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Monday, November 22, 2010

13 Years In The Making

Wow! I can hardly believe Michael's been gone for 13 years. It doesn't even feel like that long ago. It's funny how when you get older, 13 years doesn't feel like it's been that long ago, but back in 1997, when I was 23 (?) years old (I think!) 13 years was like a lifetime away!! It really does not feel like it's been 13 years ago since Michael died. I still remember every second in full detail. Truly I do! And in 1997, I couldn't tell you what happened every minute of any said day 13-years before. The news of Michael's death was such a shock to me, he was the very last rockstar I would have ever expected to kill himself! To be honest, I would more have expected Michael Jackson to succumb to something like that before Michael Hutchence! It was just impossible!

Well, I did a video about Michael Hutchence today. I was hoping it would be something much better than my fat-ass head talking into a camera about experiences I probably already mentioned!! I tried to do a slideshow at the end with video clips, and the song "Afterglow". But every time I tried to publish that movie so I could upload it to YouTube, my computer kept crashing!! I was supposed to have that movie finished last night. I tried to publish the movie twice, and I was tired when I finished. I was supposed to have it completed before 9PM!!! But ma called us up to her place at the last minute (just as I was about to edit the movie), to watch Avatar with her. Well, my partner said I should watch that movie, he said I'd like it. So when ma offered to let us watch it with her, I graciously accepted, even though I knew I shouldn't because I wanted to get that movie up last night. Had I known the movie was 3 hours long, I would have said "Maybe some other time". But then maybe not, because I did kinda want to see that movie too.

It wasn't until about Midnight when I was finally done with editing the movie. Then I had to wait because my movie software is so crazy!! Then I tried twice to publish the movie, and both times my computer crashed! The first time that happened, I said if it happened again I was going to just forget about this movie tonight and do something different tomorrow. Sure enough, it happened again, so I just said "F*** it!!!" and kept the computer off and tried again this morning when I got up. Last night I thought maybe it would work better if I just took out the slide show. So, this morning I tried it, and it finally published!! Thank GOD!! Now, I have it up on YouTube. It's late, but at least it's there!!

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