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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Craziest PETArd Troll Yet!!

LOL! Although I am having a lot of fun with this one. I've met a new troll on YouTube. He calls himself deskset24, and he is a big supporter of PETA and Adolph Hitler. And like any vegan, he's dumb as dirt! hehehe! That's why I am having fun with this one. He started off like some kind of tyrant, and apparently in the last 13 hours he has mellowed a bit. But I am not about to let him off the hook that easily! I intend to follow him and remind him every day of how stupid he is. And just like his "hero" Ingrid Newkirk, he is also a hypocrite. He thinks anyone who disagrees with him deserves to be nuked, raped, tortured or killed in any way. Let me show you some things I found out about this character.

The first place I saw him was in a video about Ingrid Newkirk going nutty (as usual) to a woman who stands up for fat rights. This paragraph will be important in my explaination about this character later on. He said:

I support fats' rights, as I am a fat vegan, but NOT at the expense of the Peta soldiers who are making the sacrifice of their time and freedom to stop horrific torture.
I don't agree with everything Peta does or says, any more than I do of any corporation - specifically, Peta's health claims. Vegan diet in general will make you slightly more healthy, but they should be done for the animals' sake.
But that's no excuse to hinder Peta's important work.

You will see the duplicity in this paragraph as we move on. Especially take notice of the words before the first 2 commas. Well, my first response to this paragraph was what I tell anyone who believes PETA is doing any good for the animals.

@deskset24 "but they should be done for the animals' sake."
That's one of the most ignorant statements PETA gets people to believe. Many more animals are killed harvesting vegetables and grains than in the entire meat industry! And they suffer just as much.

PETA only tells people about what they believe is torture of animals in slaughterhouses. They do not ever tell anyone about the numerous birds, rodents, deer, foxes, rabbits, insects, etc that are killed in the harvesting of vegetables and grains. I've known of people who were former supporters of PETA and have given up on them because of the fact they never speak of these things. And anyone who thinks animals do not suffer from being crushed under that heavy machinery is fooling themselves! They suffer more, in fact, than animals that are killed in slaughterhouses. Those animals are electrocuted, and killed instantly. They feel nothing. The wiggling that they do when they are strung up is the result of the last of their nerves dying off. But PETA does not tell anyone about this. They tell their ignorant supporters like deskset24 that these animals are still alive and able-bodied enough to feel pain. And the deficient always believes them.

Well, as you can see, I was really cool. You know too how I love it when the trolls get all pissed off. hehe! deskset24 gets REALLY pissed off!! LOL! His responses are immediately filled with acrinomy and malediction. I hadn't even told him as of this time how stupid he is. At least not personally, because I didn't blame him at first, I blamed PETA for only giving this character fragmentary information. This was his response to me:

@TimmyGal Then I suppose any of YOUR causes is ignorant, simply because *I* don't give a fuck about it. I don't give a fuck if your cause is your nationality, legalizing pot, stopping Irish bloodshed between Catholics vs Protestants, etc.
PETA & Newkirk are heroes for getting people to change their habits for the animals' sake. Any other reason is bullshit ignorance.
And then according to you, Hitler SAVED the Jews, because that's what follows from your backwards logic.

This is a typical stratagem of deskset24's, he puts words in other peoples' mouths to make them sound worse than him. But anyone who knows the saying of actions speaking louder than words, knows that he is digging his own grave. But notice the level of profanity used in this comment. And it gets much worse later on. It gets more and more abundant when he finds out I am not going to bow down to his every whim and change my opinions. Typical PETArd! LOL!
This was my response to him:
@deskset24 "And then according to you, Hitler SAVED the Jews, because that's what follows from your backwards logic"
Um, I believe that was YOUR backwards logic, not mine! By calling Newkirk a "hero", many people have compared her to Hitler many times before, and she herself has proven she has the same mentality as this dictator did. You're not only stupid, you're a lousy judge of character as well. hehe! :)

So I decided to pull his chain a little more. I was toying with him. I love toying with all PETA's tards. It's funny! Deskset24 keeps getting more and more pissed off, which brings me more and more joy. Hey! Trolls are fair game!! They say what they say just to piss other people off. So, I am a troll's troll. hehe! Now, take notice here in his response to me:

@TimmyGal And those people who hate Newkirk for her courageous stance against fascist corporate powers are either fascist Hitler-lovers themselves, or they are zombies that worship the corporate meat-producing religion.
And you're a piece of shit. And I'm the greatest thing in your life, because I make you think, something you've never done before.

