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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Well I Like This!! >:(

Bummer! And criminy sakes! I worked so hard on this horse book all year long, especially this last week, working on the index pages, and now PayLoadz is the one that is malfunctioning!!! It would not let me upload and I was pissed because of it. So I contacted them and asked what gives. They told me it was some kind of technical problem that should be resolved soon. They said they will contact me as soon as it gets resolved. Don't hold your breath for that contact! RealNetworks said the same thing to me about my RealPlayer converter 2 months ago, and I am still waiting. Makes me mad!! Believe me, I HATE working on the index pages!!! It takes forever! That's the one thing in this life I can be sure of that I hate more than anything!!! I managed to complete it, but it took me 4 days to. I have the paperback up, but I cannot complete the post until I can get both options available. As it is, the book is going to wind up costing $110 in paperback form. Well, it costs me $75 to print a copy, and it's in full color. It's not going to have an ISBN#, because it's just a simple book that I wrote as a hobby. I'm not going to register it nationally. I didn't even have my supervisor's approval on this book. It's not like an assignment she gave me to work on. I just did it because I love horses and I wanted to complete this book.

For the past 4 days, that has been my primary interest. Just getting the book finished. Though I hate more than anything working on the index pages, I knew it had to be done. In a book as big as this one, it is my duty. I had to do the same with the dog book too. And the dog book is bigger! More than 500 pages! This horse book is just slightly more than 300 pages. I'm actually quite proud of this work, it's the first horse book I've ever done in my life! I have written books constantly about dogs, and mammals in general, and I am even still hard at work on the bird books. But I have never written a book about horse breeds! I'll never complete all these books! Though I'd love to. I may need to recruit some help. Especially about the bird books. Those books take special knowledge to write, and I'd like it a lot if someone with at least as much knowledge as me helped to write them. It's going to be a big book!! So big, I may have no choice but to put the book in volumes. So far, all I have it in is passerines and non-passerines. I may have to divide up the passerines section alone! This is going to be a big book!!! To say the very least. I've been working on these books since 1988. Well, that was when I officially started, and been working on and off with them since then. As for the horse book, I will try to have it on the site whenever PayLoadz can get it's technical problems fixed.

Well, last night I got something of a brain storm. I hadn't done a video recently, because I think I just ran out of ideas. So I figured just to keep my channel active with newer videos, I will just do videos about things that I know. My newest video is about chihuahuas. I used Vegas and Odessa as visual aids. I wish I could have done a segment about the different colors in chihuahuas, but Odessa is a red and Vegas is a red parti-color, so not much to really talk about in chihuahua colors, except red! Perhaps I could put up the link to my chihuahua colors site in the description. I think that would work! That's actually my most popular page. I get literally tons of viewers to that page on a daily basis. It's the last website that focuses on all the colors in chihuahuas that is still standing today. Most other people have taken theirs down because it is so controversial talking about chihuahua colors. Especially when you add merle to your page. Breeders are still trying to eradicate merle chihuahuas from the standard. The reason my page is still up is because I don't care what others say about me. They can slam me all they want for having merle chihuahuas on my page. My chihuahua-colors page is simply to illustrate all the different colors in the breed. Nothing more.

Well, at least the horse book is DONE!!! The only thing now is I have to be able to get it on PayLoadz so I can offer it as a download. The download will be a lot less than the paperback, it always is! With the paperback version, we have to pay the printing fees, that is inescapable. That's why they usually cost more than the download version. I just feel so bad that for the last 4 days, I've been thinking of nothing (I mean NOTHING) but getting this book finished! My mind has been a complete blank for everything except that! And now I cannot even upload the e-book to the site!! That's a big bummer and a waste of my week!!!!!!

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