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Friday, December 3, 2010

Having A Grand Day!!

LOL! Remember in my last blog post, I told you all about deskset24. Well, I blocked him. I figured since he blocked me from his channel, turnabout is fair play. So he hasn't been able to comment on any of my videos. Well, Katrina pumped life into an old YouTube channel she created but forgot about, so she told me. She came into one of my videos and said this to deskset24:

@deskset24 god damn i cant get over what a fucking nerd piece of shit you are. fuck you! why don't you go pop some fucking beef up your fat ass and stop being so fucking nasty you fucking twat!

That was before I told her that he's been banned from my channel. But this was funny as heck!!! Even funnier is the fact that Katrina told me that deskset banned her from his channel too. LOL! And she was just getting started. So, now Katrina and deskset24 are going around to each other on her channel. She hasn't banned him yet. She should, since he banned her. Katrina also wrote me a message on that same video she made that last comment to deskset. She told me:

tg, dont let these twats run all over you. you need to learn to give some people a good 'fuck-off'!

The problem is, I don't like cussing. I don't cuss. Katrina and deskset24 can do it because they are young, but when you reach my age, cussing does not become a daily thing every time you open your mouth! You begin to realize in your 30s how very disgusting cussing is. That's why most women don't do it at this age. So, I could never tell someone to "fuck off". I say "damn", "ass" and "shit" once in a while, but that's about all the cussing I ever do. I don't say the really nasty words like Katrina and deskset24 do!! I did when I was in my 20s and teens, but not now. I don't know why it is really when you reach your 30s, it feels uncomfortable to cuss. I admit I do need to learn to make some people back off, like Katrina says. I've always been something of a pushover. A little too nice for my own good!! I don't know how Katrina does it! She has a knack for getting people to do exactly what she wants them to do! Like now, she is playing deskset24 like a fiddle!! LOL! I don't know if he knows it or not. But I'm watching those two go back and forth with trying to come up with the most monsterous and vicious lies about each other! LOL! I think they're playing games with each other now, really. So, I have even joined the fun.

This morning, I noticed that deskset24 (of all people on YouTube), called Katrina a hypocrite piece of shit. I laughed and said to him "Look who's talking hypocrite!" He said I have no friends, and my ma and pa hates me because I killed some little girl back in 1993. LOL! I didn't really, but that's the kind of stuff he's saying. I mentioned that he was the one who said on one of my videos that he raped and murdered his own children, and that's why his girlfriend left him and decided not to marry him. Katrina, when on her lunch break, signed on and confirmed "He sure did! I saw his confession!" She added that deskset24 also admitted that he likes to have sex with pigs, cows and chickens, and that is why he stands up for their rights. LOL! I don't know if he really does, there are people out there like that. But that's the kind of things being said. So, Katrina, and myself (maybe even deskset24) are just kicking back and having fun, making up stories about each other. Evil stories. LOL! Well! Deskset24 started it all!!

He even called Katrina a homophobe because Katrina said Ingrid Newkirk is a faggot. LOL! I've heard so many teens and 20 year olds say that phrase, I don't think they just use it to refer to gay people anymore. I don't write to deskset on Katrina's page. I just write to Katrina. I said to her:

Oh Katrina look! Look who has all of a sudden decided he "cares" about minorities!! LOL! Lying, hypocritical douchebag deskset24. You hate gays, deskset, don't deny it. You told me yourself you'd like to see them bombed! hehe!
Deskset24 says he'd like to bomb everybody, not just gay people. But I've seen across YouTube where deskset24 has complained about Mexicans coming into this country and taking over. Blah-blah-blah!! I noticed he wrote to Katrina on the video where Newkirk was talking down at fat rights. And this is what he said to her:
@SuperKatrinable Everything you just said proves my point that anti-animal rights people are also anti-human. Everything you said proves my point that PETA-haters disrespect all humans.

And you hate America. I encourage anyone to mail you a bomb. That is MY right to support that political position, to make that legal.
You LOVE big government coming in and terrorizing great folks like Newkirk to steal their money and freedom. Hypocrite piece of shit.

And this was Katrina's response, get ready! She's good!!

@deskset24 and you proved my point that dickhead warthogs like you who love to have sex with pigs, sheep and goats hate everything in your path.
you hate the world. if you send me a bomb, i will just send it right back to you. and make it blow up in your big, fat, stupid, ugly face. simple karmatic economics. and it is my right to tell you to go fuck yourself. but knowing you like i do, you'll more likely go back to fucking a sheep like you did last night.

LOL! That's the kind of game these two are playing with each other! It's been this kind of thing back and forth all day long! But I am not worried about Katrina. She's a very tough little bugger! Katrina gives full meaning to the adage about dynamite coming in small packages!! Well, look at the kind of people she hangs out with! Besides me. LOL! Her husband has an accomplished black belt in karate (I guess that's good), and he teaches self-defense to others, from children to adults, even the elderly. He's even tought their oldest child karate! I can hardly wait till tomorrow, see what those two say about each other then! LOL! I'm having fun just watching!!

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