Notice that last sentence. Notice the ego of this character. hehehe! He thinks he's the best thing that ever happened to me! LOL!! Oh my GOD! He thinks the whole world revolves around him. I never met such a narcissistic tard in my life!! LOL! He thinks he makes me think. LOL! So far, all he's done was make me laugh. And that's all he does throughout this whole scuffle. He makes himself think though. So this was my response to him:

@deskset24 OMG, you think my life should revolve around you? Dream on o delusional one! :P All you've done so far is prove I was right that vegetarians are stupid. :)

There is no way on Earth I would ever allow my world to revolve around him! hehe! Not an astucious asshole such as himself!! LOL! Well, this is how deskset24 believes anyone who does not agree with him should wind up in this comment:

@TimmyGal Do you have the mental capacity, as a subhuman, to comprehend that to feed those billions of cows & pigs & chickens, you have to grow 10X more crop, and hence YOU AND ALL MEAT EATERS CAUSE THE UNNECESSARY DEATHS OF 1000X more animals than vegans do? But, shitheads like you who do not take responsibility for your actions will not GET that until somebody blows your head off with a gun. GOD that would be funny!

So to him, the death of cows and pigs carries more significance than the death of deer, foxes, birds and mice. The deer, foxes and mice that wind up dead because of heavy farm machinery do not even get eaten, except maybe by maggots. Thankfully Nature is there to cover for our mistakes. But it isn't the same thing as when we kill a pig or a cow because we kill them, and we eat them. And also take notice already of how violent this person's mentality is. Also, look at the last sentence. Look at the first WORD in the last sentence!! Look who he's calling to. That too will become important in this effort to show you what a big hypocrite deskset24 is! LOL! :)

This was my response to him:

@deskset24 If you think Newkirk is a "hero", then you have the mental capacity of a brussel sprout. I really couldn't care less if you support what I support. And you are living proof that I was right when I said vegetarians are too stupid to understand they are being twisted by Newkirk's morals. :)

I thought the "mental capacity of a brussel sprout" comment was hilarious! But, going by deskset's reactions, anyone who follows PETA is indeed twisted. I mean twisted as in crazy. hehe! I'm glad I am not that crazy! I'm a little nutty, but in a fun-loving way. Deskset24 is the kind of crazy who should be locked up and the key should be destroyed! Not just "thrown away". But really, he's no worse than any other PETArd.

So, here we go with the referrals back to some of his original posts. So here's some random quotes from someone who thinks he is smarter and more educated than me. This is the kind of language deskset24 throws around:

I encourage anybody to blow your brains out, but not until they rape you first.

I looked at your ugly disgusting profile.

Obviously, you've eaten your own children.


You blame and threaten the messenger

I don't give a flying fuck about your fat-rights cause anymore. You just hurt your own stupid shitheaded cause.

you hate America, because you hate freedom, just like all unpatriotic meat-eaters.

I don't even think deskset24 is an American at all! What the Hell has being American got to do with eating meat anyways?? LOL!! That's probably one of the stupidest comments I ever saw on YouTube in all my days going in there. This was my response to that last comment:

@deskset24 Dude, you have no clue what I like or don't like (except maybe Ingrid Newkirk). So stop acting like you do. LOL!

Another of deskset24's maneuvers, formulating what he thinks someone likes, or how "good" or "bad" an American they are! I don't believe he's American at all. He's probably just an army reject who thinks he is American. So, this was his response to me:

@TimmyGal And you don't know a thing about me. I am fucking god compared to you. You should be honored to know me, because everyone else in your worthless life is as worthless as you are.

But, of course, because you have no job and no responsibilities you WILL keep replying to me and you WILL keep wasting my time, because you have got NOTHING better to do.

Prove me wrong. You can't. You are nothing but a dumb machine.

A "dumb machine"?? LOLOL!!! I had to chuckle at that one! hehe! That's the best come-back he could come up with? hehe!! Really! My 5-year old nephew could do better than that!! And look at that second sentence. He thinks he's GOD. That too will become important. I'll show you what I mean. Also, keep notice, when he said "GOD that would be funny!" before. This was my response to him:

@deskset24 Did I claim to know anything about you? I don't think so. I said you're stupid, and you are, your posts prove that. :) I said you're a bad person, and the fact that you threaten the lives of others on the internet (be they empty threats) proves that. You should be honored to know ME! I don't claim to be GOD, but I know HIM, and I follow HIM. :)

So, here goes the typical battle between GOD, who is the Father of us all, and deskset24's version of "god" which is Adolph Hitler and Ingrid Newkirk. This was his response to me:

@TimmyGal I am fucking god compared to you. And, yes, that's a metaphor. Meant to convey to you the fact that I am infinitely more intelligent than you. There IS no actual "god". Judging by your comments and by your ugly video of yourself, you are incredibly stupid because you believe in made up fantasy crap like "god" and "jesus" and "mohammed" or "vishnu" or whoever.

