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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Blame Only McDonald's?

I get this all the time! Every time someone sees a fat person, their first thought is "McDonald's!" But is McD's the only one to blame for the obesity problem? I don't believe so! People have been thinking this ever since the movie Supersize Me. My little sis loves that movie, BTW, because she said it reminds her of the movie Jackass. I admit, that obesity due to hormonal problems is really rare. Most people who say they are obese because of a hormone problem are, for the most part, lying! I read somewhere that only about 10% of the people who are obese really are so because of a hormone imbalance. However, I have medical proof that I am among that 10% who are afflicted with a hormone imbalance. However, I have ceased bringing that up with other people, simply because they do not believe me anyways. It's so much better to just sit back and let them think what they want than to sit here for days on end and get into a silly argument over the subject. But I can tell you with all honesty that I do not go to McDonald's. I have been pissed off at McDonald's for YEARS, due to incidents that have nothing to do with my weight or with that movie, and have been boycotting them, so it's been a very long time since I have been to McD's. I like Burger King, but I don't go there very often either. The only time I go there is when I am out of town, and I won't be home for a long time, like on one of our day trips to Oregon, which happens maybe once every 2 or 3 months. I like going to Oregon, but not that much, since we moved to Ocean Shores, it's too much wear and tear on our car, and it takes 4 hours just to get there from here, even going the short way. But mostly I prefer to do all my cooking here at home.

Lately, I haven't been eating much at all! I take a few little bites and I'm full!! I think that's what old age does to you. But anyway, I remember on that movie that they mentioned a couple of teenage girls who were suing McDonald's because they got fat. They must be the fricken stupidest people on the planet!! That has to be the dumbest reason I ever heard to sue anyone, because a person has the option to say no, I don't want to go to McDonald's. If those kids want to sue anyone, sue their friends or family who took them to McDonald's! McD's is only doing what they're supposed to be doing. When they ask if you want your meal supersized, you don't have to say yes. You can say no. It's freedom of choice, take advantage of it!! You go out to eat too much, and yes you are going to get fat! It happens. That's why you should learn to cook at home, then you know what you are getting. And I highly recommend switching from regular beef to bison meat. I did! It is actually the hormones that are being injected into cattle now that is making people, who eat beef, get fat. The hormones that are being pumped into beef cattle now are made to bulk up the cattle, so the beef farmers get more meat (thusly more money) out of the cows. Unfortunately it is doing the same to humans as well. So, either switch to organic beef or bison meat! Bison are naturally bulky, so no hormones are needed to make them bigger. But don't give up meat! No matter what PETA says, people do need meat. Giving meat up for me is not an option.

Another thing to blame is the economy. When I was a kid, my father worked and my mom stayed home, and we did very well. Ma was there to watch me, and I was able to go out and play outside, instead of staying inside watching television and playing video games, like what today's kids do. I remember back in 1993, we got a Nintendo game system, an old one, and I got hooked on Super Mario Bros. I played that game over and over and over again until I could no longer play it, I got too good. And there was this one level I could not figure out how to get out of! I got so hooked on that game, that I did that rather than play outside, or go to the mall with my friends. As a consequence, I began to put on more weight. I eventually lost it, but I got hooked on that game and it made me get fat. So there is proof that video games today are also making kids fatter than they were when I was younger. The one thing that made me lose the weight I gained that year was getting rid of the Nintendo, and going back out on hikes and to the mall to meet with my buddies. I sold the Nintendo with the game cartridge at a yard sale the following year. Not because I put on weight, but because of my pa, he made me sell a lot of my old stuff in a yard sale that year. I remember back then I hated being fat!!! I didn't care about the funny stares I got and the stupid comments from total strangers! I don't ever care what strangers think! I hated being fat because I didn't trust my balance anymore. My center of gravity shifted, and that was the one thing I loved about hikes over boulders and mountain-climbing. I was so agile when I was thin. I was like a sifaka!! When I put on weight, I could not leap like that anymore. It totally upset me! So I lost the weight, and getting rid of the Nintendo helped in that. It wasn't until after I got rid of the Nintendo that I made that connection, because I started losing weight again. hehe.

