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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RIP Patricia Glassop

Well, a lot of my Hutch-fan buddies on Facebook seem to be saddened today. Michael's ma, Patricia Glassop, passed away yesterday. So now, the only one remaining from Michael's original family is his brother Rhett. I feel worse for Lily, she never even got to see Patricia. Well, she can thank ol' frogeyes Geldof for that! Humanitarian indeed! He's no humanitarian. He's a heartless, selfish bastard with no life, and lost a lot of respect from people because he wanted Lily all to himself, so she wouldn't remember her original family. He's not even in any way related to Lily! Some of my friends want to forgive him for that, I say more power to them! They are great people. But I don't like Bob Geldof. I never did. So I see no reason to start now. I personally think he kept Lily from her family deliberately, just to be spiteful. I don't believe that keeping her from her family was in any way for her own good! Ask any child psychologist. My parents never kept me from my grandparents, and I was grateful for having got to know them. The last of my grandparents died off when my grandma passed in 2001. I still miss her a lot. I still think about her, but I also remember all the fun I used to have with her. Lily will never have those kinds of memories about her grandma. Thus I feel bad for her.

None of that would ever have happened if Michael was still around. For her sake, I wish he was. But the first thing I would do if I saw him come back to life is slap him silly! For even considering leaving his little girl like that to be taken into the clutches of that goon Bob Geldof!! And Paula was a lost cause! I knew damn well she was going to kill herself. She was just crazy enough to do it! Well, there is one consolation to all this. At least Patricia is now back with Michael and his father. They are one big happy family again up in Heaven. No matter what anyone else says, yes I believe Michael is in Heaven now. Though we here feel bad because they are all gone, we should be happy for her, as I'm sure she missed Michael while she was here, and now they are together again. Rhett is still here though, and best I can remember, he hasn't seen Lily either since Geldof took over her care.

Paula was one weird-ass chick! It kinda bothers me that people like her are even capable of breeding! And there are so many sane people who cannot have children. She was lucky she even had a baby with Michael. And the world is lucky that Lily looks more like her father than like Paula. The troubling thought is that Lily could have children that look like Paula. Of all the people in Michael's life who are now deceased, I'm sure Paula is the only one who is not up in Heaven. And to think she died so she could be with Michael again. She didn't think of the fact that killing yourself does not send you to Heaven. Unless, as in Michael's case it was an accident. And yes, I will forever believe Michael's apparent hanging was an accident on his part!! But Paula intentionally overdosed on drugs. Shoot! I hate to sound preachy! LOL!! But this is what I heard. GOD is the only one who should decide when you die. No one else! Not even yourself. I know when my Groucho died, I contemplated suicide, but I never did it!! Thanks mostly to my family and friends. And to Vegas for giving me renewed hope. Even though my original plans for him didn't work out. He still is a fine friend. Paula should have thought about her children. Especially Lily, who was the youngest. In other peoples' logic, Paula had a bigger reason to live than I did because those were her children! She carried them for 9 months. She should have been able to connect with them, and go on living for them. I didn't carry Vegas for 9 months, yet I stuck it out for him. Vegas was my will to live. Even though psychologically, it took me a long time to recover from losing Groucho! Paula should have seen Lily as an incentive to live on. She could have raised her, and taught her about her father, which I heard in Geldof's house is not even allowed to be mentioned. And if Paula had still been around, maybe Patricia could have seen Lily at least one more time before she passed.

Well, in other news, I did hear back from PayLoadz. Gosh! They're a rather new company and they are more reliable than RealPlayer! That's awesome! So I got my horse book on the site.


Anonymous said...

What absolute rubbish. Bob Geldof made sure Tiger stayed with her sisters instead of going to a money grabbing old bitch.

TimGal said...

How crude and disrespectful.