Let me clue you in about god: SHE DOESN'T EXIST!

Hmm. So back there, when he said "GOD that would be funny!" who was he talking to? LOL! One of the problems of aetheists is when they make a statement like that, they don't even know who they are talking to. Kinda funny when you really think about it. I didn't even go there to discuss GOD. But thanks to deskset24, the conversation was steering in that general direction. He thinks too he is more intelligent than me, but so far, he has thrown so many cuss words around that I totally lost a lot of what he was saying! You know what they say about profanity. It is the last resort of the inarticulate. I however have remained completely cool. I never got angry with him. And I didn't have to use profanity to get my point across. Whether it reached him or not. But then, some time ago, I think deskset24 knew he was already losing this battle. Back when he made these remarks:

everyone else in your worthless life is as worthless as you are

You should be honored to know me

I'm the greatest thing in your life, because I make you think

I say anyone who has to build themselves up like this, and uses cuss words to the extent deskset24 has, knows for sure that they've lost the battle. For them, it's to inflate their ego. Oh and it gets much better, because he gets even more pissed off. hehehe! Anyway, this was my response to his last comment:

@deskset24 Sorry, but GOD does exist. And I would rather look up to HIM than a hypocritical dipstick like Newkirk :)

So, now for a little science lesson. hehehe! Anyway, that's how deskset24 starts off this next statement to me:

@TimmyGal Bigfoot exists. Aliens with advanced technology exist. There is proof.

But your fantasy "god" does not exist. She's just a figment of your non-existent imagination. Worthless shit like the bible and quran that you love so much do NOTHING to teach people about force-fed geese on foie gras farms, animals skinned alive in fur farms, tortured in laboratories.

Whereas courageous heroes like Newkirk do.

Christians NEVER take responsbilitiy for the consequences of their actions.

As for the last statement, I have no problem with taking responsibility for my own actions. If I am wrong I am wrong. But I was not wrong about deskset24. I'm a pretty good judge of character. I've been pretty well able to tell who is a good person and who is not. I've always had a knack for that! Whether the other person admits it or not. This was my response to him:

@deskset24 I think I will go on worshipping 'my' GOD. Just like you can go on worshipping a hypocritical horse-faced female dictator if you like. :) I don't think she's a hero at all. She bases her actions on half-truths (and has been caught in it more than once), and if people like you think she's a "hero", I say NO thank you! Oh! BTW, you're still stupid. hehehehehehehehee!! XD

The last sentence was just a reminder of how stupid he really is. hehehe! I do that a lot to him in this bit. And this was his response to me:

@TimmyGal And I will go honoring patriotic America-loving heroes like Ingrid Newkirk and PETA. Anyone who opposes them hates America, hates freedom. Like all religionists (who are subhuman and incapable of thought): you whine and cry over a trivial little imposition to eat tofu instead of burger. You don't know what loss of freedom is until you are forced into a coffin your entire life like cows & pigs are in factory farms.

And you are a fat disgusting blob of ugly shit.

Once again, what the heck has eating meat got to do with being an American? What has Ingrid Newkirk got to do with being a good American? She is from the UK. She's not even American! And if there is one thing deskset24 will never make me do, it's cry and whine. In fact, exactly the opposite. I've been laughing at him instead. And look at his last sentence. hehehe! Another laughable assertation. Since he has already admitted he is a fat vegan (in the first paragraph I quoted) and he has no videos or pics up of himself, it's obvious he's ugly himself. Betcha he won't admit it though! hehe!

Nah, I never even implied I was attractive. And it doesn't even bother me that he says I am fat, since he's admitted he's a fat-ass himself. Disgusting is a matter of opinion only. But since he is fat and ugly, he's probably disgusting too. Anyone who speaks as loud as he does, and doesn't have any videos or pics of themselves up, he must be ashamed to show his face. But I will give him kudos for only one thing, admitting he is a fat-ass! hehe! Few people would actually admit that online. But that's why his attempts at insults do not even make me flinch.

Well, all of this is hysterical, considering this comment I saw him make on another video:

It's really odd how non-uniform the anger and hatred on YouTube is!

And he is a really big conductor of all that hate and anger himself. hehehe! This was my response to him, having a little more fun with him:

I find that hysterical coming from you! LOLOL!!! :) Since your life's propaganda is to kill, rape, and threaten anyone who disagrees with you. hehe!

He still uses a lot of profanity in his come-backs. hehe! So he still knows he's lost the battle. This was his response to me:

@TimmyGal And you're still a dumb fat ugly cunt fuck! HA HA HA HA HA!!

