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Monday, January 3, 2011

Timmyfan Has the Power!!!

I have the power to shut the Lukas Rossi fans up and make them cringe!! hehe! I was watching the chatroom on this new Facebook group the other day. The group is devoted entirely to INXS. I still have the magic touch! hehe! I knew when I posted something in chat, that the Lukas Rossi fans were going to shut up, and that is exactly what they did. Which is awesome! Lukas Rossi fans are nothing short of annoying anyway. I can't stand Lukas Rossi! I never did like him. There are 2 things in this world your eyes should never have to endure; direct sunlight, and something that looks like Boy George with a mohawk! The latter is Lukas Rossi. I swear, if I was going to describe him to someone who has never seen Rossi before, that's what I would say. He looks just like Boy George with a mohawk. I still say he is the ugliest person I've ever seen in my life. And the Lukas Rossi fans hate me because I think that. hehe! Which, like I said, is perfectly awesome! At least I got them to shut the hell up about him in the chatroom! I don't want to hear how "cute" they think he is. I don't care to hear how some one met him drunked up in a bar, or another person saying how he left a New Year's message on her Facebook page! I don't care about none of that. I don't go into an INXS group to even think about Lukas Rossi! He has nothing to do with INXS at all! He's not even a guest singer on their new album. So I think to bring him up in a chatroom devoted to INXS is stupid, and pointless.

I didn't even want to join in the chatroom, but I got sick of hearing about Lukas Rossi. So I figured if I said anything (knowing how the Lukas Rossi fans hate me so) it would shut them up. Thank GOD it did!! It's a shame to hear someone as good as the moderator of the group call someone 'lucky' because they met Lukas Rossi. That's not lucky. That's sad! Has our music industry really been degraded to this? To think meeting up with one-timer, has-beens-that-never-were is something lucky, or great? That's sad! Downright sad! Like I would never feel blessed to meet Justin Timberlake or Justin Beiber! Neither one has anything to offer me, and I think they're both homely. I can't stand Justin Timberlake's music or singing!! And I think he's homely as shit! And Justin Beiber has no talent, and very little sexual appeal. Let's face it, rockstars either don't exist anymore, or they are now seriously compromised. They have no character! Why? I don't know. Most of them being born now in the 80s, you'd think something from that generation would have rubbed off on them. But no. Everyone now does their music with absolutely no rhythm, crappy vocals, and slow, drawn-out words! It perplexes me why people even listen to the crap that is around today. After years of listening to 80s rock and 90s grunge, I cannot see any character in today's music at all.

It all started innocently enough. Back in 2005, I still heard some very good songs with lots of rhythm. But at the same time, I could also tell that the crappy RnB and rap method was overwhelming the more rhythmic, classic-style rock n roll. In short, all music today sounds the same. There's no beat anymore and no rhythm. The music seems to go in all different directions at once. It used to be you could only hear music and no words. Now, you can't really hear either. After the first few bars of listening to modern music, I completely lose interest! I used to be able to say I was a music-lover. Now, I can't. Unless you're talking about the old method of music. I still have a lot of songs on my MP3 player. But nothing later than 2005. And nothing that I perceive as being rap or RnB! Unless it's old school style. Now, rap and RnB were different things in the 80s and early 90s than they are today. You could not pay me enough to sit in a room and listen to nothing but Justin Timberlake all day! I'd be out of there like a bull through a china shop in less than 3 minutes! Add a wall-sized photo of Lukas Rossi's face in that room, and I'll put the time down to 1 minute. Though I might stay longer if a picture of Tim Farriss was put on the wall! Though the music would still be annoying!

I will admit there were some slow songs in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. But for most of that time (until about the mid-90s) even the slow songs still had some good rhythm! In fact, I got to like a lot of the slow songs from those eras better than a lot of the fast songs! Actually, I like songs with music and singing about mid-tempo. Nothing too fast, and nothing too slow. By 2000, I could tell slow songs were getting worse. Especially when I saw an Eddie Murphy movie! Eddie Murphy is a great comedian! I love him a lot! But, I always dreaded the music on those movies! Or how about the music on Osmosis Jones! Great movie! But the music SUCKS!!! There were still some great slower songs in 2000, but that was the turning point in history where the songs began to totally SUCK!!! In the 90s, the worst singer was Alannis Morissette! I heard her music, and that's why I knew she sucked. But she was the worst of the 90s, IMO. A lot of people can disagree with me if they want to, I don't care. I think she SUCKED!!! She sings worse than me on my bad days, which would be today, because I have a rotten, miserable cold! LOL! Oh well. It was bound to happen.

Well, Anna will be going to Bozeman here in a few days. I hope she likes it there! Though we really should be looking into moving to Billings instead of Bozeman. Though Bozeman is a more animal-friendly community. We had less trouble finding apartments that would allow us to keep all 3 of our dogs. However, Billings it may more likely be for us. The job market there is better, and I wouldn't feel like I was living in a cauldron during the winter months. My father has offered to drive Anna all the way to Bozeman! That was the very last thing I ever expected him to do! Neither one of us even dared ask him, he volunteered! I am glad though. Anna has no experience driving in wintery pass conditions, so it's a welcome relief to hear my father will be driving her there. Funny thing, for a month I was secretly praying that another way for Anna to get there would come up, and she would not have to drive there herself. I kept imagining her going over a cliff or something. My father has a lot more experience, and he's a damn good driver. Well, Anna's a good driver too. I was just afraid if she began to skid that she would panic, and lose control. Anna is not the best in stressful situations. But I am glad that this came about. She will be on her way Thursday.

Well, on my Facebook page, I am going to have a lot of fun this year. One of my friends is doing a new picture for every day of this year. Well, I cannot really do that, but I have decided, as part of my New Year's resolution, that I would post a different animal picture up on my profile for every week this year. GOD willing! I may not get to do it as much right after I move, but for most of the year, changing my pic should be easy.


mikessa said...

I like the songs in those movies. I'm the one who's boppin' to the beat. As for this Lukas whoever he is, I dont watch Rockstar so he's not my problem. And he shouldnt be yours.

TimGal said...

I didn't watch Rockstar: Supernova. It has nothing to do with INXS. But I just think it's cool the Lukas Rossi fans hate me so much because I think he's the ugliest POS there is. hehehe!