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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Everyone Leaving Facebook?

I'm hoping this month will be better than last month. I have the feeling everyone is leaving Facebook! I lost about 8 friends last month, that's a record! And I haven't seen those people again. Well, one person I was not at all worried about losing, I found out she was only 10 years old, and she got pissed because I could not give her 100% of my time. But heck! I was OK with that! LOL! Like I said she was only 10. I didn't even know she was only 10 years old, and when she told me she was, I felt uncomfortable having her on my friends list. I thought she was at least 14! Not only that, she was asking me how we knew each other, and if I had a "piter" of myself. I don't even know what a "piter" is! LOL! ;) So, anyway I did not feel bad at all about losing that one, I don't even count that person. But some people I lost last month do matter to me. I was cleaning out the old game and application invites on my Facebook page and I noticed some names of the people who were missing were blotted out, but not their pics. When I clicked on their pics, I got a notice saying their pages did not exist. That's upsetting!! I really miss those friends! Not because they sent me apps and games and stuff (I usually just ignore those things anyway), but because they were good people! And great friends.

One of the people I lost last month kept deleting her account. I don't know why people do that. But one of her closest Facebook friends said that she always feels insecure about her posts and stuff. She doesn't speak english very well, and I remember every time she made a mistake (or I guess thought she was making a mistake) she would delete her posts, or apologize. I like that person, she was a nice girl. There were some things about her that needed improvement, but nobody is perfect! All-in-all, she was a nice person. She need not worry about her problems with speaking english. I don't think there was anyone who expected her to speak it very well. I know I get flustered sometimes talking to people, and I speak good english. But if people don't like what I have to say, they can eat shit!! I don't care. I could never delete my account, no matter what happens! I have too much stuff on there, and friends I really don't want to lose. I lost a lot of friends from MySpace, but I was not going to put up with MySpace anymore. I didn't get on there enough anyway to make what I had to put up with worthwhile. I still have a couple of other Myspace pages, but I don't ever go in there.

You know what I heard yesterday? One of my friends on Facebook announced that Miley Cyrus's mom is dating Bret Michaels. All I can say in response to that is "EEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!" I can't stand Bret Michaels!!!!! I think he's ugly as shit!! And he can't sing!! I just don't like Guns n Roses, period!! One person said he's an "improvement" over Billy Ray Cyrus. I don't think so. At least with B. R. Cyrus as Miley's father, she's been taught some good values. At least that's what my ma said. My ma actually watches her show, or she did when she lived in Olympia. We don't get Disney Channel out here. But I highly doubt Bret Michaels has any good values at all! Don't get me wrong, really! I don't really give 2 shits about Miley Cyrus or her funky father! But the idea that anyone would choose to date Bret Michaels is absolutely beyond my realm of knowledge!! But I guess to each their own. I myself would rather have dated Michael Jackson than Bret Michaels!! He is NOT my type at all! I would have posted my response on his post, but then my post would have followed the post of this one person who I do not like at all!! LOL! And I didn't want her to even dream that I would say even 2 words to her. ;)
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