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Monday, September 13, 2010

Well, I Did It Again!

At least about once a year, I take out my old Rockstar: INXS DVDs and I remind myself of the best summer I ever had in my life. I remember when the show was about to end, and Brooke Burke would say "the voting polls are open, you can now vote for your favorite rocker!" And I would immediately get up and go to my computer, turn on the internet and vote for the one rocker whose performance I enjoyed that night before I forgot who it was that did what. I was not like everyone else. Other people voted for whoever looked sexiest to them, or who they simply favored. I had a favorite, Ty Taylor. I would have loved to have seen him win. He had the sexual appeal and all! However, I can remember a couple of times I did not vote for him, simply because I did not like his performance that night. It wouldn't be fair of me to vote for him if I did not like his performance, simply because I thought he looked good. He did falter a few times, and Timmy eliminated him after him being in the bottom 3 about 3 times. He felt that was enough.

One performance still gets to me today. It was Marty Casey singing "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. I don't normally like Pink Floyd. I never even heard the original version of that song, and frankly I don't care to. I don't need to! I think Marty's performance overpowers that song! It was awesome! I know I voted that week for that song. Afterwords I couldn't get that song out of my head! Then when my Groucho died, that song made me think of her. Now, it still makes me think of her every time I hear that song! Reminds me of how much I miss her. I say now if I were ever going to have a funeral for Groucho, that would have been the song I played at it.

One thing I can never really remember doing was voting for JD Fortune. I don't think I ever did! Everyone else did though. But I never remember voting for him. I think the reason was always because he never did a song I liked. I can't stand Elvis Presley! He did a couple of Rolling Stones songs I liked. But that is the extent of it. I think it was always his song selection that threw me off every week. The couple of songs he did perform that I enjoyed, there was always another rocker that night who I thought did their song even better. Sorry JD! I remember there were always people who voted for him for reasons other than performance. A lot of people voted for him simply because he looked good. Some wanted everyone to vote for him because they felt sorry for him being homeless and all. Then the Canadians would say they wanted JD to win just because he is Canadian. Frankly, I think that's kinda dumb! Nothing personal against the Canadians who said that, but I felt that was not an honest way to vote. I didn't really care how other people voted, but my rule stood firm that no matter which rocker I liked personally, they were not going to get my vote unless I loved their performance! A lot of people would tell everyone to vote for JD for whatever reason, but I never did, because his performances were less than impressive to me.

However, I did notice that when he took the stage on the Switched On Tour, he did GREAT!!!! He actually did much better than he did on Rockstar: INXS. I figured INXS must have whipped him into shape!! However as I understand it, he didn't do too well on his solo album. I guess he is really not much without INXS.

Well anyway that was the best summer of my life! I'm always a little sad when the series ends because that summer is now over. But I still have the memories. I have the memories of voting, the memories of the great classic songs that were brought back to life by the rockers, of seeing Tim and the rest of the remaining guys of INXS once again on the TV screen, and also of the time I actually attended a taping of Rockstar: INXS! Though I was in LA for a week, I even remember how much I missed my Groucho! And how I could not wait to get back home to her. However, while I was there, Groucho was off on a breeding job with a stud male whose pups I wanted her to have so bad!! He had an awesome pedigree, but he seemed to not know how to be a stud!! Groucho never got pregnant that time around.

The following summer, there was another Rockstar series with a new band that called it's self Supernova. I never got involved in that series! Not even once. I would have if this one guy named Robert had got involved, but apparently he didn't. I owed it to him, he did a favor for me, and so I told him if he made it into Rockstar: Supernova, I would do my part to keep him out of the bottom 3 if I could. But he didn't, so that was one reason I didn't get involved. Another reason was because at the time that series came on, I had just lost my Groucho, and I lost all interest in everything after I lost her. I barely had the energy left to love Vegas when he came along. It took a lot of therapy to get over Groucho enough to begin loving Vegas! But I managed, and now Vegas and I are as inseparable as Groucho and I was. But I still would have given everything I had if Groucho would have made it. I would have even given up the memories of Rockstar: INXS if I thought it would bring my Groucho back again. Not that I blame the show for that!! I just want her back.

Well, in 2007 I wrote a story about losing Groucho, and that helped some in getting over her. Also last year I got Minnie, my papillon. She's also helped quite a bit in filling the void. I still miss her like everything! And hearing Marty Casey singing Wish You Were Here on Rockstar: INXS sometimes brings back painful memories about her. But for the most part, I think I'm all ready to go on. I think Groucho herself would have wanted it that way. Besides, I know I will see her in Heaven. She was a good girl! Everybody who met her loved her. I remember when she went into her first heat cycle, I gave her to some friends to keep so Spunky would not get to her. This friend loved Groucho so much, complimented on how she loved to cuddle with her at night, she said she was going to bawl like a baby when she had to give Groucho back to me. I told her she could always come and visit her at my place. I never told her when Groucho died. She moved away and we lost touch before that happened. One of the reasons I decided to move here in 2007 was to get away from the tragedy. I think it partly worked. But I still felt like I left something behind back in Olympia.

Well, in other news, I am still at work on the book about horses. I finished the dog book, and now I am finishing my book about horses. I think I covered all the horse breeds known in the World. The book is in color too, so it's going to be good in that aspect. The reason I am writing this book is complicated. I remember in 3rd grade there was this girl who I sometimes liked and sometimes didn't like. Her name was Kammy. In our classroom there was a book about horses of the World and Kammy loved that book so much she would keep it with her constantly. Well I loved that book too, and one day I decided to take it away from her to get even with her for something she did to me once. I took the book home, kept it, and every day I would laugh when I saw Kammy looking for that book and unable to find it. Well, I eventually forgot I had it at home, and never returned it to the classroom. I know, that was mean of me!! So in a way I am kinda writing this book, not for Kammy, but for my 3rd grade teacher who also missed that book. I don't remember what happened to it! I think ma threw it away. Not sure! It was a small, paperback book, almost like those scholastic books we used to get, only a little thicker, and it was about the horses of the World, and had color photos of each breed.

Well, that was long ago, I'm doing an up to date version of Horses of the World. Hopefully I can pull it off. I am almost done. And once it is done, I can put it up on the UMG Productions site. So, now I have done dogs, now horses. What's next? Mammals of the World, which I am also still working on. Maybe cats down the road. I'll tell you when I was 5 years old, I never thought I would live to see the day that cats would be more popular than horses!! When I was a kid, if you liked cats, you were considered a wussy! Now, it seems everyone likes cats. I keep thinking where the heck were all these cat-lovers when I was 5 years old?? I was so hard-pressed to find a cat lover back then. Now, I think too many people are obsessed with cats. They are the most common victims of hoarders. I may work on a cat breeds book, if I feel like it. There are some interesting breeds out there. My most favorites are siamese! My least favorites are tabbies. Though tabbies can have calico babies. I just think tabbies are ugly. With the exception of maybe the cream tabbies. Cream is a pretty color on most animals.

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