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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"PETA-Sucks.com" BS

Well, by now you all should know how I hate this forum. I mentioned the site on my blog last night and after I mentioned it, though briefly, I wondered if it was still up and running. Apparently a former member is also pissed off at that forum and it's admins, and is threatening a lawsuit. Not sure if that poster was serious though. But it shows the BS a person has to put up with when they go into that forum. Well, I read that post all the way through, and I noticed one line that really caught my attention, that is probably the funniest line I've ever seen anywhere on the internet. It was by someone who calls herself dogasouruslady. Now, I am definitely not in any way defending PETA by saying that the PETA Sucks site is full of BS. I say, that PETA Sucks is just as bad as PETA, if not maybe worse. I was on that forum for a little while, and I saw what the people on that forum are like. This was the part of the post that really caught my attention:

The claimant states:
5.) Peta-sucks.com has recently become a hate site allowing words and intent of hate. I wish no association with this group or any hate group.

The admin responds:
Peta-sucks.com has never been a hate site, is not now and never will be.

and also:
Hateful is a subjective term. One person's hate is another person's compassion.

This was from a post made on July 15, 2010. I can tell you I found this part of the post funny because having spent some time on this forum back in 2008, I can honestly and without hesitation tell you that PETA-Sucks promotes nothing but hatred! Most of it's members are inbred, trailer-dwelling, gun-swaggling rednecks who do nothing but throw hate around. Many of them use the "N" word in a very derrogatory manner. There used to be a thread on the old forum (which appears to be gone now) asking people what it was they hated the most. Several people said they hate Puerto Ricans, Jamaicans, African-Americans, and all that bullshit, and when I saw that, coupled with Mr. Cutthroat's drunken ragings against me because he thought deer are rats, I knew that was not the forum for me! And as for that last paragraph, there is no way you can get me to believe any of the hate and evil being promoted on that site has anything at all to do with compassion! Those dumb-clucks do all that shit to fulfill their own sadistic need to tear someone apart, whether it be African-Americans, or handicapped people, or nice people, whathaveyou!

Call me old-fashioned if you want to, but to me, to make fun of handicapped people, or treat people of other races as outcasts, instead of like equals, does not in any way constitute compassion. Unless our meanings of compassion are different. Anyone who uses the word "retarded" in reference to people who are mentally-challenged (as the people in that forum did regularly) is not IMO a good person! And they didn't seem to care that they made themselves look like a bunch of asses. They just get in that forum, and start acting loony, talking shit about everyone for some petty little reason. They are nothing but racist, arrogant air-heads! I'm glad I left that forum! I never want to go back.

Here's another part of the post that caught my attention. The claimant says:

3.) Peta-sucks.com has repeatedly defamed and libeled claimant. Such acts have caused harm in my life, office or trade. Members of this forum are residents of my community and as such privy to the malicious material. Additionally the open nature of the Internet allows these libelous statements to reach my area of dominant influence.

The admin replies:

Prove it.
Also, if this is the case why post 11,000+ provocative, intimidating and vindictive statements on the internet in the first place?

Well, I can probably answer her question. The claimant probably made the same mistake I did of trying to fit in there! It's impossible to be accepted by people who are blind to their own faults and failures! That's why the members of PETA-Sucks are so difficult to get along with! They have so many faults and are not aware of any of them, so they lash out at people for basically behaving the same way they do. I used to see this syndrome all the time on show breeder forums! Maybe we should name it "Showbreederitis". hehehe! Or "Petasucksitis", characterized by a lack of class and understanding, a severe level of immaturity, hatred of innocent people, prone to immediate and unprovoked rages, etc.


Badattituud said...

Timmy dear, what you have obviously missed is that the "claimant" was a former admin who, during his divorce, totally flipped his lid. He wanted each and every one of his 11k posts deleted and when that wasn't going to happen, he puffed up and threatened a lawsuit. Fortunately, it appears that his lawyer (if he ever actually HAD one) pointed out to him that he had less than no case. He wasn't "trying to fit in" he was just a prolific poster. Had you read past that single thread, you'd have known that.

Also, you may not realize that since 2008, the forum has been under new ownership. Unfortunately, the new management has to deal with some leftover attitude from the previous administration. In fact, I'd wager that one of those people who have offended you so mightily was that very same claimant that you feel such empathy for now.

I'm not trying to make excuses. If you didn't like it there, that's fine, nobody is going to force you to stay. I do find it interesting that we have apparently made enough of an impact with our little community that you feel the need to devote a blog post to us.

You statement about the N-word does show how long it's been since you've been around our little neck of the woods.. That word's been on the word filter for quite a while now, along with others.

I'm not trying to entice you to come back. If you don't want to be there, we don't want you there.. it's that easy. But if you are going to rant about something, you might want to make sure you are working with information that's less than 2+ years old.

But hey, it's nice to have your traffic. We strive to make an impact, and apparently we've done just that.

Anonymous said...

I guess in a sense, yeah, PS is full of hate...mostly for AR and their BS. Of course, if you're only paying attention to stuff '08 and earlier, yeah, there's gonna be a lot of "not-so-nice" junk, a LOT of it by the "claimaint" you seem to agree with so much. Hell, his favorite phrase for the past month before he went apeshit was babykiller. Nope, no hate there. None at all.

If you really want to find a hate-filled site, try an AR forum. God forbid you post something they don't agree with. To do so tends to get you labeled as a murderer, or a rapist. Again, totally not hate-filled...

My point is, Peta-Sucks exists to point out the fallacies and idiocies of the AR movement, and to provide a place where debate is actually allowed. What actual content, and what members we have is not really controlled, as that kind of defeats the purpose of allowing true debate, and free speech and all that jazz.

But yeah, I will agree with you on one point-a LOT of people from the early days of the site were/are dickwads. Most of them don't seem to be around anymore.

TimGal said...

Don't misunderstand me. I hate PETA too! I hate all those AR groups. I'm glad you enjoyed my traffic, that was more than 3 days ago though. I haven't been back since.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, it seems most of the traffic we've been getting is uptight ARAs, mixed in with a few AW people, and a few nice ARAs. Most of the uptight assholes are gone, though. The habit of tearing into idiots is still definitely a PS thing.

TimGal said...

I guess it depends on what you all call "idiots". What may be idiotic to one person, may be complete wisdom to another. :) I'm wise in some areas of life, but not in others. Those that I am not wise in, others may see as being idiotic.

TimGal said...

PS, but let me assure you I am not one of those ARA jerks!! :)

Anonymous said...

My definition of "idiot" right now tends to be "twat who believes it is right no matter how many times you prove it wrong", and "twat who refuses to believe anyone who doesn't believe exactly what it believes can ever be right, moral or pure".

That kind of idiot. We have fun with them. There's been like 4 since August.

Anonymous said...

LRN2 simile and metaphor.