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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Night 1 of Hell's Kitchen

I'm glad that Chef Ramsay is back for another season this year. LOL! He does so much cussing, he reminds me of Katrina! If you didn't know Katrina like I do, she loves to cuss! She doesn't do it in front of her kids, thank GOD! But she loves to cuss a lot! Sometimes it's funny to hear her because every other word out of her mouth is "fuck". But anyway, tonight's season premier of Hell's Kitchen was a good one! One of the best I've ever seen! I even like the opening better. It's set up like the story of Gulliver's Travels. Only Chef Ramsay is Gulliver. Anyway, it's funny! Looking at some of the contestants tonight, this is my take of them:

Boris and Raj are both something of smart-asses! Boris was the one who was mocking Chef Ramsay, and it was one of those moments that leaves you holding your breath and hanging on to the edge of your seat!! Chef was PISSED!!! I thought for sure he was going to kick Boris out of there! Raj is like an overgrown child who likes to fool around. I don't think he's going to last long. There is another guy named Vinnie who was playing the Matre 'd tonight and he took it upon himself to tell the guests that there will be no servings of side dishes tonight. Chef asked him what gives him the right. I think Vinnie was just not thinking! He's also very combative. He was ready during the introductory dish preparation to tell Chef to F*** off if he didn't like his signature dish! UGH!! Bad news!!! Chef may be straightforward and he may cuss a lot, but he knows his business! Don't screw with Chef Ramsay!!! I wouldn't!

In fact, this whole bunch seems to be full of very combative people, even among the girls. There is this one girl named Sabrina who is a little snarky bitch. LOL! Leave it to someone named Sabrina to be like that! hehe! I knew a Sabrina when I was in 6th grade and Jr. High school. She was a grade behind me. She was also a weird-ass chick. I mean, weird as in strange! Not weird as in a good thing. She was also always so negative. I never saw her laugh or smile not even with her friends. She always had this angry look on her face. I don't know if she was incapable of smiling, or if she had a lot of problems in her life, or what. But I can honestly tell you all, I knew about that girl for 3 years and never once in any of that time did I ever see a smile on her face. Not even for a split second. I cannot say I knew her, as we were never really friends. Though we did speak a few times. But she was just always so negative about everything. I don't know how it was she had any friends at all.

One person among the contestants gave everyone a scare. Antonia fell mysteriously ill. She passed out on the floor, complaining of a headache. The paramedics were called in and took her away. When they took her she did not look so well! She was sweating and shaking. I wonder what was wrong with her, and hope she will be OK! No one mentioned what happened. It could have been anything. But one thing that was mentioned was that she is no longer in Hell's Kitchen. There seems to be one of those each season that is forced to leave due to some ailment. But this is one of the scariest ones yet! I kinda wonder if this is a put-on by the show to bump up their ratings? Perhaps. But I cannot be sure. We shall see what happens. But I tell you I've never seen a more combative bunch of people on this show in my life!! We'll see who wins. I've got my sights on who I believe will be eliminated! Surely Raj, Boris and Sabrina will not make it to the finals! Not if they keep up their attitudes. But I dunno. They may be kept on just to keep the ratings and views up.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I can't tell what's real and what's made up on this season's show! It all seems so over the top. Especially the fact that Gordon sent home the LEAST likely two and kept all the trouble makers on each episode. I'm also surprised they never mentioned what happened to Antonia - very, very strange.

TimGal said...

Yep, either chef Ramsay is keeping them because he likes yelling in peoples' faces, or he's keeping them to boost the ratings. We'll see.