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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Get A Pet?

I don't understand some people. I have a subscriber on YouTube, who has a kitten that her ma says has to go! Made me upset seeing the goodbye video. Now, I know I am not fond of cats, and personally I think they are useless, but this girl obviously loves her kitten. So, she should be allowed to keep it. The thing that comes to my mind is why get a pet, any pet at all, if you're just going to throw it away later on? If you don't really like cats, then don't get one! I remember when I had a rat problem in Olympia, I contemplated for a while getting a cat, but I put it off as long as I could, because I really don't like cats in the house either. I didn't want to get one, and then keep it just to get rid of the rats, then turn around and try to find it another home once it's job was complete. I saw no point in that! And that is not how I am about animals at all. When I get a pet, it's for life. The only thing that would make me release any pet would be only for the good of the pet! Like back before we were going to move to Montana, I had contemplated sending my snakes to new homes. But then I decided against it. I'd rather find a way to pack the snakes so I can keep them even when I move out. May take a bit more doing! But I always find a way. But anyhow, the only reason I would even consider getting rid of my snakes was because I didn't think I would be able to move them to Montana. It gets too cold. But since I probably won't be heading out there until spring now anyways, I think the snakes will be safe in the move.

But anyway, why get a pet, if you're only going to get rid of it soon anyway? I don't blame this young lady, it's not her fault. I blame her ma. I told her I would move out! I really would. Find a roommate, or an inexpensive apartment, if you have a job, or something that will let you keep your pet, but I would tell my ma I would be out of there so quick! I love my pets! I could never get rid of any of them. I had to live with a ma like that when I was little. To her, pets were disposable! Until I was 10 years old, the longest we ever kept a pet was 4 months. By 10 years old, I was better able to fight my parents for my pets' rights. My ma was easy to overcome, my pa was more difficult. But most of the time I managed to keep my pets. I remember one time my father and I got into a fight over my getting a new puppy, and we fought so hard, I threatened to leave the house! He seemed all for it. Then when I did find a roommate who would let me have the pup I wanted, my father was all of a sudden saying "Noooo! Don't leave the house!"

In fact my ma is trying desperately to make me get rid of my snakes and mice because she doesn't like them. LOL! She lives in the apartment upstairs, she doesn't even have to look at them. And if she gives me enough warning that she is coming over, I can have the mice put in my bedroom. But no, I ain't never getting rid of my mice or snakes! I love my snakes. The mice are jerks, but they have special little personalities I've noticed. Though I try never to get attached to their young. Because they are here entirely so I can breed my own snake food. Sad a fact as that is, it has to happen. I don't ever enjoy it, but I know the babies eventually have to be killed. Malcom especially seems to be quite a character! He seems to recognize me when I walk into a room. Ma was so disappointed when she learned I was not going to get rid of my snakes and mice, LOL! It's like she was counting down the days or something. Sorry to have to disappoint her, but I won't get rid of them. I just won't get anymore until we are all moved to Montana. Now, I am not sure where in Montana we will be moving to, we have sights on both Bozeman and Billings. Anna said Bozeman is more pet-friendly than Billings. But Bozeman is also literally surrounded by mountains! I'd feel like I am living in a cauldron! But I'd take either town, I don't care. There's good in both towns. And there's plenty of jobs.

When I am looking for a place, the very first thing I ever ask is if they allow pets. If they say no, then I say thank you very much and good bye! I would rather be homeless myself than to live in a home that does not allow pets! I cannot live without my animals. That's one thing in this life I don't even want to try doing.

Right now, I am in another debate of dogs vs. cats again on a horse forum. LOL! One person posted a pic and said nothing is better with a good horse than a good dog by your side on a trail ride. I agreed. But a lot of people said "I'd rather have a cat!" I said "What's so special about cats? Cats are dumb, useless and stinky! And they sure won't protect you if an intruder comes to your home. Dogs are MUCH better!" There ain't nothing a cat can do that there isn't a breed of dog for. You want a pet that'll catch and kill rats? Try a jack russell terrier or a rat terrier (or really any small terrier). Terriers do the job much better and quicker than cats too, and they don't torture the mice and rats before killing them. They just move in for the kill! No chance of the rodent escaping. Who wants their furniture clawed to death by a cat? You can train a dog much easier than you can a cat. Sure, cats can climb trees and a dog cannot, but if I want a pet that can climb trees, I'd get a monkey! And monkeys are more graceful in the trees than a cat is! And I don't like no cats crawling with their dirty paws all over my kitchen counters. So no matter what a cat can do, there's always something else that can do the job better. They're even coming out with doggie litter boxes now.

Wait!! There is one thing a cat can do better than any other animal I know of!! If you want a house full of fleas, I've found no animal does it better and quicker than a cat can. :) Personally I hate fleas, so I think I'll pass.

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