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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm The Wanderer!

To quote a song by Donna Summer from the 80s. LOL! It's a good song! But yesterday we went to Portland again. It's the second time we've been there this month. I actually like going to Portland sometimes. It's fun. I like going there to shop because we don't have to pay tax when we go there. So I usually go there to purchase items that cost a lot. Like this new set of cookware I just got. I highly recommend it if you love to cook as I do. It's called All-Clad, and it is all American!! It's some of the best you can get out there! Major chefs on TV use this stuff. I said if it's good enough for them, then it's good enough for me!! So I bought a set. I love it!! It's made to last a lifetime.

Oh yes. On the way down there, I was reminded of what time of year this is. It's time for the annual Puyallup Fair. I saw those big yellow trucks, with the red writing on the side that said "Funtastic Rides" and every time I saw those, I said "The weirdos and the wackos are coming to town!" Thank GOD I don't live there!! And the weirdest and wackiest of all, Tracy Burbank! She's going to be there too. I remember I worked for that bozo back in 1994, and I hated every second of that job! And I hated Tracy too. I was just out of high school. Tracy was like a little spoiled brat. She was typical of someone who has had everything handed to her all of her life. Bet she never had many friends, aside from other wierdos and wackos like her. She was probably like those rich kids you see on those TV shows, who prance around the schoolyard like their shit doesn't stink, harassing other kids to the point where you just want to slap them!! I know for sure I wanted so badly to slap Tracy the last time I saw her! I would have but I was brought up first of all to respect my elders, no matter how immature they are! Second, I knew I could get arrested for that. You can't strike anyone these days, even though people like that deserve it. Sometimes I wonder what is a person supposed to do? Tracy needed a lesson. The police won't do anything about her, the company won't do anything about her, she obviously didn't know how to correct herself. She needed a smack. And she was that way with everyone! Not just me. Even some of her co-workers. Except the ones who were just like her and also needed a smack across the face.

If I ever go to the fair, I'd go just to see the animals. Like the horses and bunny rabbits. Maybe some of the more exotic breeds of chickens. But I don't get on the rides or buy any of the food. I'll bring my own from home. I'm not putting money in Tracy's pocket anymore. Besides, the weirdest people go to those fairs. Like I said, it brings out the fruit and nuts of society. That's why I stay away from the fairs, carnivals and circuses. But I love to travel. Today, my ma has asked me to come with her while she rides up to Sequim. I don't know if she realizes how far away that is! It's more than 250 miles away! But I will go with her, she needs the company. Besides I think it'll be fun. It's always sunny in Sequim. I wish Anna could come too, but someone has to stay here and watch the dogs. But ma is going there for business, not pleasure. She needs someone to come with her though and keep her focused. I told her I would go with her. I'm more fun on these trips than Anna. Anna tends to fall asleep. One time I went to Portland with just me, the dogs, my MP3 player, and my favorite Timmy pics. hehe! That was FUN! I spent the day there. It was more fun because Anna was not with me. I don't mean to sound mean or anything, but she falls asleep. Then the sound of her snoring makes me want to fall asleep, and I cannot because I am driving!! Anna's a lovely person, but she gets tired too easily.

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