I live in a town now that is mostly elderly people, but there are quite a few families here. There are people who have kids, even teenagers. The one thing I've noticed about kids today, I never see any of them out riding their bikes or doing anything. Every once in a while I'll see a kid on a skateboard, or on a bike, but that happens about once in a full moon. Most of the time, I see the parents dropping their kids off at their friends' house, or they catch the bus, or something to that effect. Kids don't walk to their friends' houses like they did when I was little. I remember when we lived in Toutle, which is mostly a farming town, your nearest neighbors are several acres away, I had a best friend who lived 9 country blocks away. Now, believe me when I say in the city, that may not sound like very far, but in the country, 9 blocks is about a mile and a half away! I used to either walk to her house or ride my bicycle. No problem! Kids these days do not do that. I've noticed that. I had fun though walking to this friend's house. And we'd play with her animals. I remember she always had kittens at her place, because her yard had a huge collection of resident barn cats! LOL! None of them were tame though, but I would grab a kitten whose eyes hadn't opened yet and play with it. I never went to her place during week days, because it was too far, I always went there on weekends. But anyway, that was normal where I came from. I hardly ever saw any fat kids when I was growing up. And yes, we did have a McDonald's. I just never went unless my family took me there. Then I would only have a PLAIN cheese burger! No pickles, no mustard, no ketchup, no nothing! Just meat, bread and cheese. I am still that way about burgers. I don't like anything on it but meat and cheese. And now I've trained myself not to have anything except bison meat.

So why am I so fat? Well, I still have the hormone problems. That won't go away. I can get on a treadmill (I'm working on getting myself the latest NordicTrack that uses Google Maps), and I can move my way to Kingdom Come, I still won't lose weight. The main reason I want the treadmill is just to stay in condition so I can keep going on my walks. I don't mind being fat, now that I have adjusted to it, but I don't want to lose my ability to walk. I don't want to weigh no 400 pounds!! I don't even want to get back up to 300! Though I don't mind where I am at now (250 pounds). I look bigger because my belly bulges, but I have relatively skinny legs. There is a fun side to being fat, seeing all the crazy people on YouTube getting so pissed off because I am fat! LOL! I swear, they get angrier than I do! And they don't even have to live with it! LOL! It's funny as heck to watch them!! Like this boy named Travis who commented on one of my videos this last weekend (he calls himself smokeysmurf420420420). He came into my video and he got soooo pissed off, it was hilarious!! Of course he denied that he was losing his head, but his actions spoke louder than his words. When a person comments on a video with cuss words, they are pissed off!! LOL!! I love to have fun with people like that! One thing I will give Travis credit for, he is the first troll to admit he's actually a troll! He made a comment saying "It's obvious I am not going to get the emotional response that I want from you..." No, instead of him getting that emotional response from me that he so eagerly craved, I got it from him!! LOLOL!!!! That's why I love having fun with people like him. I love turning their attempts around on them. And I can say, at least with Travis, it worked beautifully!!! hehehe!! ;) Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't work. But when someone like Travis comments, and he's already showing anger and is cussing and name-calling, I know right then I've got myself a sucker!! And I'm going to toy with him until he exhausts. hehe! It's fun! And funny as shit, because they come in there to try and piss me off, and they are the ones who wind up leaving there, pissed off. The fact that he doesn't know me, but thinks he does, helps a lot in keeping my cool.

So why are people thinking that all fat people spend all their time at McD's, instead of blaming what is possibly the real culprit, which is video games? Maybe they are video game lovers, and just do not want to face the fact that it is the love of their lives (video games) that are to blame for the obesity epidemic. I don't know. That is a remote possibility. Most of the people who blame McD's I noticed are all young people. People generally 25 or younger. Maybe they just want to blame what the media has blamed, in the form of the movie Supersize Me, or Fast Food Nation, and other such movies. People are more likely to follow what they see on TV and in movies, and not what is really so. It's just a fact of life.

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