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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Out For Masterchef, Back In For Hell's Kitchen

I've rather enjoyed Masterchef, I keep thinking I should enter that show, I think I am a great cook! I can make some things very well. I recently made a potato-leek soup that was out of this world! Not restaurant quality, but that will come with practice. The more I make it, the better it should come out. I was in hopes Whitney would win! At one point in the show, she was up against the two men with the biggest damn egos I've ever seen! All seemed to be good cooks, but I was so hoping Whitney would win. That one judge Joe Bastianich is a tough guy! He doesn't give anyone any early indications that he likes or dislikes their dish. I still remember the one time he threw out Slim's dish saying he's not going to try it at all. He told her flat out it was crap and he doesn't put crap in his mouth! I still remember the episode where the contestants were asked to make a chocolate souffle! UGH!! They said that is one of the toughest dishes to make in the world. And I know! Though I have never had a problem making souffle, I know how hard it is. But my family says my chocolate souffle is out of this world! Smooth, creamy texture. Rises perfectly. Rich, chocolatey taste. And I always add a chocolate truffle in the center of the dessert, just to give it that extra creaminess in the inside.

I remember when I was younger, I wanted to run my own restaurant. I should keep practicing. But so far the only thing that I can make is American cuisine. Though I'd like to at least try to try out for Masterchef. Though I don't think as of now my cooking is good enough to make it past the first trial. I'd probably be told the first day "Your cooking isn't good enough. Sorry. You don't deserve that apron." Then I would be like "OK, thanks anyways for letting me try out!" hehehe! That's all I really want. I'd be honored to have someone like Chef Ramsay tell me my cooking is no good. Might enlighten me to do better.

Now, I don't know how Whitney did it last night, but she managed to cook a chicken breast completely in only 7 minutes!! I know all the tricks of the trade, and I cannot even do that!!! It's a nearly impossible task, but I am glad she did it! She proved it can be done. Maybe it was luck? Maybe GOD was guiding her? Maybe friends were guiding her? Family? Or maybe the chicken breast was just small enough to pull that nearly impossible task off? Who knows what did it, but she did it!! I was actually rooting for her all the way. She's only 22, and even Chef Ramsay said that she packed more knowledge in 22 years than a lot of cooks 3 times her age! And she never even attended a cooking class. That's awesome! She's on her way up, IMO, and that is why I was rooting for her throughout the whole series.

Now, I cannot wait till Hell's Kitchen comes on next week. That's another one of my favorite series. And this year, strangely, again it looks like a bunch of rebels! LOL! I still remember that one jerk that was on Hell's Kitchen a couple of seasons ago. When Chef Ramsay was telling him what a bad job he did that night, he threw off his coat and angrily approached Chef Ramsay and yelled at him, saying "I'm not gonna be your bitch!" Almost everyone in that episode was a rebel of some kind! LOL! Too funny! Thankfully that jerk was eliminated that instant. Looked like guards had to be called in to escort that guy out. He deserved to be thrown out! If you're not going to listen to a person who has had more years of experience like Chef Ramsay, you don't deserve anything good happening to you. Chef is good at insults, but that's what gets him such high ratings. People love that for some reason. But at least he knows his business! He doesn't just sit back on his butt and make his success, he does what he does with passion and has perfected it with hard work! I admire him for that. Well, last time Holli won. Let's see who it will be this year, a man? Or a woman?

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