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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You're Delusional!

LOL! I have to laugh at this comment. So, what is delusional? That word seems to be resonating a lot throughout the INXS community now. I have been called "delusional" a lot. But the people using the word against other fans, do they even really know what that word means? Or are they just using it for the lulz? Like some kind of label against fans that have had good fortune in their lives. I know that there are fans who have met their favorite bands many times, and they are so selfish, they seem to get angry when someone meets the bands they know and love as well. Almost like they are being possessive of that band, and they don't want anyone else to know that band except themselves. Which I think is weird. I don't know if that is classified as being delusional, but it is certainly strange behavior, and I see it a lot in INXS fans who have met the band members many times, especially those who have met Michael. I met the guys several times, and even had a chance to kiss Michael (sort-of). But I don't think I own INXS! I am usually happy for those who have met the band, as long as they have been respectful to the band members. Now, I know of someone who has met the band, not Michael, but the living members of INXS, and I would have been happier for her, but she can't meet them without kissing them in the mouth! YUK! And I think that's an invasion of their space! I wouldn't want to have any of my fans kiss me in the mouth without my permission! That is, IF I were one of the men of INXS. But that's what I mean about respecting them. Even when I "kissed" Michael, I didn't kiss him in the mouth! I didn't even kiss him directly. I kissed my hand and touched him with it. I didn't get in his face, I didn't appear in a threatening or belittling manner, he probably didn't even know I did it. When I touched him, it was on his arm, not his face.

The funny thing is, this person, who cannot meet INXS without kissing them in the mouth and invading their private space, has recruited a bunch of her friends together on a private forum, to make fun of me and other fans they think are delusional. I don't think they really even know the meaning of the word "delusional". Because if they did, they would see that their ringleader is far more delusional than I could ever be! I'm not the one who kissed the bandmembers of INXS in the mouth, gave them all colds (which endangered their tour), nor was I the one who wanted to take Jon away from his established girlfriend. That's not who I am. I think the only reason they established that forum was because I no longer liked their ringleader. But that was nothing new. I knew that friendship was not going to last! I knew that before we left LA together. I've been in enough failed friendships to be able to see the red flags, and there were far too many early warning signs in that one to be a coincidence. Only reason I stayed civil was because I wanted to get home. My friends and family were worried enough about me going to LA with a total stranger. Now, I wouldn't even consider it! But then I wanted to go so bad I let my guard down. I was younger, and yes, stupider then. LOL!

Why this kind of evil is going around in the INXS community now, I have no idea. INXS fans used to be the greatest to each other. That was back when the internet was still new, and we all met in chat rooms and got to know each other. Now that the internet is really big, and everybody has it, it seems we have all forgotten how to get along with each other. I was watching this news clip on YouTube where some trolls were e-mailing the families of deceased teenagers. Not only that but also creating Facebook pages to mock the teenagers who were literally bullied to death. It's sad! I see stuff like that and it makes me feel terrible! What has the World come to? I remember a long time ago, there was a website up that even made jokes about Michael Hutchence killing himself by hanging. I remember some of the jokes that were made on there, were something to the effect of "I heard Paula called Michael just before he died and asked if he was coming home that night. To which Michael answered 'No, I'm gonna hang around here for a while.'" And another that went "If Princess Di had the belt instead of Michael Hutchence, they'd both still be alive". Very VERY sick jokes, if you ask me! But that was the kind of shit written on that site. I don't think that site is even still up, but I remember leaving a very angry comment on that page, because I thought his humor was in very bad taste! I can't even call it humor! It was just in very bad taste. Made me angry to see the kind of things that person said.

And it's all gotten worse these days. But it is probably the lowest of the low when someone makes fun of another person's misfortune. It's a sad commentary to what the internet has made of people today. Very sad! I get on the internet a lot, and I have never made fun of anyone! I don't go around making a mockery of people who have killed themselves, or teens who die in car crashes. I could never do that!! I wouldn't even wish a bad car crash on my worst enemy! Heck, I never wish ill on anyone! Because the rules of karma are whatever you wish on others, comes back to you 3 times worse. So believe me when I say I wish well to everyone, and it isn't a front! I actually mean it when I wish someone well. A lot of people say it, and don't mean it. But I'm not like that! Whether I like the person or not, I am always sincere. I believe even if you say it, if you really don't mean it you can still feel the wrath of karma! It is because of all this that I truly believe the world is coming to an end very soon!

Most people will never know how connected they are to this world. Everything that happens, happens because of what we do and how we are. The fact that people are hurting each other in whatever way, and getting enjoyment out of it, I just know that the end is coming really soon. And by hurting each other, I don't mean people eating meat and all that. I mean people who get on the internet and think they're being cute by shit-talking someone else anonymously. That is actually now a felony. If you do it, you have to tell people who you are. Think I'm joking about that? No. Some states have not actually approved that law, but it is coming into effect. Pretty soon it will be accepted everywhere. Since everyone knows by now who I am, I have no worries! But I usually hide nothing. People can ask me anything, and I'll tell them. I can't guarantee they will get a correct answer though. hehe! I make some things up, but not a lot. Just some things that I think is nobody else's business but mine. :) Or some things that I don't want anyone else to know. We all have secrets. Most of us like to keep them that way. Mine are not really bad secrets, but little things that I want to keep to myself. Though a lot of times, I just don't even bring those subjects up on the internet! But especially on the internet, there's always going to be those immoral types that hide behind public information, and dig up whatever they can to find to use against someone else. Those people I always feel sorriest for. They have no lives, and are deeply contributing to this growing problem on the internet. Just because something is public information does not mean that it should be posted without that person's permission. I personally would never do anything like that. But then that's me.

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