Oh, yeah - since you're a dumb christian, you undoubtedly rape your children.

I just reminded him that he is still stupid. The more pissed off he gets, the more I laugh at him, and the stupider he makes himself look. Well, yesterday I noticed he left a comment on my video about show breeders. I had him figured out at about that point, so I left a comment for anyone who goes in there to read. I intend to put it up everywhere he comments too. I wrote:

Just so everyone is up to speed on this, deskset24 has already admitted he is a fat-ass himself. Probably ugly too as he has done the world a favor and not put up any videos of himself. He goes around the site, threatening the lives of people who do not agree with him, and thinks Adolph Hitler and Ingrid Newkirk are "heros". He's not a good person! If you see him, ignore him! He's a teenager who has no life and is only acting tougher than he really is. :) :) :) ;) ;) ;)

Well! It's true!! hehehehe!! And to this day, I am still laughing at him. He's still all pissed off. This was the comment he left on another video of mine today. It was the one where I ask the INXS fans if I was too harsh on my critiques.

Hey, it's ugly dumbshit TimmyGal - the rightwing ultra-conservative nutjob who believes in made-up fantasies like "god" and "jesus". When you see jesus, be sure to give him a blowjob for me!

Again, the "rightwing ultra-conservative nutjob" is a funny comment coming from him. He'd know all about being a nutjob, since he's an even bigger one than me. hehehe!! The more he talks, the more insincere he makes himself look. But then I guess that's the norm of PETA's tards, and aetheists. And this chap is the worst in both personas.

Latest development!!
Deskset24 has banned me from his channel! LOL! Does he think that will stop me? I will continue to warn people about his evil habits! HAHAHA!! Here's something for you all to behold. Deskset24 wrote this to another person who calls himself NinjaGhostScoripion and HATES PETA as much as I do. He's even said that he will oppose PETA to his dying breath, and added that no one in their right minds will force him to take. I gave him thumbs up. But this is what deskset24 said to him:

@NinjaGhostScorpion And meat-eaters break laws. GW Bush violently overthrew the country of Iraq and is a war criminal. Yet, shitheads like him & Dickhead Cheney get away with crimes.
Only UNPATRIOTIC PUSSIES oppose War for Animal Rights.
I don't give a FUCK about any of YOUR causes - whether it's kicking out criminals or illegal immigrants - even when I agree with them - unless you support the causes for which PETA stands.

Take heed of when he calls NinjaGhostScorpion an unpatriotic pussy. LOLOL!! Can you see the irony in that statement?? The fact that he is so loudly opposing in his opinions, uses cuss words and name-calling in futile attempts to get his views across, then turns around trying to act all courageous and well-educated, and he blocked me from his channel LOLOL!! It's too funny!!! I should block him, but I don't. For one thing, I am sick of blocking people!! I like to keep my channel an open forum. Unless it's *you know who* (wink, wink). I like to allow everyone to have their say, and maintain their rights of free speech. But I will let everyone know anytime he comments on my channel that this guy is one of the biggest of all hypocrites, and that his words and tirades really mean nothing except that he is a scared, insecure, uneducated individual who needs some serious therapy. And what is this BS about meat-eaters breaking laws?? Since when is it against the law to eat meat? Maybe in his own fantasy world it is against the law, but not in the real world! LOL! I'd like to see him try and get someone arrested for eating meat. Meantime, I think I will enjoy my steak tonight, so rare the cow will be moaning!! hehehe!


mikessa said...

Hitler SAVES Jews? Man thats a load of bullshit. I suggest that this idiot checks his facts before pining it on other people. Hitler KILLED the Jews. Damn teenagers!
And if he wants to see something fat and ugly, tell him to look in the mirror.

mikessa said...

This dude makes Hobocrap sound like a God.

TimGal said...

Mik, I would be willing to bet he is ugly. He's already admitted he's fat. Which makes him even more of a hypocrite. hehe! That's why I laugh so hard at him.

"This dude makes Hobocrap sound like a God."

Sort of, yes.

mikessa said...

Dude, I cant find this desktop24 or whatever the hell his name is. How in the world did you ever run into him?

Katrina said...

wow fuck him! his fat ass is probably craving some meat and thats why he is so fucking grumpy.

TimGal said...

LOL @ Katrina!! Too funny! And probably right. You know a vegan is an unhappy person.

katrina said...

tell him next time to stick a side of beef up his fucking fat ass!

TimGal said...

I would. But I'm a fat-ass myself. It'd be kinda hypocritical of me to say something like that Katrina. You could do it though.