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Friday, September 17, 2010

I've Had It!!!

OMG, have I had enough! I'm through watching Onision for good! LOL! Lately I've been having more fun watching people attack him in videos than watching his videos themselves. He's always putting meat-eaters and omnivores in the same class as rapists, murderers and child abusers. I am so through with him. Then he turns around and says if you eat meat, you can be his friend. UGH!!! He calls meat-eaters murderers, and then turns around in the next breath and says they can be his friends. Someone needs to define to him what a "murderer" is. To murder is to kill a creature of the same species (or at least the same zoological family) for reasons other than consumption. Cannibalism is to consume a creature of the same species. Onision also compares meat-eaters to cannibals. And just because I am fat, and people would tease that I would "eat someone", does not mean it is so! I personally think cannibalism is disgusting! If I were to go out, and shoot another person, and that person dies, that would make me a murderer. If I were to go out and kill a chimpanzee, just for the fun of it, and chimpanzees are in the same zoological family as humans (Hominidae), that also would make me a murderer. I feel so anyway. Killing a cow, a pig, or a chicken for meat does not make me feel like a murderer. It just means that I am of a species that is higher up in the food chain than those animals. And this is the problem with people who are vegetarians for the sole purpose of wanting to spare the lives of "innocent animals", they don't understand that.

Now, everyone knows by now I can't stand show breeders. But, I don't put them in the same class as animal abusers. Racists, yes! Animal abusers, no. Why racists? Because their logic is the same. You ask a show breeder who their friends are and they will not tell you any names outside of the show ring. Because to them, or at least the majority of them, anybody else is inferior. Just like to white supremacists, African-Americans are inferior. Nevermind that an African-American person can be a good person! I have literally TONS of African-American friends, and I've even dated some before. The first man I was going to marry was indeed African-American, and he treated me a lot better than many white guys have in the past!! The same knowledge that makes me hate show breeders so much, also makes me understand them. I know what they do is not easy, I've been there before. I know they do it to improve their breeds. I know what they accomplish, they accomplish because of literally years of hard work, studying and determination. I understand all that. And I also understand when a show breeder is in the ring with their dog or cat, how nerve-wrecking it is. But even knowing all that, very few show breeders have actually earned my respect, and they are only the ones who treat everyone around them, even outsiders, with respect. I can totally respect someone who can work as hard as I have seen breeders work, and does so well at it, and is still a good human being. I cannot respect someone who works so hard, and is good at what he does, yet is pompous, arrogant, thinks their shit doesn't stink, treats everyone around them, who doesn't think their way, like crap. I cannot respect someone like that.

I remember one completely arrogant show breeder like that, all the other show breeders loved him, even the newbies. Said he was a great guy. Well, I didn't see that "great guy", and usually if I don't see it, it doesn't exist. I remember he blew up and got all bent out of shape because I told him that many American-bred chihuahuas resemble the Taco Bell dog. At first, I thought he misunderstood what I said, or maybe I worded it wrong, so I tried to clarify for him--strictly for my own peace of mind. Yet even after that, he still continued to attack me because he said I filled out a questionnaire that he claimed I had no business filling out. I filled out that groups' walk of fame. I thought it was a simple friend-to-friend survey being passed around the group so I filled it out. Like I used to get on my MySpace messages. No one ever told me that those were meant for one chosen person a week. Back then, I never knew that show breeders had no friends. But I know different now! LOL! Anyway, I told everyone he attacked me like a madman, and he did!! There was no other way to describe his behavior. And I am not going to sweeten anything just because he is a show breeder and has a lot of champions to his name!! No WAY!!! Besides, I've seen one of his dogs, apparently his "best", and yes it does look like the Taco Bell dog!! He gave it to another show breeder I used to live down the road from in Olympia. So I know with that comment, I struck a highly-sensitive chord with him. So what?!?!?! Meaning no disrespect to the breeder in Olympia, but he stuck her with a dog that is not show-quality. It's good pet quality, but not show. If Odessa could not make it in the ring, I don't know how this breeder finished that dog to it's championship. Odessa is better quality.

Now, I am not saying that backyard breeders and puppymillers are better people than show breeders. But I've seen good people get slammed by show breeders. Some are simply starting out, or started out the wrong way, and tried to do better. I was among those. When I started out, I didn't know anything about going to dog shows, I'd never attended one. My family was not fond of animals, so I never had any, aside from a few mixed breed dogs, cats, and a papillon that came with no registration, and was what I later learned is a mis-mark. I saw some dog and cat shows on TV, but thought nothing about them being important to breeding animals. I didn't learn all that when I was younger. So, when I started, I got 2 chihuahuas and they bred. I went around the internet to announce the upcoming litter and in one place, I got a lot of praises. In another, I got a lot of bilge. Guess which one was which. LOL! Yep, I got the bilge from the show breeders!! I had no idea that was going to happen. I wasn't used to that. I was used to INXS fans in chatrooms. Back then, INXS fans were friendly, and treated everyone else like equals. No matter what you thought. I remember I was well-loved in that chatroom! But that was back before I got slaughtered by the internet! hehehe! Going into those show breeder forums, I think has turned me into a monster!

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