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Friday, November 12, 2010

Forget About Michael?

So let's see, I've been cruising through Facebook and one of my buddies mentioned a young woman who went to an INXS concert, where JD was singing. The woman held up a picture of Michael and a security guard swiped the picture out of her hand and ripped it to shreds. I read that harrowing story, and I thought "Oh how terrible!!!" I really felt bad for the poor girl!!!! I don't know who she is, but that doesn't mean I don't feel bad about what happened to her. I mean, I know I would be totally distraught if someone took a picture of my deceased grandparents and ripped it to shreds! Same concept. That girl is definitely owed an apology from INXS!!! Hearing a story like that, I almost lost all my respect for INXS. The one thing though that I keep thinking is it wasn't INXS's doing. It was the doing of that one security guard. I would have MADE him apologize to me, because that was totally uncalled for!!

It brings a kindof big question to my mind, has INXS turned against Michael? Have they turned their back on him? A lot of people are believing they have. That isn't fair. It really was Michael who made INXS what it was. Another buddy of mine said that all the MH comments are getting deleted from the INXS fan page on Facebook, and even some from the website. What gives? So if I went in there and mentioned Michael's name and how I felt about his singing, would my posts then be deleted too? I have been giving INXS some of my most honest opinions of their music. I like the one original track from their new album, it sounds good!! But I have to say the re-makes of their old stuff really SUCKS!! It sounds to me like INXS is turning into a rap/RnB band!! If they are then I am no longer a fan because I can't stand rap or RnB music!! However, Tim is still Tim and I still think he's very handsome!!! Is it possible for a person to be a fan of one band member and not the music? If it is, then I've become that with INXS today. I want INXS back, if they must go on with JD then please do so!! Don't bring in these obscure singers to recreate these damn songs, most of them are bad, I must say!!

Well, I have been asked by someone, who is pretty well high up with INXS, to continue doing reviews of each of the songs of their new album. He's going to show the videos to the band and show them that the long-time fans like myself are not in approval with this new music. I love INXS, I have nothing at all against them, but this new music SUCKS!!!!! I just wish they would find it in their hearts to move on. That is what they are supposed to be doing. That was what they said they would do with JD. Instead, INXS have taken a step backward. Not just a step, but they've gone to the edge of a cliff with no way out!! It's upsetting. Yet they allow a thing like what happened to this woman to happen at one of their concerts. INXS needs to seriously take a good look at what the fans are saying. I am a long-time fan of INXS, and I am not mad at them by any means. I'm more worried about what has become of them. They don't even seem to want to meet the fans anymore, and that is sad!! Especially after hearing how they used to love their fans, and my own meeting with Tim Farriss was an unforgettable event in my life! He was so kind and generous. I hate to think that old age has turned him into a grumpy old bag!!! Not that that is what I really believe.

And why is Michael no longer allowed to be mentioned? Is that such a terrible thing to mention Michael, or even bring his pic, to a concert? Why did INXS allow something like that to happen? Why are comments about Michael being taken off the INXS website and Facebook page? It's not fair! Especially when they are already looking back with this new album. I felt bad about that story I heard. I hope they do not still have that security guard, because if he tried something like that with me, I would be totally pissed, no telling what I would do then. Nothing really bad! But I think I would demand a serious apology!

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