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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Richard And Famous

I thought I would take this time to give a shout-out to one of my Facebook buddies, whose pics will be presented this month at National M.K.─îiurlionis Art Museum. His pics are very interesting! He's made quite a hobby of taking pictures of himself with very famous celebrities. Among them INXS, Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael Jackson, and U2. Well he did an interview with the curator of the art museum. If you want to read the full interview, go here. It's an interesting article, seems he's even learned some things from celebrities. What I find fascinating is the story of how he got started. He started at the age of 15. I remember at that age, looking at pictures of my favorite celebrities in magazines. I used to dream of someday meeting them. Well, this guy took his dream a step further. Instead of dreaming of meeting his favorite celebrities, he actually went out and did it! He said in the interview he was a young man who looked younger than he was, so he could get away with it. He explained now that he is older, it's actually harder. Come to think of it, most celebs will let children get away with things they wouldn't let adults get away with. That's how my ma met celebs when we lived in California. She used to bring me with her. I was only 3 then, so I don't really remember it. But ma did say Cher held me on her lap. Cher is still famous even today without Sonny, who ma also met that day. Unfortunately ma didn't get a picture of any of that. I also had another friend once who said she met INXS because she had a little boy that she used to bring to concerts with her. I also heard of another woman who brings her dog to concerts with her to meet the musicians. I thought about doing that once! My dogs are cute. And for the most part, very sweet. Vegas doesn't like men though. LOL! He doesn't bite, but he will draw away from men who try to pet him. I have to hold him just to get him to stay still.

The thing is, if you're into meeting celebrities, Washington and Montana are not the places to live in! They rarely come to these places. Unless your idea of celebrities are scientists, which mine usually are! But for movie stars and rock stars, if you are into meeting them, the best places to live is California and New York. Richard grew up, and still lives, in Sydney, which is also another good place to meet celebs. Usually big cities are the places to meet them. Some people are just naturally lucky when it comes to crossing paths with celebrities. I've been that lucky several times before. Even here in WA state. I'd probably have more meetings myself if I hung out more in ritzier areas. But I am uncomfortable in those areas!! I don't even like going to Beaverton in Oregon. Most of the people there are very ritzy, and I swear they look at outsiders like we were cockroaches!! And I'm not a celebrity hound anyway. Most of my meetings with famous people just happened by accident.

Well, I've spoken to Richard a few times on Facebook, and he seems very nice and down to Earth himself. If you'd like to check out his book "Richard and Famous", in which he talks about his meetings with famous people, you can visit his website, http://www.richardsimpkin.com.au/. He also sells prints of his photos. I think his photos are very good! But that's me. Judge for yourself, I think you will find this man fascinating!


mikessa said...

Sounds interesting. This guy has met a lot of famous people. Cool! Has he ever met Lady Gaga or does he only meet with classic artists?

TimGal said...

I'm sure if he hasn't met Lady Gaga yet, he soon will. As soon as she visits Australia.