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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michael's Month

Well, November has arrived. I have christened this month Michael's Month. hehe! I remember right after Michael Hutchence passed away back in 1997, it was hard for me to face this month head-on. I even began hating the holiday season because it was a grim reminder that Michael was no longer with the world. I remember when I heard about his death, it was the very last fricken thing I ever thought I would hear in my lifetime!! Michael Hutchence did not seem like the kind of person who would kill himself! I remember I cried my eyes out for a week! I never really stopped crying. Every year after he died, around this time, I would start again and would not stop until the new year. The thing was, I never really met Michael. I saw him in concert once, and I kissed him, but he never even knew I did it! LOL! One day I looked at how I was feeling and I was wasting away because of it, I asked myself "what am I doing? Why am I allowing myself to get this upset over someone I never really met?" Don't get me wrong! Michael Hutchence was my most favorite singer of all time! I had dreams as a teenager of actually marrying him (although I knew they were just dreams). But why was I holding on so to the sadness of losing Michael when I never actually met him? Why feel so bad about losing someone I didn't even know? That didn't make sense to me. So I stopped dwelling on his death, and began using this month to celebrate his life. No more tears and crying, no more feeling of sadness and emptiness inside. No more hating the holidays. Instead, I began celebrating the LIFE of Michael Hutchence along with the celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Even Jesus Himself preferred the day of His death be celebrated rather than the day of His birth. That day is indeed special. Though we feel bad because they are no longer with us, it is important to remember how that person lived their lives. When we are born, we have not lived our lives yet. But when we die, we have lived, we have become who we are, or were. So that is why I say to celebrate Michael's life on the 22nd. I even changed my Facebook profile pic to possibly my most favorite pic of Michael. That's something I would normally never do! I'm not that big of a fan of his anymore. Nothing personal there! Just that now I am preferring guitarists over the lead singers. Especially when they are as handsome as Timmy is!! Usually if I'm going to put anyone's pic up other than mine, it's going to be Timmy's. But like I said, this is supposed to be Michael's month. After the 22nd, if I have time, I will put my pic back up. That is IF I have time!! LOL! I'm going to be doing a lot of baking that week! I have to do some baking for Thanksgiving dinner, and I promised I would also do some baking for the church bake sale. I've got my itinerary all planned out. I'm going to make my personal key-lime cupcakes, my fudge-topped brownies, my rich sugar cookies, my chocolate-chip-toffee cookies, my orange dreamsicle cupcakes, my peppermint meltaways, etc. LOTS of baking!! I sure hope after all that, that I sell everything. All this stuff is fairly easy to make up, but I still have the feeling I will be up all night cooking!! But the money made will be going to the missionaries in New Guinea. Wow!! When we get to Bozeman, I told Anna one of the things I want to do is open my own bakery and sell my goods. I don't know if Bozeman has a bakery, but I can make just about anything! And I have a very creative mind.

Well, I am thinking of doing the same thing for Michael this year that I did last year, and that is make another compilation video. I've had it in my mind for quite some time. The one I came out with last year was a good one. I was remembering Michael 12 years later. It was meant to be more funny than dramatic, but it wound up being a bit of both. I had just had surgery at the time I recorded the vocals, so my voice is a little bit funny in that video. But I want to do the same thing again this year. So we will see.

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