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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There Are Some People Out There

Well, I've become a bit of a regular on the Craigslist forum. LOL! Not just the pet section, but the pet section is the one I think most about. Even though some of the people can get downright nasty. I think they've taken to ignoring me there though. Which I am absolutely fine with! I still continue to talk! I haven't got pissed at anyone yet, but I must say, there are some people on that forum I would just love to meet in person! Mostly for the reason that I would love to follow them through a day walking on the streets and see if they get as cocky with people there as they do with people on the forum. Then when they do get cocky with the average person on the street, I'd like to see what happens to them. Do they get ignored? Or do they get a lot of people punching them in the face?

Some of the people on that forum I would love to follow around just to see if this happens to them are of course gsdlady, LuvsMyChis, ColliesRock and BobbyTheClown. BobbyTheClown is a special kind of troll. He gets pleasure out of trolling. I believe he very carefully plans his posts. He has a pit bull, yet he hates them so much. He said they should all be destroyed. He even readily admits he cannot wait for his pit bull to die. In terms of his personality though, he reminds me a lot of Devil Doll in the old INXS forums. That is, everyone on the Craigslist pet forum has a sort of love-hate relationship with him. You either love him or you hate him. Every forum has one like that. They just jabber on, they don't care if they are loved or hated, or even listened to. They just talk. And they never get ballistic. For the INXS forums, it was Devil Doll. If Pluba had one like that, I don't remember who it was. Henny I think. On Craigslist, it's BobbyTheClown.

ColliesRock is one I haven't told you all about yet. She's HORRIBLE!! She is the most negative person on that forum, even worse than gsdlady! In fact, she makes gsdlady look like a saint! In the time I have been in that forum, either as a lurker or a participant, ColliesRock has done nothing positive for anyone. She reminds me of a PETA freak gone mad! She thinks the worst of everyone no matter what. And she never posts unless it is to bitch about something. I'd like to meet her though. She once said herself on that forum that good manners are for people who try to hide the truth. I want to see ColliesRock unarmed, and put in the center of a badass motorcycle gang, and see if her opinion of having good manners still holds up.

Well, gsdlady and LuvsMyChis I would like to meet for obvious reasons. I'd like to see if they are as cocky in peoples' faces as they are at people on the forum. It's so easy to be so brave on a forum. But when you are out on the street, being that cocky can be a whole different story. I would be shocked if they were like that in person.

I was reminiscing about Rio B. who is a reputable show chihuahua breeder here in WA state. She was a total jerk online and even over the phone! But face to face, she was a different person. She was actually kinda nice to my face. Not that I was that much fooled by it, especially after I got to know her online personality. Just makes me wonder, is it the internet that makes people have the ideas and personalities they really have? Or is it a release for their innermost feelings? Or is it that people just feel more brave talking from behind a computer screen? I try to always treat people the way I myself would like to be treated. I try to. But even when I can't, I never say anything, not even on these blogs, that I would not say to someone's face. In fact, I always invite everyone to this blog to read! Especially if I write about them. That gives them a chance to respond if they want to. If they don't want to, then it is no skin off my nose. That is fine with me too.


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