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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole Kidman Loves Snakes!

That's news to me!! I heard it this morning on a reptile news channel that I've recently become friends with. Nicole Kidman loves snakes and wants to own some! That's a surprise because Nicole Kidman is the very last person I would have ever expected to want to own snakes! She looks too "girly" to me to even give snakes a second glance! Not saying that is a bad thing, but most "girly" girls are either afraid or disgusted by snakes. I've always been something of a tom-boy, I used to play with trucks instead of dolls. LOL! I used to go out and catch frogs and snakes instead of playing dress-up. That could explain why I don't take too much care about the way I look and have let my looks go. Now, I think I look like an ugly old hag! But still adorable in character. hehe! ;) But anyway, physical appearance aside, I am the kind of woman I would expect to own snakes. Not someone like Nicole Kidman! Nicole Kidman is a fine actress and she's quite attractive! But I think it's cool that she loves snakes!

This guy was saying on YouTube that it could be good for snake owners if she does get some. A law is still pending to ban snake ownership in all 50 states. While I agree pythons and other large constrictors should become illegal in places like Florida, up here, I should be allowed to keep whatever I want. And I like having snakes! They are fun! Bandit is such a character! I am also so grateful I don't have to get rid of them. I've decided not to join Anna in Montana yet. She's living with a roommate until her schooling starts. So I probably won't be moving until summer next year. Anyway, if Nicole Kidman does get some snakes as pets, that may discourage the senates from passing this law against owning snakes. It's funny how celebrities can get away with a lot of things that common people cannot! But they can also help set the pace as well. Once they are allowed to do something like owning snakes without persecution, eventually the rest of us will be allowed to as well. That's good! So I say if Nicole Kidman wants to own snakes, go for it sweet-cheeks!!

I don't know what I would do without my snakes, I love them so much. People look at me funny when I mention that I have snakes, which I do understand because a lot of people are afraid of them. But fear comes from misunderstanding. People also believe that all snakes are venomous, which that is not true. There are some venomous snakes, but I only dabble in colubrids. There are only 3 venomous colubrid species. Only one of which, the boomslang, is seriously deadly, and I don't have any of those. One species, the green vine snake, their venom is only dangerous to small lizards. I might get some ball pythons later on, I like them. But the big burmese pythons and stuff like that, I'll likely never get into. Leave those to the experts. I have little dogs to think about.

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