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Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas Receiving List

Well, we had a nice Christmas. I had some left-over turkey that I froze from Thanksgiving. Thank GOD I found another good use for it! I made turkey gravy with it, with packaged gravy and the turkey I had already cut into pieces. I cooked it and spread it over mashed taters, and it was good!!! A rare treat as we really do not eat turkey that much. I must say this year has not been a total disappointment. Christmas was fine!! In between this Christmas and the last one, a few good things happened, though not much. The best thing was when Eva had her 9th child! OMG! They are now officially going to need a bigger house! Anyway, when my father came over, he brought some good things, the best being my new coat. I love it! Anna has one like it. It's very warm and toasty when you put it on. He also gave me a nightgown, but I exchanged it. The material in the nightie had no stretch at all, and I don't like that kind of material. It was big enough for sure, but without the stretch I like in the material, I feel so confined! I got stuck getting these 2-piece PJs made from fleece. Hey! They keep me warm and toasty! It's cold here and I haven't even felt it! Except in my feet and hands.

Anna gave me a wonderful food processor that I have been eyeballing for a while. It even has a setting for bread dough! I like that! I used to have another food processor a long time ago, and back then I heard you could knead bread dough in it. And I did a few times. But the last time I tried it, it burned out the machine. So, I am hoping this won't happen with this one! It's a big food processor, probably has lots of power! I cannot wait to begin using it!

Well, my ma gave me a Walmart gift card, which I will be using next week. Katrina gave me a Sears gift card, which I will also be using next week. And Eva gave me another gift card from a store I never heard of before. Thanks a lot Eva! LOL! I don't think we have that store here. Well anyway, it was a good holiday. And I am happy. Which reminds me, I need to give my father a call! So, hope all my readers had a merry holiday! Thank you all for your interest in my blog! :) Whether or not you commented.

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