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Monday, September 13, 2010

Put On Your "Big Girl" Panties!!

Hehehe! Funny! But oh, so true! Am I the fricken only person on the planet that hates the Doors? LOL! Besides Anna. I can't stand the Doors. I never did like them. Though I didn't exactly like Anna bringing me up in a thread I hadn't even commented on yet. She gave her opinion about the Doors to a friend, someone told her to ignore something she didn't like, then Anna turns it around on me! I don't even know the person that told her to ignore the stupid video!! Anna was making me look bad in front of this friend, who posted the video! Like I was pushing her to comment on a video she doesn't like! Not to mention she was acting like a high school kid, instead of a college graduate going to a university! And this friend knows that she is, too!! Anna and I are mutual friends with this person. Thank GOD she is understanding. But I know Anna must have mentioned that to her at some time. But when this friend said I was not a good partner, that kinda made me get angry at Anna! I was like "Oh my GOD! My friends are going to think I'm pushing Anna!" This friend also has a lot of mutual friends with me, and I'm afraid my friends will see that and think the same thing.
I don't care what anyone says I don't think Jim Morrison looks the least bit like Michael Hutchence!! Michael is much more handsome. And Tim is more handsome than both of them combined. Though look who I am talking about. Jim Morrison had a face that looks like a lion's butthole (which is ugly as f**k), Michael is the only good-looking one out of the two. Tim is more handsome than Michael in my book. I remember a long time ago, I used to envy people who have met Michael, but those days are over. LONG over! I kissed Michael, but it was not a formal meeting. He probably didn't even know I kissed him! But I have met Tim, and I like him a lot! But compared to Michael and Tim, Jim Morrison is a clown!! An ugly, wrinkled old bag! He doesn't even have any compensating qualities. Michael at least could sing! And Tim is a damn fine guitarist! But Morrison's voice SUCKED!!!!! I've heard the Doors before. I heard better singing come from a wounded chimpanzee!!

Seems other INXS fans think there are a lot of bands I should like too, just because they do. The Doors is one of them. So is U2 and Duran Duran. I don't dislike U2, but I don't really consider myself a huge fan either. I like a couple of their songs, and that is about it. This is how I classify myself as a fan of any band:

  • If I like 8 - 10 songs (or more) of any group/artist, I consider myself a HUGE fan!!! INXS is one of few that holds this title.
  • If I like 5 - 7 songs of any band/artist, I am a fan.
  • If I like 4 - 5 songs of any band/artist, I consider myself a minor fan.
  • If I only like 1 - 3 songs, I can say I "like" the artist/group, but I don't consider myself a fan at all.
  • If I don't like any of their songs (as I feel about The Doors), they SUCK!!! And are not worth my time.

That's just how I classify my fanhood. Other people may only like one or two songs of a certain artist or group, and still consider themselves a huge fan. Very few bands or artists I can honestly say I am a HUGE fan of, but INXS is among those. So is Roxette, Richard Marx, and Tom Petty. Pretty much in that order. INXS has a huge advantage too. The men are all so good-looking. While I look at my Roxette, and Richard Marx videos and see how handsome Per Gessle and Richard Marx are, INXS are a group of much better-looking guys. Tom Petty, he may not be that handsome, but he is a damn good singer in my book!!!! His voice won me over more than his looks. As for more modern bands, I like the Lovehammers! Like I said in an earlier post, Marty Casey won my affection with Wish You Were Here on Rockstar: INXS. If INXS ever do go out of business, I have the Lovehammers to fall back on! And I think Dino is cute anyway. hehe! I have a big thing for guitarists. What can I say?

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