car, how are you going to take this puppy to the vet?" Yep, she pulled that one on me!! After all I went through that day! I reminded her that she knew my car was broken down when she made the appointment the day before. And I asked if she didn't want to really deliver, why on Earth did her ad in the newspaper say "Will deliver"?? That didn't make sense to me at all! The more I spoke to her, and hear her imply the whole thing was my fault and not her's, the madder I got! If there was ever a person I wanted to reach through the phone and pull out to my side by the hair on her back, it was this breeder!! She made me so mad, I was beyond PISSED!!!! I've never been that pissed off at anyone before or since! I wanted to punch her in the face until my hands bled! That's how mad she made me! I just told her "Thanks a lot for ruining my whole day!" And I banged the phone up in her ear. I couldn't believe it! First she makes the appointment, and never shows up, never even has the decency to call when she is supposed to to let me know she's not coming. Any individual with half a gnat's brain would have called me no later than 11:30 to let me know they aren't coming. But show breeders almost never have any brains! And I would later find this out. Then she calls to ask me to call her to reschedule the appointment, and then takes the dang phone off the hook so I can't call her back, and then has the collossal gaul to tell me the whole thing is my fault? So much for show breeders being "responsible" people! They may be responsible in breeding their animals, but when it comes to taking responsibility for their own actions, they seriously flack-off!!!! That's why I fricken HATE show breeders!!

Show breeders want to completely eradicate backyard breeders and puppymills. But you know what, as long as there are people like this german shepherd dog breeder I had this encounter with, there will always be backyard breeders and puppymillers. Because when a show breeder refuses to sell a dog to someone like me, as desperate as I can become, I'd just simply go to another breeder, who may be less-than-reputable, or a pet store, and put money in their pockets. Simple as that. I'd go to a shelter and adopt, but all they ever have are labs and lab-mixes. And I don't want no labs!! I can't stand labs!!

Well, those were a couple of stories that came to mind when I read that blog. I talk about them a lot on there.

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