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Monday, November 1, 2010

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Well, Halloween has come and gone. My sis and I went to a community Halloween party. It was FUN!! I was watching something last night, and it was about why we are afraid of the dark. It's actually a quite common fear. I think it dates back to our primeval days, when we still had long tails and lived in the trees. There are not many nocturnal primates. About 3/4 of all primates are active during the day. About half of the remainder are prosimians. Half of the prosimians in the world are nocturnal, and only one species of monkey is also nocturnal. None of the apes are. Predatory mammals have always been more active at night. In the earliest days of primate evolution, the biggest threat at night more likely came from snakes, owls, and good sized miacids (which are early carnivores). It was during this time in evolution that primates began to evolve to become more active during the day. This saved them from nocturnal predators. Though nowadays, snakes can hunt during the day as well, they "see" better at night. But it's because of these early threats from night-time predators that we are diurnal inhabitants today.

Those primates that are active at night, most of them are small and relatively slow-moving, with a few exceptions, like bushbabies. This is because for some reason, primates' eyes are not designed to see in the dark. But all nocturnal primates have very large eyes. The slowest-moving primates of all are the lorises. They are tiny, compact creatures. Some even look cuddly. The slow loris is today's only known poisonous primate. Before this theory came into place, I had already imagined up another relatively slow-moving and toxic primate family, which will be presented on my Metazoic site. I sure come up with some pretty darn good theories!!! This, I have to admit, even scared me!! I never thought that science today would come up with a primate that is toxic! I thought that was something that only I, and my crazy mind, would think up!

I was watching a video on YouTube and it was about an owl that took a pomeranian dog. I could not believe the level of negativity among the viewers of that video! Most of them said that they wished the owl had killed the dog, simply because it was a pomeranian. They thought of pomeranians as being "rats", saying they are ankle-nippers, yappers, and annoying and saying they aren't "real" dogs, and shit like that. I'll tell you, people like that are full of BS! To them, if it isn't a labrador or some other shit breed like that, then it isn't worth saving. Well, I love owls!! I love ALL birds, I've never seen a bird I didn't love. We have owls around here, barred owls. I see them a lot now whenever I go out in the evening. They are beautiful, adorable birds! But I am sorry, if an owl tries to take one of my chihuahuas or my papillon, I will take my sister's cane and go out there and bash the bird in the head, without any hint of hesitation! I love owls, but I love my babies more. It's them or the owl, and there are plenty other owls out there. But there's only one Vegas, and one Minnie, and one Odessa, and I'm not going to lose them! Not like that! I have a special connection with Vegas, I raised him from birth. And Odessa is his mom, so I cannot let anything happen to her. Plus Odessa is my one remaining connection with Groucho. Having her here, I almost feel like I still have Groucho with me. And Minnie has helped me a lot in getting over losing my Groucho. So I value my dogs, very deeply.

And this stupid thing about pomeranians not being "real" dogs, that's probably the stupidest remark I've ever heard!! Sounds like something the people on the PETA Sucks forum would say! That's why I hated it there. They claimed they loved animals, but the longer I stayed on that forum, the more contrary they proved to be. That was a negative forum anyway! Anyways, just because a dog is small does not mean it isn't a dog. I like small dogs. I can't stand these so-called gun dogs that everybody else seems to favor. And the thing about pomeranians being "yappy", my poms were never that yappy. My dogs for some reason never turn out to be yappy, and I have little ones. Probably because I give them a lot of attention, and I crate-train them, and keep them inside. But let me tell you, when we lived in Olympia, one of our neighbors that moved in just before we moved out, had these 2 big walker hounds that did nothing but bark, all day and all night, at anything! Whether it was someone walking by, or a leaf falling out of a tree, or a tiny gust of wind whisking through their ears. They didn't care, they always barked. I wanted to shoot those damn dogs!!! And they had a bark that was much worse than anything my dogs ever let off, and it was loud barking too!! So, these dumbasses who bitch about pomeranians and chihuahuas being yappy and say that big dogs are not, has never lived next to someone with hound dogs!

Another neighbor I had had a labrador/GSD cross that also barked a lot, and this is a breed that these bitches love (the labrador part anyway). But another one of my neighbors confessed that my chihuahuas were not anywhere near as annoying as that labrador-mixed dog was. So, these labrador-lovers can bite on that one! My dogs bark for sure when someone comes to the door, but for the most part, they are quiet. I used to get more complaints about my collie, back when I had one, than I ever did about my chihuahuas. Anyone who says big dogs don't have an annoying bark is either lying, has never had a big dog, or is f*cking stupid and sees only corruption in things they don't like. Either way, these people look like dumbasses bitching about a pomeranian, which BTW, I am glad someone jumped in to save from the owl.

Well, I've never been famous for staying on topic for anything! LOL! My topic can change at the drop of a hat.

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